Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Pond Was Singing

The croaking sounds were not very loud,
 but I heard them ohh so clear!
 My ears followed the croaks to the pond
where I heard splishing and splashing!
 The sounds were not very loud
 but I heard them ohh so clear..

 I saw the frogs croaking and laughing
and leaping to and fro!
   I wanted to laugh and  croak too!
 I did not croak very loud,
 but I croaked along with my best croak
and my biggest leap of all!

  Spring birds were sitting in the trees chirping and tweeting
  and fluffing up their wings.
 Their tweets were not very loud,
 but I heard them ohh so clear!
I wanted to tweet too,
 and so I did.
 My tweet was not very loud,
 but I tweeted along wth my bestest tweet!

  And then the sun's smile began to stretch across the sky
 as if  a paint brush had been dapped in blues and purples and cotton candy!
  The sun's smile was ohhh so big!
 The sun made me smile.
Today the pond sang its song!
 Nitey nite.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Go Home Now

'Let's go home now Tweedles.'
I heard the invisable voice say.
 I looked behind me
 but I could not see anyone.
 'Who is there ?'
I whispered?

'Who is there?'
 I said these words out loud!

I looked in the tree tops
 and there was no one to be seen!

'It's been a good day Tweedles.
We danced in all of the mudpuddles in the forest,
 and we played hippy hop
 like little toads
Now all the birdies are beginning to peep!
 and the sun will soon be going down behind the mountain.
It will be time to sleep very soon!'
  My mind was full of wonder, but I was not afraid.
Nothing in my forest can scare me away!
Suddenly I heard the voice again and I looked beside me.
And there- standing right beside me - was my shadow.
My very own shadow!

'Let's go home now.
Come on, I 'll run beside you!
 Let's look at the sky
and count all the stars
and look for the brightest
 of all!'
And so we did.
My shadow and me!

 Let's go home.
Let's snuggle under blankys
where we will be safe and warm!
Let's peek out the window
whisper nitey nite
to the smiling face in the moon.'
nitey nite

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If Only I Had Wings

If only I had wings -
 Do you wonder what I'd  do?
 I would fly as high as the highest
 and then I would tickle the moon!
And then when the  sun
rose in the sky
I would soak in her gentle rays
and I would spread the rays
as far as I can see
 and still further-- forever and ever.
I'd hide in billowy
purpley clouds
 play peek a boo with all the little flowers
and you!
If only I had wings,,,,
I would sit in all the tallest trees,
and chirp like little birdies
I would fly across the seas and oceans...
So many things that I would do-
if only I had wings!

But I have  four little paws
and a tail that wags
 I run and jump and giggle
and I dream
about so many precious things-
things that really matter-

And then I remember
 I am the tweedles
 and I am happy
with who I am.
You are you
and I am me
and that is how it should be.
nitey nite