Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ocean Is Calling To Me

Last night as I  lay in my bed watching the twinkling stars,
 A gentle whisper tickeled my ears.
 The whisper  called " T w e e d l e s  come to us.".
I jumped  up and ran in circles-
 I looked  to see where the voice came from.
Oh, I knew immediatley where the voice was coming from,
 but I did not understand how it could be!
The ocean is calling to me!
 The crashing waves  are calling!
 The  humming  tides and the sea creatures are all calling to me!
Do you think I will see Puff and Star?
Adventures are calling out to me- so of course I will go!
After all, "what's a Tweedles to do"?
In a few days, my moms and me will go visit my ocean.
 My ocean that I love with all of my heart!
I will romp and play and chase the waves!
Nitey Nite

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Dance With The Blossoms"

What a wonderful day to dance with the wind!
  It's a wonderful day  to dance with the blossoms!
Pink and white blossoms tumbling to the ground
floating in circles like gentle snow flakes!

The breeze was blowing  from everywhere!
 I could smell desert breezes
mountain breezes
  ocean breezes,
 and I could smell the breeze
 from the forest
 in my own back yard.
  Oh it smelled so sweet!
I heard chirping in the trees so my eyes peered deep into the  fragile branches.
 I was quiet, oh so quiet!
I tip toed closer ,
and there before my very own eyes, "The Eyes of  Tweedles,"
 I saw the most precious gift from Mother Earth!
The baby owls waited patiently , nestled in their soft  mossy nest.
 Their momma would be back soon to feed them.
 I must not disturb them!
Now I will go dance with the wind.
                                                And then, I will dance with the blossoms!                                                    
  Nitey Nite,
 love tweedles


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Thursday, May 10, 2012

"6 Candles For Me"

Today I have 6 candles to make wishes on.
 Because now I am 6 years old. I have had a very busy day,
 going for walkies up the mountain,
watching Dragon Flys,
   sleeping in sun rays,
                                                                                and eating cookies!                                                                                       

My sweet Toby Moses  @
sent me something specials.
 It was made by
Can you see how beautiful it is on me?
  There is a blue butterfly and 2 gorgeous  flowers.  It is for me to wear on my neck.
 It fits perfect, and I feel pretty!
 I put the flowers all over me!
    And  some cookies  came  in the box for me too!
 Oh. I could smell them...and they tasted so good.
 I wanted to eat them all - right now!  But moms said no!
I want to know who made these cookies?
 Thank you Toby Moses,
and thank you Pugpossesed too for making me feel pretty.

I love to be 6 years old.
 I feel specials wearing my Woofie warmer and Barkclava hat that Archies mom, Auntie Missy Life is art ... Art is Life made for me.
Its snuggy and I love to feel this way, like a giant hug around me!
 I feel like a beautiful butterfly!
I had a very fun day.  This is my new monkey friend.
 Moms said he looks like me. Do you think so too?
nitety nite

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"There Is Magic At The Ponds"

 What shall I do today?
  It's a beautiful sunshiny day!.
 Spring blossoms are dancing in the breeze!
The air smells soooo sweet!
Butterflys are flitting!

I  heard something buzzing in the grass!  Could it be a Bumble Bee?

 Then I head splishing and splashing.
The sound was coming from  the ponds!
"Could it be",,, I said to myself?
 'Could it be my friends the Tad Poles?
  And so off I ran with my Red Bucket,
as fast as I could----
 to catch some tad poles!
 With a hop and a skip, away  I went. singing my favorite song!
 "To my secret ponds I go..
 to my secret ponds I go!
off I go,,
 away I go -
with a hop and a skip...
 to my secret ponds I go"!

 Splishing and splashing was everywhere!
Tad poles  zoomed through the water as they swam like dolphins!
 The Tad Poles were so happy!.
 They were happy it was spring!
Splishing and splashing in the sunshine!

As I watched the little Tad Poles my heart could feel
how happy they were- right here in their very own ponds.
This is where they belong until they grow into froggies!
I knew it would not be right for me to take them away from their ponds.
And so with a hop and skip
I ran home to my bed
and snuggled under my blankies.

  Spring will bring more adventures, I just know it!
What shall I do tomorrow?
Nitey Nite