Friday, April 30, 2010

"The Day The Forest Cried"

I smelled tears.
I heard the chanting of my name
as it echoed through the mountains.
I heard "T w e e d l e s- help us"!!!
I knew I must hurry fast.
My forest needs me now,
and so I ran and ran.
I ran to the trail of tears
that were rolling
towards me
and then I stopped.

I tried to hide
behind a little Cedar Bough,
but my eyes could see farther,,,,
than I wanted them to see.
I stared into the distance.
I wanted to cover my eyes.
I wanted to turn away.
I wanted to hold my paws over my ears.
I did not want to hear the tears falling to ground.
I was speechless.
I was horrified.
I was afraid.

I followed the trail of tears.
My friends needed me.
My forest was asking
for my help.
And so I ran to..........
this stump.,,,,,,
Where is my tree?
Where is my tree?
What can I do?
What's a Tweedles to do?
What can we all do?

My hear sank to my toes.
She was 5006 years old.
And now she lay so quietly on the ground.
We must find help.
Will you help me lift this tree up?
"Come on big tree- stand up- I know you can,,,,,"
How can we stop more trees from falling?
Can you help me lift these trees
back to their feet?

Will you help me find orphan trees to plant in the forest?
We can do this together- you and me-
because this is YOUR world and MINE.
We need our forest, and the forest needs us.
Tonight I will make wishes
to help save our forest.
Nitey nite my friends
(in honor of Arbor Day 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"A Rainbow In My Pocket"

I saw it sparkle,
then it shimmied and shined,
as it drifted through the sky
I ran and I ran
and guess what I found?
I found a rainbow stone.
And I put it in my pocket.

Whenever the sky is growling
and the sun doesn't want to shine
I will close my eyes
and make a wish .
I will save it for a rainy day.
My rainbow stone
will wash the sky
and paint a rainbow
in your sky and mine

I found a rainbow
and I put it in my pocket
where it is safe from harm.
I have a rainbow
that is my very own
I found a rainbow
and I put it in my pocket.

Nitey nite my friends

Friday, April 16, 2010

"My Smile Is Broken"

I don't want you to see my face.
Please don't look at my tears.
Sometimes little hearts
like mine get very sad.
Sometimes our smiles get broken.
My smile is broken.

I cannot smile because my friend Penny died.
Now there is a storm in my heart,
that is raging out of control.
I do not understand why my friends die.
Why? Why? Why?
Why do bad things happen?
I know that sometimes, you wonder why too.
I don't have the answers. I think that no one knows.

Penny had a mama- just like you and me.
Pennys mama loved her so much.
She gave Penny her favoritist wish,,,,
in the whole world- whipped cream, and love.
Now Penny has gone to the Rainbow Bridge,
and her mama has a broken heart.

I am reflecting on what Penny ment to me.
I remember how she made me giggle.
I remember how brave and corageous she was.
Penny never complained.
She had a brave heart.
I miss her . And I know her mama misses her more.
Penny and her mama made friends,
with you and me.

And so, as I sit and reflect, I am thinking.
My heart is speaking, and I am listening.
This is what my heart tells me.

Lets all join paws, and circle around Pennys mom.
We can send our love to her.
I know the stars in the sky will shine brighter tonight
as Penny crosses the Bridge.

Maybe tomorrow we will smile a little.

Love, tweedles

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"The Forest is Singing"

The forest is singing.
What do I hear?
I will go listen.
Will you come with me?

This is my ancient forest.
This is where I play.
This is where I listen to the birds
tweet so sweetly.
This is where I watch
my forest friends run free.
Sometimes I sit in the sun.
And sometimes, I sit in the drizzling rain.
Sometimes I listen to the trees sing,
and sometimes I sing along.

Yes, this is my ancient forest.
Sometimes I stare into the wonderous sky
and I watch the branches sway,
I watch as the wind dances
through the tall, tall trees.
Sometime the forest speaks softly to me.
And then I listen so closely.
The trees talk about peace,,,
yes, peace for you and me .
The trees talk about love,,,
yes, love for you and me.
The trees talk about sharing
their magical beauty with you.
I would like for you to see my beautiful world,.
I want to share it with you.
Will you come and listen to the trees sing?
Have the trees ever talked to you?
Lets listen to the trees sing sweet lulabyes as we sleep.
Nitey nite my friends,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Hippity Hops Long Journey"

It was a long, long journey for Hippity Hop.
Across the oceans he sailed
Through the rivers he swam
Over the moutians - he hopped
And over my mountain- he ran to me.
I knew the Easter Bunny would come home to me.
Now it's cuddle time.
Happy Easter
Nitey nite my friends