Friday, July 19, 2013

Nitey Nite

It's seepy time!
 It's seepy time!
 And everrything's just right!

 It's seepy time
It's seepy time
 it's time to close our peeps!

Our wishing stars are in the sky
twinkling as we seeps!
 the moon is glowing big and bright
sending moon beams all around
like giant hugs
from the skys above
keeping us safe
 as off we go
 to seeps!!

 It's seepy time
 It's seepy time
everything's just right!

 kissys on my nose and toes
and  tucked behind my ears
 blankys snuggled tight!

  It's seepy time. It's seepy time!
 To dreamland we will go!
 Nitey nite my friends

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let's Bumble Along !

Round and round they bumbled!
  Tiny wings lifted the  fuzzy little faces,
with big black eyes,
and stripped yellow bodys
they bumbled from flower to flower !

' Bumble , bumble'
 they hummmed their little song
 'Lets bumble along'!

 Little flowers everywhere began dancing in the meadow
 and singing their very own song!
'kiss me'
'kiss me  litte bumbles'!

And so the  tiny little fuzzy faces
with big black eyes and
stripped yellow bodys
bumbled along
 kissed each and every flower

 they bumbled along
singing their happy bumble song.
'bumble, bumble, bumble! '
 Let's bumble along!
It's a good day to bumble !
nitey nite

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The sky's voice echoed across the billowing clouds!
 The voice rolled soft and it  was a very brave voice!
The voice of Woooooos echoed across all deserts and forest and oceans.
 It was the voice of Thunder!
Ray's of sunshine  hid behind the thundersous clouds.
 And then the Thunder clapped and Wooooed and said
 'don't be afraid, don't fear me.'
 And so at that moment - the sun rays filtered down from the sky,
purpley clouds gathered 
and the sun smiled!
 The voice Wooooed-
'lift your faces to the sky
 and let the raindrops fall on you
 let the rain drops wash away your tears.
I will send Wooooos to comfort your broken hearts,,.
stay strong
 I will live in your hearts forever'

 Together we all sit side by side remembering our friend Thunder
 forever memorys of Thunder The Chronicle of Woos