Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hello my little leaves

Hello my  little leaves.
  I have been watching you everyday,, as you sprouted from tiny little buds  and were a beautiful green,,,,
 as you hung on the tiny tree branches.
A whole summer you bathed in the sunshine and rains.,
 and then the color of your leaves turned to golden colors of orange.

  Now the time has come for me to say goodbye to you .
 Would you like me to help you scatter?
 I know you will dance and spin, play chase me , and tumble,,into the air.!
 And maybe some of you  will go to sleep .
    You were  such lovely little orange leaves as you hung from the trees!!.
Soon you will magically disappear
but you wont be alone,,
 If you look close you will see my paw prints
all over you.
 Can I help you scatter?
 nitey nite

Here is a little update on the  little bump on Tweedles face..  Her doctor re-checked Tweedles at 14 days,, and now we will wait for another 14 days,,, and the bump will be re-evaluated at that time...
The good thing is,,,, I dont think it has grown any,, and I am trying to "wish" it away.
So were saying,,,,"were good for now"!

Friday, November 24, 2017

I still love you... just like I used to.

Its been so very long ,,, since I saw your faces...
I love all of you!
Its been so long,
 that I may have forgotten how to say 
but I will try!

You see,,, mommy and me sort of fell into a hole after Burt disappeared. But we are trying to find our way and not ever get lost.
A winter ,, a spring ,, a summer.. an autumn have all come and circled around our world,,, and now its almost time for another winter.
I wanted to show you all that I am doing very,, very.. very good.. especially with the POTP that each of you send for the bump on my face.. I am doing very, very, very well.. and I know my doctor will tell me so on Monday. 
nitey nite