Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Tweedles Was Here"

Hi my friends.
Are you ready for me to share with you? Would you like me to share my journey to the sea?
As you can see in the above picture I truely was there- digging in the sand - doing what I like to do best.

As soon as we got to the big ocean, and as soon as the truck doors opened, I raced down the sandy hill to the big sea.
I took a little tumble and went head over heals, but soon I recovered and took off running again.
Just like a streak of lightning. Nothing can stop me- nothing at all.

It wasn't long before mama caught up with me, and we had a little talk. She took a hold of my shoulders and told me not to get so carried away. I needed to be patient- and wait quietly, and not run off like that again!

So, off I went on my search for Puff and Star. I was almost certain, that they would be in the exact same spot as when we said goodbye, in April.
But they were not there.
I came upon Murphy, a Sea Turtle who had just swam up on the shore. "Murphy", I asked,
"Have you seen Star, my friend the Star Fish, and Puff, my friend the Sea Horse?"
Murphy said - "Yes, I know them quite well, but it has been awhile since I have seen them."
I was just crushed. I was sad. What's a Tweedles to do?

As I searched the sandy shores, I decided to fly my new kite. My kite went high into the sky- above the clouds. I could not make my mind stop thinking. The sea was wild and my heart was racing in antisipation. I was not going to give up searching.

I searched the tide pools. I pleaded with the sea.

The waves were being tossed to and fro. It was splendorious to watch, but my heart was capivated by the yearning to search for my friends. I searched and searched .
And then, I thought I heard echos. Did I hear my name?

Again, I heard the echos, and this time I climbed to the top of a rock and looked down. There in a little tide pool right before my eyes, something glistened. "Tweedles, it's me Star". Don't you recognize me?" I did not know what to think. The voice was the same, the shape was the same, but she did not look the same. "Oh Star", I said. "Do you know how VERY much I have missed you? Did you know how worried I was, that I might not find you? I was so worried that I would never see you again."
"Little Tweedles" Star said, you must never give up believing. You must learn to be patient. The big sea world is a very busy place, there is so much happening. I have many duties. Remember I told you I helped to make maps for the sea creatures so they know which way to swim? That is what I have been doing. I point my arm and they swim in the right directions.
"But why is your color blue, Star? You did not used to be blue."
Star told me that sometimes we change how we look, but we really are the same inside. She said not to be afraid of changes. It's all good. Don't worry.
Star and I visited for several hours- we got all caught up on the wonders of the sea. She told me about the big whales and the glow fish that light the pathways of the sea. It was just like old times. Just Star and me.

My search was not over! I still needed to find Puff. Certainly he was somewhere, but where?

"Hey Tweedles, you looking for someone"? I heard a very strange voice coming from the mouth of this old crow. "I thought I heard you mention the word Puff. Well, I know a Puff- looky over yonder"

The sounds of the sea became loud like roaring lions. The wind became wild.
I strained my eyes. The sea had a ribbon of colors trailing through it - like the colors of a rainbow.
The waves became high, and there I saw with my very own eyes- my friend Puff- zipping this way, zipping that way, twirling and splashing. I climbed to the top of the highest rock so Puff could see me. He swam so fast, I thought he would splash all the water from the sea! He came to a halt right by my little feet. "Oh sweet Puff, my forever friend. I missed you soo much. Take me with you Puff- take me with you! Please !
Puff looked at me with those magical eyes, and asked me that special question again- just like he did the last time I saw him. "Do you believe, Tweedles?" "Oh YES, YES, I believe."
Just then- what do you think appeared, but one of my magic bubbles! "Let's take the ride of a life time in one of your magic bubbles- Tweedles- you and me." I could not believe my good fortune for this moment was about to take place. Puff and I crawled inside the bubble. We put our arms around each other and held on tite- as down, down, into the deep sea we went. Oh the wonders we saw! We saw the whales , and we saw the glass balls that the Glow Fish live in to light the bottom of the sea. We saw Angel Fish , Sharks, and Sea Snakes, and Turtles. The colors were magnificent in the sea.
We traveled clear across the sea to other countries. We saw everything that you could imagine.
Our journey seemed like it was over so very fast. I did not want it to end. Have you ever felt that way?

The crescent moon was in the sky and it seemed to be slipping into the sea.

The sun was in the sky, and it also seemed to slip into the blackness of the sea.
Somehow I knew my time with Puff and Star was ending.
The sea had quieted and our bubble came to rest on the sandy shore.
Puff looked at me with those eyes- which looked like they could say a thousand words.
"You must go now Tweedles- don't look back. We will meet again- just keep on believing."
My eyes had pug tears, as I said goodbye.
"Why do good times have to end? Why must I say goodbye.?"
As I walked away, I repeated the words over and over, I believe, I believe.
Soon I felt much better and I ran to moms who were waiting for me. I can't wait to tell them all about my journey. Tomorrow moms and I will fly kites and walk on the shores, and I will remember my forever friends.
Nitey nite everyone

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Puff- I Am Coming"

Hi my friends.
Do you remember my fantastic journey to the Big Ocean in the spring?
Do you remember the wonderful friends that I found again-- about Puff the Sea Horse and Star- the starfish?
(see this story) Puff,,,,,,, Where are You? April 5, 2009.

Well, Guess what? I AM GOING TO THE BIG OCEAN AGAIN! We leave Saturday.
Sometimes, it feels like it was only yesterday, and then sometimes it feels like it has been forever. Have you ever felt that way about something? I bet you have.
I am so excited. I have already made plans for each day! Mama has ALREADY been packing my clothes, and my toys, and my food.
First of all when we get to the ocean and, when I hop out of the truck, the ocean mist will touch my face. It will feel so good! I can already taste the salt on my pug lips.
And then, I will find the highest cliff. I will climb to the very tip top.
I will stand on my hind legs, cup my paws around my mouth, and yell at the top of my lungs:
"Puff- I am here"! "Puff- I am here."
I am sure that frisky little Sea Horse, will be in the EXACT spot where we waved and said goodbye to each other last spring. Don't you think so?
I am ALMOST postive.
Puff will remember me of course, he promised that he would never forget me!
Puff also told me that if I believed- I would see him again. I have been believing all this time.
I will find him- yes I will!

And then I will race like a wild pony down the sandy shore and go look for Star, my sweet little Starfish friend.
I will look in EVERY tidepool until I find her.
I can hardly wait, for her to tell me all the wonderful and exciting things that have been happening in the sea, since we have been a part. We will talk and share, just like old times.
And I will listen.
I will sniff and smell the fresh ocean air, and I will race from the wild waves.
I will chase the sea gulls, and I will dance!
Yes dance!
And bubbles- YES, I will chase bubbles.
I will help mama search for trasures in the sand. She stuffs her pockets FULL of jewels.
My moms bought me a brand new kite. It is a turtle kite, and I will fly it HIGHER than the clouds. I know mom will help me- she loves kites too.
My moms and I, will walk hand in paw along the shore.
We will sit and look and listen to the sounds of the roaring ocean.
And, we will think of you and bring back some memories.
Nity nite my friends.

Friday, September 11, 2009

"Roll Out The Red Carpet"

Is it time for the Red Carpet to be rolled out?
From what I understand, a red carpet is for special occasions.
I am thinking that the time has come for some Awards!
What do YOU say?
Do you want to help me roll it out? Well, come on, give me a hand!

As I see it, an Award Ceremony, needs to have You, right here with me.
Now that I am all comforable. I am waiting for the entertainment to begin.
Who is going to speak?
Do we have a guest speaker?
Do we have treats?
Hmmmm, I guess it's me who will be doing the speaking.

First of all,
I want to tell you about my good friends Al, Coffee and Oreo.
They asked me to play TAG.
Al, Coffee and Oreo, live far away, on a beautiful Island surrounded by water. There are gorgeous flowers and massive waterfalls. The island has ducks, that are mighty fine tour guides.
Al has a camera that is magic. That camera can capture the roaring sound of a waterfall , and you can feel it splashing on your face. The camera can capture the fragrance of the tropical flowers, and make you want to say WOW! Coffee and Al are a couple of energy filled, fun loving pups that make life very interesting for each other.
I have been waiting for just the right moment to play Tag, and that time has come.
And, part of the fun in playing TAG is to tell you 6 things that make me happy.

I know I could name a zillion things, but I will just tell you 6.
1. I love peanut butter and banannas.
2. I love to take adventures in my magic bubbles.
3. I love to tease all 4 or 5 of my cat brothers and sisters (i loose track of how many that we have today).
4. I love to go to the BIG OCEAN, to run, and dance, and sniff and dig.
5. I love kisses from my moms
6. I love to make my bloggie friends giggle, and smile.
Well, that was 6. Do you know me a little better now?
Thank you Al, Coffee and Oreo, this was a lot of fun playing tag.

Next is this Award that was sharred with me from Bajas, Ann and Virus. live in the beautiful Norway.

I am supposed to tell you the story of a food that I stole when no one was looking.
I think the most EXCITING food I ever stole, was when I took a flying leap and landed right in the middle of a huge bowl of popcorn on my mamas lap. Needless to say, the popcorn went everywhere, and I had a humungous feast. I was really only supposed to have 5 kernals, but I took care of that idea- which took some deep planning.

Now here are the rules to this award:"When accepting this award, you must blog about the food you have stolen when your humans were not watching. If you have never stolen any food, you must have been a really good pup! You can accept this yummy tray of cookies as your reward! Next add the logo of this award to your blog (optional), then nominate at least 5 other furry blogs and let them know by leaving a message on their blogs."

Now look at this pawsome award. Can you believe that 4 of my friends have given this cherrished award to me?
Those friends are:
Riley, my cute little pug friends
Sasha, my adorable little shitzu friend
Benny and Lilly my sweet adorable little frenchie friends.
Riley and Star my beautifully sweet maltese friends.
I thank my friends so much for sharring this treasured award with me.
If you have not met my friends, go say hello. They would love to meet you.

It has been a very big honor for me to receive these awards. I would like to take this time to offer these awards to all my friends. I know many of you already have them. If you don't, then please come on up and receive them with me.
I have enjoyed sharring this red carpet ceremony with all of you.
I am almost falling asleep, so time for my bedtime.
Nitey nite my friends

Monday, September 7, 2009

"The Empty Swing"

It was just an ordinary day, in an ordinary park. But this day was special because it was the day that my moms had chosen to take me, and my friend Puff to the park.
There was something mysterious about the sky that made me keep looking up. The clouds looked like circus animals. They were white and fluffy against the blue sky. The shadows on the ground were playing hide and seek with me. I would dart into the green fluffy bushes and then race as fast as I could.
The shadows behind me, were chasing me.
The shadows beside me, raced along side me.
The shadows in front of me, I chased.
The shadows seemed to grow long, and run as fast as me.
I could never catch them!

What FUN it was- feeling free in the park. I was running with my special purple rope in my mouth. My imagination ran wild like moutian lions, as I pretended to be a wild pony and no one could catch me.
I would zip this way and zip that way!

I had just sat myself down for a moment to catch my breath, when my eyes caught a glimse of some little birds in the pond chirping, splashing and bathing.
That was when I also happened to notice the Little Old Woman. She was sitting on the park bench. She was alone and sat staring at the empty swings. Her hair was curly, soft looking and white as snow. She was barefoot, just like me.
Curiously, I waundered over and sat down right in front of her. She did not look at me. Couldn't she see me? She just starred at the empty swing. She seemed to be DAYDREAMING. " Pssst", I whispered to her. She looked down at me for just a second, as I wagged my little pug tail.
Once again, her eyes drifted back to the empty swing. With a swift jump, I stood on my hind legs and touched her knee. TAP, TAP.
I wasn't expecting words to come from her mouth, but then she whispered softly, "If only I could,,,,- just once more, if only I could,,,,, just once more."
With a big leap, I jumped up onto the park bench and plopped myself down, right beside her. I gently licked her wrinkled hand. Her hands reminded me of a dried up leaf in the autumn.
Her sky blue eyes gazed down at me, and our eyes met. Our eyes locked. I did not blink. I did not look away.
I starred intently into the tear filled eyes of the old woman. And then suddenly, I saw what she felt.
I knew what she was feeling.
I saw where she had been many years ago.
I saw her journey now.
I saw the dusty road she traveled.
I could feel what her eyes were saying.
Some how, I just knew.
I stood on my hind legs and licked her face. Her hand slowly raised and gently, she patted my head.

"Come with me", I said to the old woman. "Grab hold of my purple rope, and let me help you get up". With trembling hands, and shakey knees the old woman grabbed hold of the rope.
I jumped to the ground and pulled, and tugged. Again, I pulled and tugged her with all my might. As the old woman rose to her feet, I led her to the swing. Her frail hands grabbed ahold of the thick ropes , and she sat herself down - right in the swing. Her feet lifted off the ground.

The old woman was still holding onto the purple rope. She had one end of the rope, and I had the other. I started pulling and tugging on the rope, and the swing began to move- very slowly, back and forth. The old woman leaned back, I pulled more, I pulled harder. Soon the old woman was swinging high. "Push me higher "she said. "Higher" . Her curly white hair was being tossled by the summer breeze.
Higher and higher the old woman and the swing went into the sky. Once again I heard the old woman's voice saying "Just once more". I pushed and pulled again. Higher the swing went into the air.
Shadows were casting on the ground, they were back and forth shadows. Shadows of the old woman in the swing.
As the swing slowed down, I caught a glimpse of her eyes. This time her eyes sparkled and she was smiling. She whispered, " I just needed to do it once more, you understand, don't you little puggy.
As the swing stopped, the old woman and I slowly walked back to the park bench. We watched the circus animals in the clouds. I taught her how to play High 5, and shake hands. I heard her giggle.
Suddenly, I heard voices. I turned to look over my shoulder. The old womans family had come to take her home. Litttle kids came running to her, kissing her cheeks, they grabbed her hands. They seemed so happy to see her. As the old woman walked away, she turned and looked back at me. She was smiling.
I stood with the purple rope in my mouth. Long shadows followed them as they walked away. I waved and said " Come back and we will do it again, as often as you want to.
When I was alone, I sat for a moment and looked at the empty swing.
Then I knew all the treasures the old woman had stored in her memory. The memorys she stored in her heart- she wanted them to last forever. I believe memorys can last forever. I am very positive.
By now my tummy told me it was lunch time, and moms were calling my name. I ran to my moms picnic blanket , purple rope flying in the wind.
This ordinary day, in an ordinary park, turned out to be very unordinary.
Tonight before I go to bed, I will whisper to my moms, "just once more- kiss me again- just once more."
Nitey nite my friends

Saturday, September 5, 2009

They Choose Their Challenge"

Hi my little friends.
I have been thinking about challenges. I have challenges, do you?
The fact is, I have a EXRTAORDINARY amout of challenges.
I think that participating in, and making challenges FUN would be the icing on the cake!
Making a challenge fun for me is spelled TREATS!
I would love to be a famous Artist and paint a song for you! I am ready, as you can see. Now, I just need to hear the tune (which I am listening for) and then I will put the words to it.
For this challenge- I would not need any treats, just some help from my magic bubbles.

I was just traveling through bloggy land, and tripped over a new posting from Mr James Parker, the Artist.
He always has stuff on his boggie to make you smile, make you think, make you laugh, and gives you the feeling that you want to participate in challenges and have fun.
James Parker is young at heart- so he thinks up FUN stuff. He is the one that can make the Artist challenge's FUN.
His posting made me think, and reminded me of an amazing challenge that Mr. Parker hosted in July. Oh YES.
The challenge was through Windows To The Words, It was open to ANYONE who could use their magic paint brushes and paint portraits of Dogs.
As Mr Parker says, "there was a lot to bark about!"
There were 16 Artists that entered the challenge. Can you imagine- 16!
I thought I would include their names, so you can see if you recognize any famous Artists. You may even see your name. They may even live in your house.
Here is a list of the famous. Lauren Mauer, Ed Burton, James Parker, Catherine Jeffrey, Gwen Bell, Deb Keirce, Tracie Brown, Arti Chauhan, Candy Manuel, Dennis Bailey, Liz Pearson, Cindy Deweese, Kelly Mac Donald, Carmello Tanner, Angela Elledge, Maggie Mayer.

My moms and I were just toodling around in Windows to the Words- James Parkers bloggie, smiling at this and that, and low and behold, who's picture do you think was among all the Dog entries to paint? ME! The Tweedles.
Seven artists painted my portrait, wrinkles, warts and all. The seven Artists names are in red.
If you like , you can go look. It was back in July, around James Parkers birthday- the middle of the month.

All kinds of dogs had their portraits painted and what PAWSOME jobs the Artists did.
Those artists ability's would take your breath away! Big eyes, little eyes, faces full of expression and love.
You can only imagine the looks on my moms faces to see ME all painted up and pretty.
Each Artist captures a different side of my personality in their painting, and each one was totally spectacular.
We would like to have everyone of those portraits. Time to dream!
What brave souls to take on a challenge like that! Yes BRAVE!.

In reading James Parker new post- he announced there is another Windows to the Words challenge coming, right now in September, and Artists will be running to capture the amzazing portraits of some chosen kitties. Go check this out

I can't wait to see which Artists will be brave enough to enter, and take on the cat challenge .
There are Artists out there, that I did not know even existed. How would anyone know- unless I told you!
Windows To The Words has other challenges for photographers and Writers too.
Go see. That's what I do. I go everywhere!

Well my friends, I think that I will go play with my red ball and wait for the stampede of Artists, that will join the challenge to paint the kitties! I wonder if I will see any Artists that I know.
And I will also think up a way to paint you a song!