Friday, March 30, 2012

"Payton's Rainbow"

I heard silent wings in the sky.
At first all I could see was the big clouds,
but then the clouds parted, and the sun appeared.
I heard a faint whisper in the wind ,
and then I saw the silent wings
as they soared over the most beautiful rainbow.
As I looked closer,
I saw the words " Payton's Rainbow."

Payton my friend was the most courageous ever!
She was taken by the angels to Rainbow Bridge where she is set free.
She battled PDE for 9 years, and never gave up.
Payton is being held and loved by the angels, this very moment.
So many of our friends ran to meet her!
Payton fought a very brave fight, and was an inspiration to me.
But, not just to me!
Payton and her whole family were an inspiration to all of us!
Today I am so sad along with many others of bloggy land.
Payton's mom and dad and Gammy and Gampy
loved her with all their heart, and right now a very big hole is in their heart.
Bloggyland is sad because it is hard to say goodbye to friends.
Rainbows last forever, but sometimes we cannot see them.
But they are really there!
Payton will live in our hearts forever- just like the rainbow-
a promise in the sky.
We will hug Payton again someday- I just know it.
It is very hard to write this tonight with so many tears in my eyes.
I hate to say goodbye.
When I hear those silent wings- I will know it is my friend Payton.
I will be listening very closely.
Please go share some love with Payton's family @ Pugnacious P

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"A Keepsake Day"

Today is a "keepsake day".
The softest snowflakes are falling all around me.
They are falling on my head.
Their landing on my eyelashes and my nose.
I treasure keepsake days because they make my heart happy.
Each day is like a huge surprise, and I don't know what to expect next.

Today, I have something that I want to tell you.
I wanted to tell you before,
but for some reasons the words did not come from my lips.
You see, I remembered long ago when you- my friends
said "Tweedles, you should write a book".
I listened to you, but I did not know if I could do it.
How could I- "the Tweedles" - write my words in a book ?
After pondering my thoughts for many hours days and weeks
the words came together.

A year ago this " keepsake " was born.
Some of my favorite poems and stories are on the pages.
I still remember each adventure.
I still remember those special "keepsake days."
I feel them in my heart- just as if they happened yesterday.

Soon I had enough poems and stories
for yet another keepsake.
Where do these words come from, I ask myself?
Oh I know ! They come from "keepsake days"!
Now volume 2 has been born!
I am much greatful to Auntie Melissy Life is art ... Art is Life -
for helping and inspiring me, and for designing my beautiful keepsakes.
And I thank all of you, for encouraging me!

I wish I could send everyone of you my keepsakes,
and I am sorry that I can't. I wish I could!
If you want- you can check them out in my little store on my blog.
Now I am going to catch some snowflakes in my paws
and make another keepsake day!
Nitey nite
ps my woofie warmer that keeps my neck warm, was made by Auntie Melissy!
Life is art ... Art is Life -

Monday, March 19, 2012

"World Cancer Day"

Today I am honoring all my friends humans and furrys
who are fighting the fight of their lives.

The evil "C' has robbed us, hurt us, taken our familys from us.

I wish for comfort for you who are hurting.
I wish for all the boo boo's and monsters, to just go away.
I wish for strength so you can fight your fight!
I wish for rainbows, too to be painted in your skys.
And I wish for hope to fill your hearts.
I wish for you to feel loved, because I love you.

And I wish cancer would just go away!

Friday, March 16, 2012

"Yoda's Star Is In The Sky"

There is a new star in the sky tonight
I see it twinkle bright!
He left very unexpectedly.
And we all miss him.

His sister Ellie, and brother Brutus, and his mom and dad,
and all of us bloggy friends are very sad and shocked.
Lets join paws
sit shoulder to shoulder
and circle around
Yoda's family The Pugs Strike Back - with love.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"This Is A Story About Courage"

Have you noticed the little birds
that have come back from their winter homes?
They came back to spend the spring and summer with us.
I see them high in the tall trees and the short trees too!
I see them stretching their wings out as far as they can reach
in the sun rays!
I hear them tweeting happy songs!

But then do you know what happened?
The sky unrolled a big gray blanket and out fell snowflakes!
I know how shocked the birdies must be to see snowflakes falling!
I saw them hover under the dripping branches and shiver!
But they are courageous and do not give up ! Never will they give up.
They will wait patiently as Mother Earth stirs the seasons.
Soon the season's will be just right, and it will truly be spring.
Oh, I hear those little birds still tweeting!
Yes, tweeting in the rain and snowflakes!

Those little birdies remind me of my friend Payton.
You see, Payton ( Pugnacious P ) has some serious health issues
that sometimes scare her and her family.
Payton has PDE. And now she has some new health sickies too.
Payton is a courageous puggie, and so is her family who love her so much.
Payton does not give up. Her mom and dad and gammy and gampy do no give up!
What a courageous little puggy she is. Courageous - just like the little birds!

I see bubbles in the sky right now and they are packed with
healing thoughts, prayers and wishes for Payton!
Watch them sail your way!
nitey nite

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Monday, March 5, 2012


Hi my friends.
Today- this very minute,
I am standing with blogsphere as we surround Judibug- the mom over at
Judibug has some serious health issues- and we want to support her and show her our love.

Even though I do not know Judibug, it does not matter.
Judibug is loved by her kitties and family and doggie bloggers too.
What the world needs is hope and love, and standing together shows love!
Judibug needs hats of hope to surround her!

Today I put on my barkclava hat that Melissa from Life is art ... Art is Life made for me,
to show Judibug that we send her all the hope in the big wide world.
Please go visit Judibug
Go share some love and hope with her. Lets expect a miracle!