Saturday, August 24, 2013


The soft fluffy pile of feathers
 was balancing
 on the strong branches of the tall tree!
Two tiny little feet clung to the branch -
oh so tightly.
  It was  quiet in my woods,
and  I almost did not notice the little ball
 with 5 feathers on its head..
 I did not notice,,,
 one of the  feathers twirled and floated down
 and landed on my nose!

 I looked up as high as I could see..
 The sun's glow was in my eyes,
 but I squinted,,,,
 and I could see it !

 Yes, I could see 
 a wing
 big and wide!
 And then  a big yawn
 came from the  little birds beak,
 and a very tiny tiny chirp!

' Hello up there',
 I said to the little bird sitting on the top of the tree.
'Why are you sitting up there all alone?'

  Suddenly before my eyes, the little bird swopped down
 and tumbled onto  the ground next to me.
'  Well, you see...
I am learning to chirp.
 I need to learn to chirp when the sun is shining,
 and I need to chirp when its stormy
 and raining
 and when the wind blows.
I need to learn to chirp so my family can talk to me.'
But',,,  the little bird said.
' I am afraid to chirp! '
My chirp is not very loud... and it sounds so unchirpy!
 And now my family has flown away
 and I cannot find them.!
'Oh gosh,,,
 I must think quick -  I thought to myself!

'I have a wonderful idea'- I said to the little bird-
'lets chirp together!
You and me!!
Yes! I will chirp with you!
Let's chirp loud!'
And so it was at that moment- the little bird began to chirp
and then more chirps sounded from the little gray beak.
' Chirp louder'!! I said,,,,
and then- well what's a Tweedles to do?
I chirped too!
CHIRP, I yelled into the sky!

Suddenly the sky was filled with feathered wings and happy chirps!!
The tall tree's branches was suddenly filled with so many birds,
 that I could not count them!
Maybe there were millions of birds!

And then it was- at that magic moment,
 when little birds momma swooped down from the sky
swirling around baby bird
  and then she said ' follow me - let''s fly and chirp together!'

'Chirp louder -little bird'!!- I said- Chirp Chirp- louder everyday!'

And so it was as it should be,,,,
the little bird learned to chirp loud
even in the rain and storms
 and even though I did not know I could chirp
 I learned to chirp too!

Nitey nite