Monday, May 23, 2016

Dress Up For Whitley

This is Whitley.  Right now she is in every rainbow we see.  Rainbows of many colors, because that was what Whitley loved... She loved to dress up.. in all the beautiful fashions her momma made for her.
Whitley is at the Rainbow Bridge. and dances on all the rainbows.. She is free as a bird, and has lots to eat,, and lots of friends.  Whitley loved purples,,,,,,
and so,,,,
down in the pictures below,, you see me wear my purple colors,, because I am joining Blogville,,
in this wonderful day,, Dress Up For Whitley.
She is loved a lot , by all of us,
nitey nite

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fire Flys Kissed My Nose

Maybe they would come,,
I thought " maybe,,"
and then I saw
them flickering
and streaming
down from the moon
and down they came and kissed my nose!

My dream came true
and now they will fly away,,
and go kiss the stars.
Its not goodbye, my Fire fly friends,,,
See you later!

Nitey nite

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When I Am Ten!

It's my day today.
I am  10 years old.
  So I put on my butterfly wings!
Everything I  do today  is my very favorite favorite!
  I played with my stuffy bear!

Toby Moses, my Prince  sent me a boquet of yummy cookies!
Then I took a walk and stood on soft moss!
Then mommy took me for a buggy ride to see the giant green ferns,,
And then I ate cookies, and played with balloons.!
 A perfect day!
And now I am 10   !
nitey nite

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Colorful Forest

A little sunshine
and a few  sprinkly  raindrops
is what  makes my world colorful.
Green,,, oh green is very pretty/

 Do you feel that way too?
Sometimes there are stay in the house,,sleepy days...
But today was an awake day,,,,
for me
an awake day for my  forest!
Its time!!
I told mommy,,,",come on,,, lazy bones,,,
 Let's Go! "

"Let's take my buggy!"
This is my buggy wheels that mommy got for me
 so that I can go deep into the forest ,
 and I can go on  long walkies just like I used to do.
It can go over logs,, and rocks and creeks!
I have to tell you something,,,
Do you remember when "Blue".
the blue butterfly told me that I could fly
if I believed?
(well,,, I found out that I cannot fly out of my buggy).
and if I try,, it scares mommy very much,,
so no more "thoughts" of flying.!

I love to go into the forest and stand on wet soft green moss,
and wiggle my toes!
And guess what else?
I like green ferns,,
and my Bummlies and I found them!
The ferns  hands were reaching for the sky!

And I love to look at the rain drops
puddled on leaves.
 They look like diamonds to me!
And I love watching the birds!
 And I love sniffing and smelling!
 So much magic in my forest!

nitey nite