Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Saving Sammy"

The rain had been falling all night.
But now the sky was blue.
I was gazing at the clouds,
as they stretched across the sky, and floated.

I noticed that my birdie friends ,the swallows
were sailing above my head.
They were showing off in the sky,,,
how they fly,
how they soar,
and they tumble,
and dive,
and do circus tricks.

The sounds of spring were everywhere.
Frogs were croaking.
Birds were singing.
Crows were chattering.
Chickens were clucking.
Roosters were crowing.
Cows were bellowing.
The wind was whistling,
And I, was doing one of my favorite things to do,
I was daydreaming.

And then I heard ,,,,,
And then I heard silence.
Total silence.

I ran as fast as a pug could run.
I ran to the sound, that my ears were hearing.
And there on the ground before me,,,, was Sammy.
Sammy, was my sweet fishie friend, who lived in the shallow creek.
"Oh Sammy" I cried -
"What happened"?
"Why are you out of the water"?

"What's a Tweedles to Do"?

Sammy lay motionless.
I knew I must do something, fast.
Time was very important.
There are big decisions, that I must make.
I opened my mouth and grabbed Sammy.
"I must decide now!"
"I must decide now, " I mumbled to myself.

Quick like a bunny, I ran!!
I ran so fast, that I almost slipped in a mud puddle!
All that I could think of was:
I must help Sammy,,,, and I knew exactly what to do.
I knew exactly where to go.

I could hear the sound of the rushing water ahead of me.
Faster, and faster, I ran.
Suddenly I was at the waters edge, and I stopped.
I slid in the mud, and I opened my mouth.
Sammy flew from my lips, and sailed into the air.
Sammy sailed and tumbled like a feather in the wind.
Sammy looked like he was flying, and then I heard a big splash!
I watched closely as Sammy's little fishie body, just floated.
Silently floated.
I yelled "Swim Sammy, swim!!"
And then my voice quivered as I softly whispered "You must swim".
Sammy lay silently,,,, floating.
Just floating.
Suddenly, 8 lilly pads appeared and began to circle around Sammy.
In an instant 8 frogs were leaping from their lilly pads, and into the water.
There was so much splashing, that I could not see.
Soon there was more splashing ,and the frogs were tickling Sammy.
Sammy opened his eyes,
Sammy gulped.
Sammy started to move his fins.
Sammy was blinkling his hugmongus eyes,
just like when you wake up from a bad dream.

Then, Sammy began to splash and swim.
I stood in awe, as I watched this miracle.
I don't know why Sammie was out of the water.
I don't know what happened.
Sometimes, we don't have all the answers.
Sometimes we do not know why.
Sometimes I wonder why,,,,, why things happen.
I wonder if you ever wonder - why things happen?
But today, I do know,,,

I helped my fishie friend,
And now my heart is singing.
That is what matters to me.
And now my heart is singing.
Nitey nite my friends

Now it is time to tell you about my new Awards.
I am so honored that these friends thought of ME!
I would like to share all these awards with all my friends.
Will you come and take them, if you have not received them?
This award came from my wonderful friends,
Tiffy,the little one at
Tiffy still wants to play tag- I will try to play soon.
Guero,Coco Chanel,Brinks,Bella, Tiger and Lucky

This pawsome Award came from my friends at

Sunday, March 21, 2010

"The Seasons Go Round and Round"

When I opened my eyes,
I saw that winter, had closed its eyes to sleep.
Hushabye sweet Winter.
I will see you again, someday.

I have a strange indescribable feeling.
Its seems that only yesterday,
snowflakes were falling,
down through the sky,
down through the clouds.
I should have told them how beautiful they were.

The day before that,
I saw the leaves on the trees
changing colors,
and they floated gently to the ground.
I should have told them how magical they looked
when they danced with the wind.

The day before that, butterflys were landing on my nose.
And little fawns played in my forest.
I should have told them goodbye.
I should have told them how much they made me giggle.

The day before that,,,,
blossoms were everywhere, just like today.
Blossoms are drifting through the air
drifting like little feathers.
I will tell them how beautiful they are.
I will tell them how sweet they smell.
I will tell them how happy they make me feel.

The winter was brave and fericious.
I know it will come back again.
I can look behind from what used to be-
but I can not return to the seasons gone.
I wish I had told them- how special they were to me.

These rain drops dancing in the puddles,
are singing rain songs.
I will tell them how beautiful they sound.

And I want to tell you how special you are to me.
Nitey Nite my friends

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Catching Sun Rays "

I want to touch a SUN-RAY, and follow it into the sky.
I want to hear the forest sing.
So come along with me.

The forest is dancing.
Yes, spring magic is in the air.
I smell magic.
I smell spring.
The trees are singing- do you hear their songs?
Birds are chattering happy songs,
and butterflys are flittering here and there.
Maybe I will find a Sun Ray to touch.
And if I do,
I will follow it into the sky.

I heard the sound of rushing waters,
as it raced along the river bank.
Tiny silver bubbles floated down stream.
I wonder where the bubbles go?

The little buds on the bare naked trees,
are starting to peek out at me.
Tiny leaves are unfolding,
and wiggling in the breeze.
Red leaves, and green leaves,
wiggle and call to me.
I think, that I see a Sun Ray!
Could it be?
As quick as I saw the Sun Ray come-
it was gone!

Little ferns are poking their heads out of the earth.
Baby ferns are still curled up sleeping.
I will be quiet. I will walk softly.
I think I see a Sun Ray.
Maybe I can touch it, if I hurry.

If I could just touch a Sun Ray.
I'd follow it into the sky.
And then I would climb a rainbow.
You could come along with me.
If only,,,,,,,If only
Do you ever wish "if only"?
Why do Sun Rays disappear,
before my very eyes?

I will keep looking for my Sun Ray.
But until I find it,
I think I will make mudpies.
Nitey nite, my friends

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Taking Murphy Home"

I remember that very special day, when I first met Murphy.
It was a sunny day, at the big ocean.
The waves splashed, and crashed and rumbled, to and fro.
The sky was as blue, as blue could ever be.
It was summer.

Murphy was the cutest little turtle, that I ever did see.
He followed me everywhere.
I giggled, as I carefully tucked Murphy
into my blue coat pocket.
I told Murphy that if we were to be friends,....
well then,,,, we must keep this a secret.
A secret, just between him and I.
I had plans.
Yes, plans for Murphy and me.
I was bursting at the seams.
My mind was consumed with "Murphy thoughts."
And the best part of all, is that I was taking Murphy home with me.
I am taking Murphy to my home, far away.
But, this must remain a secret.

Murphy and I had so much fun, walking in my forest.
And we played, "I bet you can't bite my tail"!
We played with the frogs and we skipped stones in the pond.
Murphy snuggled with me, in my bed.

Of course mommy never found out.
It was our secret.

Murphy loved to take bubble baths.
He loved to eat peanut butter cookies and bananas.
I loved to eat the very same things!

One day, not long ago, Murphy whispered words, into my ear.
I thought I did not hear him clearly,
and so, I asked Murphy to say it one more time.

And then I heard these words,,,,,,
"Please take me home Tweedles. I need to go home."
My heart trembled, and my face looked very sad.
I was crushed.
I dreaded hearing those words.

But, there was only one thing, that I could do.
I thought and thought.
"I must do the right thing", I told myself.
I cannot be selfish.
And then I thought some more.
And so, in the middle of the night,
when the stars were twinkling
and everyone was asleep,
I very carefully tucked Murphy into my blue coat pocket.
It was the very same coat pocket, that I had tucked Murphy into,
when we first became friends.
I climbed over the mountains, and through streams
and I walked and walked.
I was exhaugsted.
I walked until I could hear the roar of the ocean.
The mist from the ocean was now on my lips, and I knew we were close.

The sun was now shining in the blue sky.
The breeze tickled my ears.
The roaring waves were trying to chase me.

With trembling paws I removed Murphy
from my jacket pocket,
and placed him in the sand.
As I looked out into the sea,
I saw a huge turtle splashing in the waves.
It was looking at Murphy.
Murphy started to run into the waves, and then he turned to look at me.
Murphy's eyes had huge tears , streaming down his face.
My eyes did too.
Then Murphy turned and ran as fast as he could- towards the sea.
I could hear a voice calling to Murphy. "Murphy come to me"
The huge turtle was Murphy's mommie, I told myself.
I just knew it. Something in my heart told me.

I watched as Murphy ran into the ocean .
He disappeared before my eyes.
The waves were splashing over him.
I yelled to Murphy, "I will follow you".
But all I could hear was the roar of the waves
echoing down the shore.
Muphy was gone.
"What's a Tweedles to do"? I thought to myself.

I watched and watched.
I wished and hoped.
I waited and wished some more.
And then I got to thinking about home.
I wanted to go home.
And so I ran and ran through the streams and over the mountains,
until I was home.
And then do you know what I did?
I crawled into bed and snuggled with mommy.
Secrets are forever.
Nitey nite my friends