Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Butterfly Kisses On My Nose

When I was very sick from my surgeries,,

  my artist friend Kathryn Ragan Studio at the Farm picked up  her magic paintbrush

 and magically  created this portrait of me with Miss Butterfly,,,
landing on my nose! 
Kathryn called it Butterfly kisses.

It was a gift of love to my moms and me,
during a very scary time in our lives.
 Now moms got the painting matted and framed 
and now they will hang on a special wall.
Kathryn painted ...this portrait ---from all the love flowing out of her heart-
  All the love in this splendrious portrait has touched our hearts,,

 and again we are thankful,,,, for love.

Mommy had a hard time getting a good photo of the portrait,
 because of the glare on the glass.
 She tried taking photos  outside- but it was cold out there-
 and mommy did not want the dampness to harm the portrait.
We love this gift so much.
nitey nite

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tiny Little Branches

And today was a blue sky day!
 I bundled all up in my woofie warmer
and went outside
 do you know what I saw?
 I saw tiny little branches just like me,
 that curved
 and twisted
 and bent!
Tiny  branches that swirled around each other
 just like tickles and hugss.
  The tiny little  branches  are strong !
  They are  beautiful!
 Tiny branches  twisting everywhere,
and they do not break!
I hear the little branches speaking to me
everyday .
Can you hear the tiny branches talk to you?
The branches say- be strong, don't break!
The tiny branches say
 be happy and be gentle!

I love tiny little branches.
nitey nite

My woofie warmer was made by Melissa Life  is Art

and its so toasty!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Netherlands Has A Mystery Winner!

Hi my friends.
I need to get your attentions for one minute.
The auction is all done now and it was a big success!!!
I thank everyone for all the donated treasures and jewels
 and for all the peoples who bid on the treasures- to help me
and my moms with my surgery stuff.
And thank you to Marg @ Marg's Animals  and  Ann  at Zoolatry
for all the time and creativity of this new blog site.
And I thank the peoples behind the scenes too.

 Everyone was so generous with their gifts and love.
 Every donation from each of you has touched another life.
You may never know how- but it has.
 Your treasures now live in a new world-
 with new peoples and furrys,,
 and love like this makes the world go around.
 Reach out and touch-
 that is what each of you has done.
Can I say thank you?
Can I say thank you for loving me?
You all have helped me!!

And one more thing,,
Marg @ Marg's Animals is  looking for Emily in the Netherlands,,,,,, to contact her...
I do not have your email Emily--- can you contact Marg?
Does anyone know Emily?
Thank you everyone for all the love you have shared with one another and me.
Nitey nite
your tweedles

ps-- Emily has been found! thanks everyone

Friday, January 17, 2014

Some Treats For Me!

My Prince Toby Moses sent a box of treats to me!
  The mail carrier person blewed their car horn
out in front of my old farm house
honk, honk, honk
 a box has come for the Tweedles!!
 Of course I could tell it was for me,, cause it smelled good!

I was digging mighty fast to get a cookie out of the bottom of the box.
A gingerbread cookie,,
I could smell it!
 I am quick!
I have  a good sniffer
and I am stronger now.....
  I grabbed a cookie and wanted to hide it,
 but mommy said I could not have all my treats at once,
 so she put it up high!
Why can't I have them all now?
It was so nice of Toby Moses and his family to send me goodies.
They can be my bedtime snacks!
Thank you my Prince Toby Moses!
(Pugs & Purrs)
nitey nite

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

nitey nite

Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Auction For Me- Your Tweedles !!

My friend Stella Rose  told me that when friends care about each other-
 they reach out and touch  any way that they can.

 Ann of Zoolatry and Marg of Marg's animals, have set up a wonderful new website
 to allow auctions for all furry friends who have been sick,
or injured and need help.
That is so kind of them.

There is a brand new web site for the auction and it is happening right now!

The  auction is happening--- for me right now!!!!

My moms and me have been overwhelmed
by all the love to help me!
People and furrys are donating their crafts and artwork,
 and all kind of treasures and jewels
 for this auction
 to help me- your Tweedles.!!!
  I thank all of you!!

Every day I have been getting better as I recoop  from my scary  surgeries.
 Yes, stronger and stronger I am!

How do I ever thank all of you?
Thank you for loving me and caring about me and moms!!
.Nitey nite

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let's Be Still And Listen

Today I heard some purpley coulds singing.
 They wooooed and blewwwww across the skys.

Then I heard some trees groaning in the forest.
The trees were stretching their roots and wiggling  their toes,
and I heard them sway too.

Then I heard some crows cawwwwing
they said
'its a fine winter day
lets fly'!
And then I heard
their wings flapping!

I sat very still and listened
to see if anything else
was talking to me.
And suddenly I heard the stream
trickeling and spashing
on the rocks!

Do you sometimes be still
and listen?
What do you hear in your world?
Can you tell me?
Let's share our worlds!
nitey nite
and now i hear words from my friends that they
are helping me with an auction!
thank you so much!