Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chicken Feathers On My Head

I want out of here -right now!
Don't you remember that I had a bath a year ago?
I don't stink!
and  there is no muddy water,,,,
I know I am already clean!

This does not look like a magic carpet to me!
Where are the magic bubbles?
 Now I see the magic bubbles,,
 They are over there!!
If I move real fast, maybe I can splash all the water out!
I feel like a naked chicken,,,  with chicken feathers on my head!
I want my towel please!
Now I am sparkly clean,,
and ready to go outside and roll in the grass!
nitey nite

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wake Up Strawberrys! Wake Up!

No,, this one is not ready yet,
 because its smells green, and not red.
Its not good enough to eat!
 And it does not smell like a strawberry to me..
No,, this one can go back to sleep!
My nose knows exactly what strawberrys smell like.
 They smell sweet,
 and juicy, and red!

I think I must have  found the gold pot at the end of the rainbow,,,
 because I am smelling red..
and sweetness.
Do you know what red smells like?
.  And this red is  the most red I ever did see!
I will look under every green leaf.
 I will find all of  those sleeping strawberrys!
Wake up strawberrys!!
Wake Up!
If I reach with my biggest reach,,
I know I can reach it!
And now
 I found one more!
nitey nite

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Let's Circle Around Sashys family..

I loved my Sashy.
She was my BFF.
She was my Sashy, and I was her Twee.

Sashy was everyones friend.
  Sashy was always first in  sharing her fresh batch of magic bubbles to everyone who needed a little love and healing.

Its very hard to find words right now,
all we have is tears,,, we share the tears  with blogville, 
her mommy , sissy and sissys boyfriend.

 Sashy got very sick today,,and the angels took her
into the sky
to the Rainbow Bridge
and the stars and moon and heavens.

We are happy Sashy is with her daddy now,
but our hearts hurt  too---- with her family
that is sad.

This is  the blue butterfly  that watched over me when I was sick.
The blue  butterfly made a special trip  to Sashys house,
 over a year ago... 
when I sent it to her family
 it was to bring  love and happiness to her .

That blue butterfly will live forever in Sashy's memory...
always remember  that "Every night  I will close my eyes
and count to 3,,, and together we will fly..." You and I.

Sashy, the Blue Butterfly will watch over your mommy now too.

Can you all join me in a  circle around Sashys family,,
sitting shoulder to shoulder
 and hold paws,,
 and send love to Sashy's family.
love forever
your tweedles

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blossoms Like Spring Snow Flakes

There are more blossoms than I can count!
 Look at them all around me
I think they are dancing!
Twirling and floating like spring snowflakes!
They are everywhere,,,
 and white,
 yellow and orange.
 They smell like cotton candy
 to me!
So soft on my feet
  like  pink velvet slippers!
  It's fun to dance in the blossoms,
even when  its just,,,, my toys
 and me!
I twirl and dance too.
Nitey nite