Thursday, June 30, 2011

"I Found A Feather"

I found a feather
dancing in the wind.
It twirled in circles
around me
flittering and fluttering
and tossing in the breeze.
and then it glided higher
into the pale blue sky .

I stretched my paws
as high as they could reach
and then gently as butterfly wings
the feather floated to my paws.
I listened so intently
as the feather softly whispered

come fly with me,
lets fly over the rainbow
lets dance in the wind
let the magic begin!

I wonder where the feather came from?
Did someone send it to me?
Tonight I will dream about ,,,
and gliding,
and twirling,
and fluttering.
Tonight I will dream about flying with the feather,
and being free as the wind.
Will you?
Nitey nite

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"My BFF"

Do you have a BFF?
I do, and her name is Tiffy Tippy Toes. It's Tiffy Time!
I have never met Tiffy, but we email each other every day. We are best friends.
Tiffy sent me this pretty Princess dress. Tiffy sent one to my friend Tuni , too.

This is Tiffy. She is five, like me. She has beautiful big brown eyes.
Tiffy's old life was a mystery.
Tiffy was lost and waundered the streets in Texas for a long time.
Because we are BFF'S , maybe someday Tiffy will tell me all about her lost days.
But really all that matters are the days ahead.

My friend Stubby who left for the Rainbow Bridge, helped guide his parents to choose Tiffy and give her a forever home.
Tiffy healed her new parents hearts with love. And they healed Tiffys heart too.
Tiffys momma and daddy take her to the Forest Preserves and they walk on trails.
And sometimes they all eat ice cream.
Tiffy eats ice cream too.
Something very special about Tiffy is that she cannot see very good.
But it does not matter.
Tiffy can see through the words that are spoken to her.

Tiffy knows what rainbows they stretch across the sky with many colors.
Blue like a summer day.
Green like cool grass on your feet.
Red like strawberrys
Pink like bubble gum
Orange like popsickles
Purple like grapes.

And Tiffy hears the birds in the sky. Tiffy is learning to understand their tweets.
Yes, Tiffy told me... that she can see perfectly.

Someday, Tiffy is going to come visit me. Maybe she will come in a magic bubble.
I hope so.

Having Tiffy for a BFF is fun.
Nitey nite

Monday, June 13, 2011

"Dear Ocean"

Dear Ocean
How brave you are.
How very strong you are.

I remember the roar of your voice.
And I remember how you hummmm so softly .
Do you remember me?

I brought a friend with me, It's Flat Stubby.
I wanted to share your magic with my special friend.
Stubby loved the sea, and always wanted to meet all of my sea friends.
Everywhere I look, I feel your magic around me.
I feel the ocean's breeze as she tickles my ears , and I taste the salt on my lips.
I smell all your ocean smells, and I feel your mist on my face.

We ran along the seashore, and we looked in tidepools for my friends.
My Flat Stubby and me.

We searched everywhere
And then we found my friend "Star", the Star Fish.
Star had fallen asleep in the sand, so I carried her back out to the calming tides.
But where is Puff, I wondered?
Do you ever have dreams that you want to come true, so bad?
I did.
I had hopes and dreams that Puff would be waiting for me on the seashore.
But, he wasn't.
Then quietly, Star whispered to me that I must learn "patience".
"You see Tweedles," Star said to me. "The ocean never hurrys. "

My eyes could not help but scan the horizon, as Star spoke to me.
I wanted to see Puff , I wanted to see Puff so bad.
I had some turbulance inside of me,, that I knew Puff could calm.

"Watch how the waves flow in to the shore, and flow back out."

It was at that moment that I remembered "the promise" that Puff made to me, two years ago.

Puff said that if I ever needed him... just whisper his name in the breeze... And so, that is what I did.
I closed my eyes,,, I counted to three, and whispered PUFFFFFF,,,,

A sudden breeze seem to come out of nowhere, and I opened my eyes to see the biggest magic bubble roll up onto the shore.
I grabbed Flat Stubby,,, and we ran as fast as we could to the bubble.... yes I knew of course, it was Puff!

Puff helped us inside the bubble, and the first thing I wanted to do was to touch Puffs eyes.
Those very eyes that were blinded by the oil spill are now all healed, but they have scars.
I was so happy to see Puff, that tears filled my puggy eyes.
My heart felt as though it would pop from this happy reunion.

Puff's words of wisdom to me were to remember that those who are gone from us- live in our hearts forever... and when we are afraid. ... we can make the fears go away....

..................when we hummmm- like the ocean.

Then I understood....
Puff lives in my heart forever
and I need to learn to wait for the "perfect time,
for my dreams to come true."

Nitey nite

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"My Secret Ponds"

I have a secret pond.
Would you like to come visit with me?
There are so many wonders and mysterys in the pond!
Surrounded by the tall grasses and red clover blossoms, the pond lies quietly.

The sun shines down through the tall trees, and paints reflections in the pond .
The reflections dance on the water!
Sometimes I close my eyes and I listen to the stillness of my secret pond.
I can feel the touch of the breeze as it tickles my whiskers.
The breeze is music in my heart, and makes my heart sing.
Yes , this is my secret pond.

There is magic in the pond!
Frogs splash !
Frogs leap onto lily pads and sing croaking songs.

Birdies tweets are like symphonys ---from high in the tallest trees...
Baby birds are swinging on branches and learning to fly!

Salamanders swim and play hide and seek with each other.
The mommy and daddy salamander teach their babies to swim.
Can you see the salamanders swim ?

Tad poles swim in the ponds too.
Now the baby tad poles are growing legs.
Soon the tad poles will be leaping frogs.
Do you see the tad poles?

When I go to my secret pond.. I watch the ferns stretch.
I see them unfold their tiny hands.
They unfold their hands
like the many mysterys, that unfold at the secret pond.

The ferns are waking up, from their long sleep of winter.
They are reaching for the sky.
The ferns are welcoming spring!
The ferns love the secret ponds...
There are so many wonders to display!
There is magic at my secret ponds.,,,,,,
Baby birds are learning to fly and bumble bees are gathering pollen.
And, I am chasing butterflys and shadows!
But, sometimes I just sit and listen.
I listen to the quiet at my secret pond.
I listen for new wonders to unfold.
Nitey nite