Friday, October 25, 2013

Benny On The Wings of The Monarch Butterflys

  I saw a shooting star racing into the heavens!
  I looked for a long, long time watching that bright star,
soon the whole sky seemed to be  flashing with lights
 and the sky was filled  zillions of  colors
 just like  a brand new sunset.
The sky was filled with rainbow colors-
you know-...
 purples and yellow and greens and blues
and other rainbow colors.
It was  as though the Universe was painting the sky!
then flitting and fluttering colors
 of orange and gold,
 yellow and black-
came from no where,,,,
 And then I saw them!
My heart was pounding!!!
  I knew immediately- what I saw-
 The skys were filled with  the Monarch Butterfly's
and they were coming from everywheres !
The butterfly's  were carrying someone on their wings
into the sky!
Higher and higher into the skys
 the butterfly's flew....
 I saw the bright orange cape blowing freely over his shoulders
 and I saw the smile,
I will never forget the smile.....
  and I knew immediately it was Benny!
Two French Bulldogs
All the  Monarch butterfly's from all over our world
 changed their migration route
 to hold Benny on their wings
celebrating his life,,,
and to carry him to the Rainbow Bridge
so many of our friends are waitng!
Thank you Benny for sharing your life with us.
We will love you forever.
Together we sit side by side-
 shoulder to shoulder-
 holding paws
until we are all together again.
Together we can go love his family and sweet sister Lily.
nitey nite

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tomorries Is Here Now!

Today I went in the car  to see my Dr. Proudy .
She gave me 3 cookies!
 I have been waiting a long time for this day to come!
My doctor was very happy with how I am doing!
She looked at me walk- and how I hold my toes,
 and she said that I should keep getting better and betters..
No steps for me- anymore- but its all okay.
No jumping to the couch or off anymore-
but thats okay too.
No jumping to the bed or off!
It's all okays- moms will help me!

What I can do is be loose in the house!
And go look in the kitchen for crumbs on the floor,
 and I can  walk a little bit more each day,
 to get stronger.!
Even though I have lots of things I want to do--
 Dr Proudy says
 "take it easy "
 for the next 4 weeks.
This is my new stuffed Bunny that Donald and Daisy sent to me.
I love to shake it, and make it squeak.
 It's very snuggly and soft.
And I like to dig in mamas jacket pocket-
 just in case there is a cookie in there,,
Tomorries is a new day
and I will find some fun for sure.
Thank you everyones for being by my side,
and helping me in so many different ways.

nitey nite
love forever
your tweedles

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some of you have asked me for it

Monday, October 21, 2013

Golden Leaves Are Falling

Its autumn,
 and these golden  leaves are falling
 all around me
 in my world.

 There are other leaves too,
 gigantic leaves and itty bitty ones.
 I know there are red leaves
 and lacy  leaves
 and leavs with different shades  of green,
and many cruchy leaves too !
 But I cannot see them-
 no not yet.
All the  flowers in my world  have gone to seeeeps too,
but they will come back next year-
 on a bright sunny day,
but until then,,,,
sleep tight little flowers.
So many things I want to do when my back gets all well.
I think first of all-
 I will find some crunchy leaves to
jump in!
And then I will find some  leaves to
tromp through,,,
 And then I will  swish the leaves
this way
 and that way!
I want to see my world
cause it makes me happy!

Wednesday  I see my doctor and I hope she says I am all better.,
and that I can walk all by myself!
Nitey nite

my friends this is the link to my
some of you have asked me for it
Thank you for helping me.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lighting A Candle For Mr Pip

A candle will flicker forever  for my friend Pip.

A favorite quote of mine is displayed on Pips blog.
It's  a quote from 
John Lennon.
"Yeah we all shine on
like the moon and the stars,
and the sun"
Mr. Pip will shine on forever.
Please visit Mr Pips family-
 Leave them some love.
 When hearts cry-
 we all know we can help ease the pain
 we  come  together--
 across the oceans and moutains
and deserts
 and share our love.

No comments are needed for me-- please go to Pips family and love them.

Friday, October 18, 2013

I Don't Know Why

 It's time for me to think of someone special right now,,,
and reach my paws to a family that is hurting.
Blogvilles hearts are hurting too.
This is Gracie Lynn.
@ Pugs & Purrs
 The angels came unexpectedly and took her away yesterday
 into the skys-
 Gracie Lynn was loved so much by her family -
  George, Lily, Mimi, and Toby Moses, kittys  and two moms.
It's too hard to understand , and to find answers.
 But one thing I feel is that Gracie Lynn is getting wings
 to be an angel to watch over each of us.
Yes- to watch over me too.

We will all see Gracie Lynn again someday--
yes- we will all be togethers-
just a little while.

  I saw a bright new star in the sky last night.
 It twinkled on my bed,
 and I saw Gracies name on it!
Gracie Lynn's family Pugs & Purrs misses their little girl.
Their hearts are broken.
Can we alll join paws
 and sit shoulder to shoulder  around her family
 in love--
 and hold them tight.
 I know love helps.
I love you Gracie Lynn

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Am Getting Betters

I am feeling betters
 Do you see how bright and shiny my eyes are?
I love to feel good-
 because when I feel good,
  my eyes  see magical things
 these golden leaves right  outside my widow!
And when I feel good-
 I like to snuggle  and seeeps with my furry.
 And lots of seeeps make my furs grow faster.
This very moon that  peeks from behind my forest trees
it watches me seeeep-
and it watches you seeeps too-
 no matter where you are.
I am getting betters.
Nitey nite,,

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Finding My Way

Sometimes, I need a little help to make it through my day.
I get bored
 and I  want to go snoop around.
 But I can't- No not yet.
 And sometimes, someone shows me a special way to make it through the day, by giving me a treat.
Sometimes a treat is like a game-
 like trying to get all the peanut butter and cookies that are stuffed inside this kong toy.
Sometimes I feel like working very hard.
See me stand!!
And sometimes I get very seeeeepy!
See me seeeep!
Nitey nite

ps Oct 23 is when I go back to see my surgery doctor.
 I hope that is the day I feel like jumping in mud puddles!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sunshine Rays Are Hugging Me

Ohhhh the sunshine rays are hugging me!
 Thank you Universe
 for sending the sun to shine on my shoulders!!!!
 Thank  you Universe for touching me.
 Thank you Universe for helping my back to heal!
 Ohhh the sun rays feel soo good.
Nitey nite

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Still Hope

Today, I was remembering special times in my forest
when all the birdies were teaching their baby birds,
 to stretch their wings and fly.
I remember the sweet smell of flowers blooming
and hearing and listening 
 to the croaking frogs
 and  all the butterfly's that flitted along side me as I ran
here and there.

But sometimes things change
and sometimes the world seems
 upside down-
 it really
really isn't
sometimes thing just change
and we must wait.

I can still dream
 and hope while my booo boooo is getting better
and so today I remember all the feelings
that I felt in spring time-
and even though I cannot run right now,
and my life is a little different than it was
I still feel and hope
and so
  now I share my hopes  with you
 I am the Tweedles
and I can hope.

What a wonderful world
this would be
if only we had peace.
Like the trees that stand in the forest
and the fish that swim in the seas.
Like all the birdies that fly

in our sky so high!

If only we had peace!

Just a handful of kindness
sprinkled with thoughtfulness!
That is what it takes!
If only we had peace.

nitey nite

ps  and I wait patiently a my body heals.