Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Emmitt's Lullabye"

The sky is filled with healing bubbles
They are packed with love
Their floating across the many seas
They float across the skys
They just sail so free.

Their floating over every cloud
above the stary skys

They sail above the moon so brite
they are packed with love.

Their floating through the snowy flakes
and gentle rains that fall
they swirl and then,
they gently touch the ground.

Can you see them?
Can you feel them?
Can you feel the love?

I hear a lullabye as the bubbles swirl
I hear a lullabye for my sweet Emmitt
The healing bubbles are floating
across our big , big oceans
to the East and to the West
to your world and mine

The bubbles will heal our crying hearts
as we all miss Emmitt so much.

Emmitt - your friend and mine

So very wise and brave is above the Rainbow- running free today
And his mom and dad Melissa and Fred-Life is art ... Art is Life
they have a very big hole in their heart.
The bubbles are swirling around them
The bubbles are packed with love.

One day Emmitt told his mom and dad ,,,,

"Do you remember the promise we made many years ago,,,
I hate to ask you, but,
Well, it is time to keep that promise, and now I must go."
I know its hard to do.
I will live in your hearts ,,,,,
forever and ever and ever.
I wil always love you"

The healing bubbles are swirling,, they are filled with love.
They are swirling all around , I know you feel them too.

Emmitt planted seeds in my heart.
Seeds to never give up- even when I am sad.

Today when I saw this brave little flower, I remembered those seeds.
And I remembered Emmitt.

One day I wrote a story about the "Bravest Tree in The Forest".

Emmitt told his mom "I feel like I am just like the that brave tree, and that I still and always will embody the love, life and spirit like I always have for all of us for all time that has been, and all time that will continue to be.

Today I dedicate my Bravest Tree story to my Emmitt.

Yes, the healing bubbles are swirling so gently.
I hear a lullabye drifting through the forest.
A lullabye for Emmitt.

There is a place where we hear your voice Emmitt,
there is a place where we can still feel your love,
that place is deep and safe in our hearts
We will love you forever Emmitt... forever and ever and ever.

You were my inspiration. You were my very first friend.
You taught my lips to talk. You gave me courage.
You were so wise.

I will miss you. But just as you have always held my paw
through sad and stormy days,,,,
I will hold your paw, forever and ever and ever.
The healing bubbles are swirling around me.
I feel your love, and I will never forget you

Nitey nite

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"It's A New Day"

A new day was peeking from behind the clouds.
I heard the breeze whisper Tweeeeedles.

I felt a gentle nudge on my shoulder,
as mother earth said "it's a new day"!

I lifted my eyes into the sky
and the sun kissed my nose!

"Come on Burt", I said to my bruther.
Let's go look for slimy salamanders!
Let's go look for snails!
Let's go look for croaking frogs and water bugs
It's a new day!
Let's go look for treasures.

I see a bunny hoping into the thicket.
I wish I could hop like a bunny.

I hear birds chirp, chirp, chirping.
I wish I could tweet a song, like a bird.

I can feel the sleeping forest awakening.
Familiar sounds and smells are all around me.
I will walk gently as the forest stretches and yawns.
Come with me and let's go search for treasure's!

Nitey nite

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweater Day -Celebrating Stubby and The Earth

I have my sweater on because I am helping the Earth stay cool.
My moms and me are burning less pellets in our pellet stove on Thursday Feb 17.
That means less electricity too. We also are turning off some of our lights, and we just might burn candles tonight.
That means our house will be cooler. Our planet will be cooler.
But it's okay because I am wearing my cozy sweater.

Your friend and mine, Winston over at two cats and a pug invited us all to celebrate the life of Stubby and our planet. I decided I wanted to participate.

Stubby was all about having a GREEN EARTH. Stubby was all about teaching us to care for our planet the best way that we can.

On Winstons blog it talks about that today February 17 - The World Wildlife Fund is holding a National Sweater Day. We can show Stubby how much the planet earth means to us by wearing a sweater and turning the heat down by 3 degrees.

We all love the planet earth don't we?
We love the trees and sky.
We love the creeks and streams and oceans.

So everyone, go find a sweater and put it on and lets show our support in keeping our planet cool and healthy.

I know Stubby will look down from the brightest star in the sky
and see that we remembered all the things that he taught us.
We honour and celebrate you Stubby!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Blowing Kisses""

Roses are red
and violets are blue
I am blowing little kisses straight to you

Roses are red
and violets are blue
I hope you know
that I love you


Sunday, February 6, 2011

"The Bravest Tree in the Forest"

One day, my journeys led me to searching for answers.
I looked for the answers in the deepest part of the dark forest.

This is the story.
Long long ago, in my very own forest, the giant trees stood bravely.

It was a splendid morning.
The blue sky was painted with pinks and purples.
Puffy white clouds dotted the horizon. I could hear the flutter of wings as they soared through the sleeping giants.
The morning sun was peeking down through the magical forest, as the trees stretched.
Sun rays tickled the sleeping branches and the forest sang.
Birds were chirping, and butterflys were stretching their wings.

Suddenly the stillness was overtaken as the voice of thunder roared.
The sound of the thunder's roar echoed through the branches.
Lightning zigged and zagged from high in the sky as it raced through the beautiful forest.
The thunder roared louder, and louder and the forest trembled.
The roots of the trees gripped the soil, as they reached deep into the earth for strength.
Forest creatures ran this way and that way from fear.

There she stood alone in the distance, sillouted against the stormy sky.

The thunder roared fiercely again and then„„,
The forest’s "oldest tree" lifted her eyes to Mother Earth, and she whispered softly.

"Choose me, if you must."
"I am old, but I am brave. "Perhaps my time has come." "Choose me".

And so it was at that very moment,
a lightening bolt from the heavens reached down from the sky,
and torched the oldest tree in the forest.
The bolt seared a hole just missing her heart.
But she remained strong.
Her heart still beats.
Her branches still sway.
The oldest tree still lives to this very day.

But, it’s not the end of the story.
This oldest tree in the forest, is now home to many, many forest creatures.
Squirrels and owls, and birdies snuggle into the crevaces and holes.
The oldest tree provides shelter to all those who need a place to rest their weary souls and feathered wings.
As I gaze into the forest, I can see her stand tall and brave.
Her limbs sway as they reach high into the sky.
The oldest tree stood tall that day- and still does today, even though her scar tells the story of bravery.
I am still thinking about what I learned from the oldest tree.
Do you hear her speak?
I can hear the forest sing. Can you?

nitey nite my friends