Sunday, July 25, 2010

"My Happy Clown"

I see you,,,
Do you see me?
I hear you,,,
Do you hear me?
Your smile makes me giggle,,,
Your a Happy Clown
with laughing eyes
Your my imaginary friend.

Your always here
I am never alone....
I never need to search,,,
Sometimes your hiding in the breeze
and you tickle my ears
Sometimes you play peek a boo
from the billowy clouds
And sometimes your a shadow
in the grass
You make me laugh
Your my imaginary friend
Your my Happy Clown

Sometime we play "catch a tiger by the tail"
Sometimes we play,,,,,,
I see you, do you see me?
I hear you,,,,,
Do you hear me?

Sometimes we race
Sometimes we sleep
But no matter what
you always make me smile
Your a Happy Clown to me
my imaginary friend.
Nitey Nite my friends

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Your A Big Froggy Now"

The bowl began to rock,
And then the bowl began to tilt.
And then it tipped,
and then it rolled,
and they all tumbled out.
The tad poles were hopping
and jumping,
and croaking.

Someone told me,,,
that tad poles grow up, and turn into FROGS!
But, I knew my tad poles
would always be my little tad poles
forever and ever
but,,,,,, I was so wrong.

Look at this tad pole that grew into a giant frog.
My bedroom is full of croaking frogs!
What's a Tweedles to do?

The croaking is getting louder and louder.
And I must do something --- fast!
I must do something, before my moms find out .
I can't let my moms know, that there are frogs in my bed.
That would never do!

And so to the pond,,,
we tiptoed through the grass.
Big frogs and little frogs
all in a row
we hopped and walked and tiptoed.

"Look at this nice pond water, I said to Splash, the biggest frog of all.
There is a giant lilly pad just for you.

Splash croaked , croaked , and croaked until his voice was hoarse.

and then with a big jump
he leaped onto the lilly pad.

Splash, teetered and twirrled
and then sat and stared at me.
I listened to the croaks as he said over and over.

Come jump

Come jump

Come jump

And so, with a flying hop
I jumped as far as I could,,,,

and I landed right on the giant lilly pad,
right next to Splash.

"I know your afraid, I said to Splash-

You got used to the little tad pole bowl."

"Once I was afraid, it was when I was a tiny baby, long, long ago.

I had a home where I lived with my brothers and sisters.
It was a safe little home
And then one day
my forever moms came
and took me to my forever home.
My moms sang to me everyday,
and now I am not afraid anymore."

Your a big frog now.
This pond is your forever home.
Now its time for you to go jump and splash and croak
with all your friends.
I will come see you everyday-
We will be forever friends.

Nitety nite my friends

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Spots on the Ground"

The moon had begun her long, long journey
of creeping across the darkest night sky.
My friend Owlbert, was hooting from the tree tops.
Sometimes I could hear Owlbert hoot "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.
I was thinking and wondering,
I was tossing and turning.

I tried to sleep,,,,, but mostly I was thinking about,,,,,
TOMORROW,,,, the word Owlbert hooooooted.

Soon the sun rays were shining through the window.
I found star dust on my pillow as I opened my eyes.
Magical star dust.
It was morning. It was time to rise and shine.
I ran downstairs.
I ran to see, if mama was fixing my breakfast.
Mama was standing in the window, looking outside.
She was looking up onto the mountain, where the forest trees stood.
She had binoculars and could not stop looking.
She kept saying "Look Tweedles"
And so mama picked me up in her arms, so I could see.
Standing in the meadow,
surrounded by the forest trees was a deer,( a Doe.)
Swet was pouring down the deers face.
Her ears twisted around and around as she listened, and watched for danger.
Her tummy and back were twitching, and twisting and knarled looking.
Then we saw something in her tummy move.
I think she might have a tummy ache.
"Oh my gosh" I thought. "I hate tummy aches."
I wanted to go help. But mama said no.
"What's a Tweedles to do"?
The air was filled with birds singing.
The forest was humming softly, and quietly.
We watched for hours,
and then we could not see her anymore.
Maybe she layed down to take a nap.

Through out the day,
I thought
and thought
and wondered.
I thought about the little deer.
Soon the evening birds began to chirp their night songs.
Frogs began to croak.
The evening dew was beginning to settle on the grass.
The forest began to sing.
"Why is the forest singing"? I wondered.
I looked outside gazing at the night shadows
and right there before my eyes - was the deer, and,,,,,,,,,,,
a baby with white spots.
Both of my moms and I, watched as the mama deer walked proudly across the yard showing off her fawn.
The little fawn pranced, and then it ran and hopped- playing games with its own shadow.
We watched them disappear, as they climbed the trail up into the forest.
I have a feeling the forest will sing all night.
Every star in the sky will shine brite and all the trees will sing.

Mama deer left her baby in our yard, for us to baby set.
She left it here for me to play with- I just know it!

This is mama deer and her baby.

I am looking in these flowers for the baby deer.
I am looking for spots on the ground.

These flowers are "forget me not's".
I will never forget the magic that happened on my mountain.
Nitey nite my friends

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"The SunFlower Club Edition- Sequoia and Tuni"

Hi everyone
My friend Wilma started a Girls Club.
A club for all of us who like to have fun.
I like to have fun, so I joined.
The club is called the Sunflower Club,, (see our banner)

The club is a way for us girls (and Salinger) to have fun
(Girls just wanna have fun) la la la.
and,,,, it is also a way for us to think of others.

Sometimes we get caught on the wheel, of our own merry go round.
Sometimes we are busy catching dragon flys in jars,,,,,,
and then sometimes we jump off the merry go round and STOP
,,,, like we are doing today.
Today I stop and give Tribute to Sequoia and Tuni.
Let me begin,,,,,,,,,,,,
Sequoia and Tuni , and their mommy and daddy are on a big journey.
They are moving from Virginia Beach , and going clear across the United States- to the West.
Their destination is Whidbey Island in Washington, where they will have a new home.
Their daddy is one of America's Hero's.
Their daddy is in the U.S Navy.
Both Sequoia and Tuni, are daddys girls.
Of course they are mama's girls too.
But sometimes, there is that specials little something, with daddys and their little girls.
Right now, their little car is somewhere on the map- between here and there.
We all are sending special bubbles to guide them on their way for a safe trip.
Fly bubbles- fly to my friends and keep them safe.

This is our cute little friend Sequoia. She is 3.9 years old.
One of Sequoia's favorite things in the whole world is night time snuggling with her dad.
Sequoia's nick names: (Meatball, Prancey Toes and Froggy.)
(ps Anakin and Sequoia are sweet on each other)
On Sundays, Sequoia has "Sunday's with Sequoia, on her bloggy.

This is sweet little Tuni.
I love this little nick name (Tuni Woons), Stinky, Boo Boo, Tuni woonies..
Tuni is charming 12 years old.
Everyone loves the Tuni tongue (skratchy dry kisses from little Tuni.)
Isn't she a doll?
Tuni has a special love too- he is Winston from Canada!
On Tuesday- Tuni has "Tuni Talk on her bloggie"

Before I say goodbye to my first edition for the SunFlower Club write up,
I wanted to tell you that some of our friends have got the sickies.
Some of them just don't feels so good.

I want to fill the sky
with bubbles.
Bubbles of love
floating here
and floating there
to make all our friends
feel betters..
I am sending my magic bubbles to Pearl, Sequoia, Stubby, Gunther, Foo, and Sasha.
And I will also send bubbles to anyones name I forgot and need a bubble love too.
One more thing,,, a new friend who's name is Barbara at visited me, and she reminded me that sometimes humans need touches of bubbles too, so I am sending more bubbles for all my human friends. I am glad she reminded me.
Nitey nite my friends

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Bubble's In The Sky"

I knew my Sea friends were here.
But, I could not see them.
The ocean's voice was so very quiet.
Never, had I ever heard this quiestness.
The ocean hummed softly.
I closed my eyes and I made a wish ..
"swim to the western seas"
"swim to the western seas,
please come my friends,
I am here". "I am here".
And then the bubbles
,,,,,,came sailing,,,,,,
they floated all around me,
they kissed my nose,
they landed on my toes.

and then ,,,,,,,I watched the bubbles drift,,,,drift ,,,, drift

The bubbles drifted to the East ,
The bubbles drifted to the West,
The bubbles drifted to the North and to the South.
And then the bubbles floated
to the mountain tops.
The bubbles swirled and swirled.
I sat and watched,,,, in awe.
I watched so long, that I was dizzy.
But where are my Sea friends, I asked myself?

The magic bubbles floated around me.
The magic bubbles followed me,
to the ocean tides below.
My heart was full of hope.
I would not give up.
I had " hope"
I knew my friends were here.
Somewhere,,,,, but where? I wondered.
"I must find them" , I said to myself.
These magic bubbles will help me.
I knew this for sure.
"Magic bubbles help everyone", I whispered.
I ran fast from the racing tides.
Soon, I was wading in the tide pools,
and then I saw,,,,,Star, my starfish friend.
Star was resting from her long, long journey,
the journey from across the sea.
I sat very quietly with Star,
as she closed her eyes and rested.
I told her how worried I was about her.
Star's sleepy eyes looked up at me,
She told me how she swam to the West
and found a safe, safe place to live.
She told me that she had "hope" in her heart,
hope for the oceans to heal.
I told Star, that I had "hope" too.

And then I looked to the sky,,
and I saw the sea birds fly ,,,, so high.
They flew so high.
And then I ran ,,,, as fast as I could go
to search,,,,,, for Puff and Murphy.
I waited and I waited.

The sun was closing her eyes to sleep.
She was slipping into the deep, deep ocean.
And then the moon,
began to rise.
The moon rose high into the sky.
Over the moutain tops, the moon rose.
Moon beams shone on the racing tides
the moon bleams glistened
like candles glowing
on a dark night.
I sat by the roaring ocean tide
and waited
and then,,,,
I saw a bubble ,,,,, floating in the sea.
A voice came from the bubble,,,,
I knew this voice so well. Do you know who it was?

And the voice said,,,,
"close your eyes Tweedles, and come to me."
I closed my eyes, and I wished on every star in the sky.
All of a sudden, I was with PUFF!!!
Puff my Seahorse friend. My forever friend.
"Oh Puff", I cried,,,," I have been so worried."
"The last time that I saw you- you were so sick."
And at that moment the bubble lifted into the sky.
The bubble floated over the Sea,
The bubble swirled to the mountain top.
The bubble floated above the clouds.
As our magic bubble landed on the sea, Puff told me that all the sea creatures, had "hope."
Hope that the sea would sing again, soon.
Our bubble floated down, down into the water.
All of the sea creatures were so happy.
They swam around us in circles.
Our bubble twirled in circles, like a spinning top.
Big eyes, and little eyes looked inside the bubble at us.
I saw "hope " in their eyes.
And then Puff asked me,,,,,,,," Our sea is asking me,,,"
"Who will sing lulabyes to us when we are sad and lost"?
And with a whisper,,,, as our bubble floated in the sea, my voice hummed-
" Well, I will sing for you Puff , and all of your friends in this big world, will sing."
"We will all sing lulabyes to you, and all our sea friends.
Forever and ever."
Forever, is a long time, I said to puff.
That is how long all your friends will keep helping you.
"Forever and ever."
Forever, never stops," I said to Puff.
It was soon time for Puff to leave, but with a twinkle in his eye, Puff said,,,,,,
"We will never give up hope."
Puff's bubble, drifted off into the night. It drifted alone.
Puff had more sea creatures to help guide to the safety, of the "magic bubbles."
The magic bubbles that had swirled around my very head, were helping all the creatures in the sea. The magic bubbles were now a safe place for all the sea creatures.
The night and the ocean was now lit by the shining moon beams.
Tears were in my eyes, and they trickled across my nose.
And then suddenly another magic bubble rolled up onto the sand.
As I looked inside the bubble , I saw that it was Murphy and his mama.
More and more bubbles came sailing across the racing tides.
The Manatees and Whales, and Crabs and Octopus and Glow Fish, and Dolphins.
All of the sea creatures were in magic bubbles.
Big bubbles, little bubbles, bubbles the colors of the rainbow.
All our sea friends,
too many to name them all
- came floating across the water in their bubbles.
The magic bubbles rolled onto the sand and circled around me.
Little words were written on the inside of the sea creatures bubbles.

I strained my eyes to read
the words,,,,,,,
"Thank you for your help"
"Never Give Up Hope---Let there be magic bubbles forever."

As the bubbles drifted back out to ocean
I heard the sea sing,,,, and I hummed along.
Nitey Nite my friends