Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We Are Blogville

My name is Tweedles.
I am 8 years old,
and I am trying to  join my good friends
for a 
"We are Blogville Blog Hop."
I don't know if I can hop
but I will give it a try.
Murphy and Stanley would like to know
how big blogville is. 
Blogville is very big, because me and my blogville friends
 all sit
shoulder to shoulder around the world.
It's a circle of love. 
9 months ago I had 2 big surgerys,, and blogville's love made me all better.
And this is  the old farm home that sits in the middle of the forest in Oregon.
Cougars and bears and deer live in the forest.
 But, 4  cats live in this house with me.
The cats are kind of old. All the cats have tails,
Except one cat lost his tail somewhere.
  His name is Burt. He climbs on the roof at night and yeowls in the bedroom windows.
Nitey Nite

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Blue Sky Moon

Somebody is hoot   hoooooooting!
  I know who's hoot it is,,
 but why do I hear him now,,
 right now,,,
right  in the middle of a blue sky day?

Owlburt,, is that you up in that tree?
 Why are you hoot- hooting?
Owlburt shuffled his fluffy feathers and big feet
  over to the end of the moss covered  billowy branch
 that he was sitting on,
 and then I saw his huge eyes look down at me.
First one eye,,, and then the other eye!!

'I am talking to the moon Tweedles,,
 Look at how bright and beautiful it is
as it glows in the blue sky!
Look up
 and see how wonderous it is!

But Owlburt, I mummured,,,
The moon watches us sleep when we are all tucked into bed,,
 and if its awake now,,,,
in the blue sky
 it will be too tired to watch us all sleep tonight!
How can it be?
 How can the moon be in the blue sky
right this very minute?

Maybe you should not be hooting
so the moon can sleep
i  muttered

Owlburt suddenly hopped down to the ground where I was sitting,,
and with his words of wisdom told me how ' the moon and stars are always in the sky.
Sometimes we cannot see them,, but they are always there.
And we are always safe whether it is a blue sky
gray sky
 or bed time sky,,,
The moon is  always there and  watches us sleep.'
Nitey nite my friends
nitey nite Owlburt,,
and then there was a long  soft hoooot!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Was Dreaming

Someone whispered my name while I was dreaming!

Now my eyes are big
 and I am wide awake!
 Did you whisper my name?
Oh it was  the most beautious dream,,
 it  was  a beautiful blue sky day
 and butterflys were everywhere1
 Tickeling my nose
and tickeling
my toes!
Blue butterfly and pink butterflys
and yellow butterflys,
butterflys of every color!
 Through the wild flowers I tumbled and rolled,
giggling  in the soft grass!!!

 Was it a dream or was it real?
 I am going back to dream land to find out!
Dreams make me happy!
 And dreams  make me feel like I am floating in magic bubbles!!
Dreams make me happy!
Sweet dreams my friends
  nitey nite
 your tweedles

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let's Go To My Strawberry Patch!

Lets go to my strawberry patch!
Do you want to come?
Open the gate mommy!!

 I can smell them-- sooo swweet!
Lets go see!

Over here is where the sun shines on my berry plants!
I see them!
 I see them!!
Right over here,,,
is a most perfect strawberry!
I keep looking for more!
Here it is!
  I knew i would find it,,
 if i kept searching!
nitey nite

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Having Fun Is Important

 I think it's a good day
 to just think about whats most important.
And think about what makes us feel good.
  I think the  most important thing  today
 is to play and have fun.
Nitey nite