Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two Words

Two Words.
 Two words  from me to you
 Thank You.

 Thank You Universe
 for the birds that I hear
 singing songs today--
songs all around me,

 Thank you
 for letting me hear  momma birdies
 teach they babies to sing  their very first songs!

Thank you for showing me how momma birdies
 teach their babies to leap from their nest-
 and to stretch their wings and fly!

Thank you for my eyes and my heart
 because I can feel  that all of the nature around me is loved
by you .

 Thank you for the gentle breeze on my whiskers today,
 because it showed me- that you are right beside me-
 everywhere I go.

 Thank you for my ears
 so that I can hear the songs that you share with me-
 like the singing streams and whispering winds
 and kind words.
 Thank you -
 just two little words-
 from me to you.
Thank You!
 Nitey nite,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Love You Forever Coco

I am without words right now.
 Sometimes there just are no words when hearts are crying.

Coco  was one of my first friends that came to say hi to me
when I was new to blogville.
 Coco's eyes could not see, but he felt love all around him.
 The angels came and took Coco away to the Rainbow Bridge.
and now his family misses him so much.
Please go sit beside Coco's family pugnetwork.blogspot and share some love.
I love you forever Coco .
Thank you for being a friend to me.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Seven White Eyelashes

Happy sunshine day to me!
  Happy kissys from the sun day to me!.
 I have seven white eyelashes on my eyes,,, 

And  a candle on my cake.
Happy Birthday to me.
 Nitey nite

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