Friday, April 29, 2011

"Can You Hear Me?"

Dear Mother Earth
Can you hear us?
Can you help us?

We need your help....
Please calm the wild winds that are hurting my friends across the many lands from me.
Please keep them safe
Please heal our earth
Please hear our pleeees
Can you hear me?
Please calm the winds.
Please hear us.

Nitey nite

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Nitey nite

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"We Cannot Forget"

I reached out my paws into the sky as if I was reaching for a falling star.
A yearning was burning inside my heart, but it could not be quieted.
The yearning pulled at my heart strings, and I could not look away.
I could not forget. Those yearnings pulled and pulled.
My mind raced backwards to a year ago today.
I remember the day so clearly, when I stood in the sand.
My paws left tracks, that I wanted to stay forever.
Maybe if they stayed, I would always feel like I was here.
I remember the waves as they tried to catch me.
And then, I remember hearing the sea utter words that echoed across the crashing waves.
Those words that I could never forget, are now words, that will live in my heart forever.
"And who will sing to us when we are sad?" the sea asked me.
And as I walked along the shore, I whispered
"I will sing to you
I will always sing to you
forever and ever
I will always sing to you."

The yearning had become so big in my heart,
that it lured my magic bubble to come and swirl around me.
And then the bubbles lifted me up above the clouds.

Again I reached out my paws into the sky
as if I was reaching for a falling star.

A million raindrops were falling like diamonds.
They danced around my magic bubble
as it lifted me higher and higher into the sky.

All that I could see was a blurr.
All that I could hear was the pitter patter
of rain drops as they splashed and splattered on my bubble.

The sea was so quiet.
I strained my eyes as I watched the clouds dot the darkend sky.

And then splendoriously I saw the moon beams
reach down through the water to the ocean floor.

I saw the glow fish as they glowed in the waters below.
I saw Star, my beloved friend the star fish, pointing towards the direction that Mother Earth is
guiding the sea creatures to follow for safety.

It has been a year today since the black oil poisoned the oceans.
I remember all my feathered friends and sea creatures crying "help us".
Today I remember all my feathered friends in the sky and all the sea creatures who are healing.
Mother Earth is helping to heal their brokeness.

Now it is time for me to sing. I must keep my promise,,, forever and ever.
Will you sing with me?

nitey nite

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Wordless Wednesday"

Nitey nite

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"What Color Is Spring?

I see pink and white and yellow blossoms.
I see rocks and worms, and lizzards too.
My ears are listening, for signs of spring.
I hear green frogs croaking.
Can you hear them croak?
What color is spring?

Sometimes I hop onto logs and sit.
Sometimes I see the many colors in the rainbows.
Today, I feel the golden sun rays shine down on me.
The color is warm, the color is yellow.
Sometimes I close my eyes, and I listen.
I can hear the wind as she whistles through the trees.
The color of the wind is periwinkle !
I hear happy birdies chirping.
The color is red like my heart.
I smell the sweetness of spring .
I hear the trickling stream.
The streams color is silver and aqua.
I wonder where spring sleeps.
I wonder, wonder, wonder.

I see a butterfly sitting in the sun.
I must be so quiet.
Her wings are pink and blue.
I watch her stretch , and then I watch her fly.

I will follow the butterfly,, and find out where she goes.
My journey will show me the many colors of spring.
What color do you think spring is?
Nitey nite