Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bummlies Are Riding In Magic Bubbles

A magic bubble landed
and look what it brought me!
Another bummlie!!!
A pug bummlie
More adventures!  More fun!
Bummlies name is Stella made by Melissa at Life is art ... Art is Life
and she  has come to share adventures
with  bear bummlie Maple, and me!
Maple was very happy to have a new friend.
I told Maple we would all snuggle together
 in the same big bed!
And we would all sit together to listen to birds and frogs.
One big happy family!
And Maple and Stella will hold hands everyday.
 And  they can sing bummlie songs..
 bummlie !
And tip toe through the flowers too.

Bummlies are traveling  in magic bubbles to many of my friends homes! 
Today a bummlie Gordo  arrived   in the U.K to live  with my friend Freya Rose Blossom and Midge!
And last week a magic bubble landed Earl  bummlie at  Bailey, Hazel and Mabel's home  in Idaho,
And another magic bubble delivered Fuji  bummlie to  Elliot, Chi Chi and Dip and mom Lynne in the U.K!
And now guess what!!!
,,, Dory and the Mama said...they have a  Bummlie friend Paulie!!!
And Cleo loves  bummlie Pearl!
And Tiffy loves bummlie Earl!

Magic bubbles are everywhere with bummlies riding in them!!
And they all have names!!!
All are made with love!!
How fun!

All the bummlies are made our Auntie Melissy  and R-Chee
Life is art ... Art is Life

More bummlies are waiting for new homes too!
They have no stuffing in them-- they are safe for everyone.
Nitey nite

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Always Remember The Moon and Stars

I know your in the sky somewhere,,
my magical moon and mysterious stars..
 I know your there!.

I look for you every night.
 Sometimes I cannot see you, but I can feel you.

  Its really all  okay..
 because I know your there
and that is what matters most.
And  just when I say,,
I wonder where you are,,,,,- there you are!!
My moon and stars,,,
there you are!
 Yes, there you are in the velvet sky
 peeking out from behind a fluffy blanket.
Reaching Out!

Always remember,,
the very moon and stars in the sky that watch me sleep
also watch you every night,
because they are your moon and stars too.
Nitey nite

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little Mousy

I have a story to tell you.
Some of the story is a mystery.
You see,,
 One day mommy found a baby mouse laying at her feet in a store parking lot.
Where did it come from? How?
Mommy did what all mommys would do,,,,
pick it up and hold it in her hands!
I did not know what to think when mommy brought the baby mouse home.
My face was perplexed with wonders.
Baby mousy did not have a momma..
It was lost!
And mommy was singing to it,,,
"everythings gonna be alright"
the same song she sings to me!
And part of the story is more  beautiful
 when moms made a bed for baby mousy.
And gave mousy goat milk with a paint brush!
Look at its little hands!

Our old farm house became " home" for baby mousy for 3 days.
Then one day, mommy found a Wildlife Sanctuary that could help us.

This  is the most beautiful part that I must tell you now.
There was a mommy mouse that had babies,,,
and well,,  I bet  you know the rest of the story- right?

The mommy mouse saw the orphaned baby mouse ,
and ran to it fast!
She grabbed it  in her mouth,,, and wrapped her arms around it,
.and the momma mouse  made it one of her own babys!
I love happy endings,,,, don't you?
I can sleep good now., knowing baby mouse has a new mommy,
and brothers and sisters!.
Some day baby mouse will be set free to run in the meadows!

The beautiful painting of the little mouse below was a gift to us
from artist Teffany Ingram.
The little mouse's name is
" Little Joe "
Maybe "our" baby mouses name was Little Joe too!
nitey nite

Thank you Teffany.

Teffany's Art & Soul

Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Ponds

Today is a perfectly,  perfect day!
 I saw a big fat bummble bee taking a nap in a daffodil!

And today was the perfect day for Maple my "bummlie",
 and me to go to my secret ponds!
Yes, frogs were croaking
And I found a waterpuppy  (salamander)
walking in the grass.
Spring birdies are in the trees,,,,
they have come back from their winter homes,,
and they are  happy, happy, happy!
I see nests in every tree!
Big nests and little nests!
Maple, my bummlie
  created by  Life is art ... Art is Life
and   I 
 are  listening to their happy songs!
And the birdie songs are so beautiful.
 just  like a lullabye,
And their songs are making Maple and  me,  feel sleepy.
nitey nite

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bummlie Bear and Me!

Look who loves me!!
  I have a Bummlie Bear!
bummlie ,
Bummlie and me!!!
It's fun to say the word Bummlie!
Everyone  needs a Bummlie Bear!
 A Bummlie Bear!
  Everyone does!!
  My Bummlie Bears name is Maple!
She tells me secrets!
Bummlies are  magically created by Auntie Missy at Life is art ... Art is Life
They come in all kinds of colors!

 Maple Bummlie likes to climb trees,,, Just like me!
She is strong and no stuffing comes out!
Bummlie,, bummlie, what cha gonna do e o,,
 bummlie  bummlie
where you gonna go e o?
 Bummlie ,, YOU  come back down to me
 and lets play!
Here she comes back down the tree!!
Do you see her cute heart bottom,,,?
nitey nite

look at the link below to see Bummlies!!

March In The Bummlies ~ Bear Bummlies in Action!