Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Love My Munkeys

I like munkeys.
I like chubby munkeys
 and skinny munkeys
 and munkeys of all colors!
 My munkeys are always happy!
My munkeys like me to carry them sometimes.
And sometimes my munkeys and me sit in the sun's bright rays.!
.I like to hold my munkey by the tail, and it makes him giggle!
 Can you hear him?
My munkey sometimes get sleepy-just  like me.
I love my munkeys.
My munkeys make me happy.
 Nitey nite.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Toby Moses and Me

It is Valentine's Day.
 My sweet Toby Moses Pugs & Purrs came to my forest
from his home far away.
I seemed to just blink my eyes,
and possibly a miracle happened
  there he was--  so cute in his red tie.

It was so special of him to come spend this day with me.
 We walked among the forest trees
 and we listened
 to the earth yawn
 as she prepares to wake up soon from her long nap.
  We walked along a stream
 and when I looked into the water,
and so you know what I saw?
 I saw a reflection of Toby Moses looking at me!
It felt good to my heart.
He calls me his  Fairy Garden Woodland Princess!
Now we will watch the stars twinkle.

  Happy Valentines Day my friends.
nitey nite