Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let's Look For The Great Pumpkin

A year ago fall blew through all of the falling leaves,,,
all around my world.
That's when I was sick.
I watched from my window as the leaves danced outside.
Sometimes the leaves would wave at me as they tumbled to the ground,
And I said 'autumn please wait for me'.

'I cannot go through the season without you.'
But autumn said back to me

 ' Rest Tweedles, its time to be quiet and rest,
and I will be back next year,

 and you can enjoy me then'.
And that is what Mother Earth has done,,

 she showed me a beautiful summer of flowers blossoms
and  millions of falling leaves.
I am here Autumn-

right here...
and I thank you for coming back to show me 

that you kept your promise... 
And I am well... I am very well!
And I thank all of you for helping me!
Now I can look for the great pmpkin!
nitey nite

Friday, October 24, 2014

Chloe's Wings

When a leaf falls from its braches,
 the forest creatures gather together to cradle it as it floats-
 swirling and floating
and they gently lay the leaf to the soft earth.
Today the angels came to take Chloe to get her wings.
 Chloe was loved so much and fought very hard against the evil C.

 Right now  blogville will  gather around sweet Chloe's family-
 sitting  shoulder to shoulder
gently holding them
 just as the forest creatures do
when a leaf falls from the trees.
The hole in Chloe's familys heart is deep.
Lets hold paws together
as Chloe gets her wings.
Pawtracks are on our hearts forever.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Special Gift from Angel Greta

Just because you cannot see the moon or angels,
 does not mean they are not there.
Last year Angel Greta Idaho PugRanch and her mom sent me
 an Awareness for Breast Cancer Button.
I wore my button on my blanket because I was recooping from surgerys.
But now
 I am wearing my button on this special sweater that came in the mail from Angel  Greta.
 This sweater  was  Angel Greta's favorite,,,
The box said from Angel Greta.
 I treasure  it.

thank you Angel Greta and Linda

This is Angel Greta.  She lives in our hearts now..
and I feel her all the time.,
it does not matter that we cannot see her.
This is Angel Greta and her mom.- Linda.
Linda is a breast cancer  survivor  and we are celebrating life with her!
This is how I wore my special pin last year- right on my blankys.
I knew someday I would  be all well- and wear it on a sweater.
And I did!!
This is my special pin- do you see it?
I am helping Angel Greta and Linda spread the word
and share the love!
nitey nite

ps The sweater vest is made by Melissa Langer

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Peaceful Forest

Can you hear the quiet?
It's peaceful!

Can you smell the moss, and pine needles on the ground?
I smell peaceful smells.
I love my forest.

Sometimes when I come into the forest,,, rain falls.
But there is no rain today.
Rain does not fall forever.
Sometimes sun rays shine through the branches.
I like rain
but I love the sun rays hugging me.
Listen,,, the forest is singing.
Leaves are whispering.
Look up, the clouds are feeling peaceful!
Nitey nite

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We're Gonna Miss You

The smell of the wild weeds and sweet black berry's drifted through my forest.
The sweet smells drifted down to my nose- and I lifted my face and sniffed.
Such beautiful days!
The golden colors of the falling leaves,,,,
all around me
told me its autumn,
 and I smiled.
 Butterflys  had been fluttering  to and fro. 
 And the bumble bee's were humming their  buzzzing songs
just as they always did when they made honey.
 Puddles of honey dripped from the tree branches..
Yes, I could see it.

  From the bottom of the hill-
I looked to the top where I always remembered seeing her sit. 
 The sun rays would shone on her shiny black shoulders
 as she washed sticky honey from her baby cubs furs.
 She was the best mama ever.
 She was the forests friend, a little black bear.
  She was my friend.
 Her name was "Peaceful".

"Peaceful" is now a new star in the sky.
She will shine on all of us.

I want to celebrate her life. I want her to be remembered.
"Peaceful "was friends with every furred or feathered creature
in my forest. 
We can't forget her.
Her life was taken .
I have struggled with  not having the right words,
 and emptiness
but I know I must speak,,,
I am the keeper of the safe places where  my friends live.
They have no voice - I speak for them.
This is for you 'Peaceful'.
Shine on!!!  Glow!!!
We're gonna miss you.
Peaceful was killed by hunters Oct 4, 2014
I don't have a photo of her- but you can imagine her with your heart