Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Keeping Promises"

It is time to leave my green, green forest .
It is time to keep my promises..
Yes, promises that I made,,,,,
those promises I must keep.

When the sun is in the sky on Saturday morning,
my moms and I, are leaving for the Big Ocean.
I made important promises to all of my sea friends,
that I would go,,,, run fast,,,,, and get help .
Our friends needed our help, to wipe the oil from their eyes.
Our friends needed our help to wipe the oil from their wings.
Our friends needed help to clean the Sea's water-
so they could swim, and find their familys.
Our friends needed help to stop the sadness at the Sea,,,,,,,,,
And then you all came running,,,,, you came to help our sea friends.

and now,,,,, I must go back again.,,,
I must find our sea friends, Puff and Star, and Murphy and the whales and dolphins and glowfish, and sea birds, and all the other little fishies in the sea.
I am bringing my magic bubble,,,,, just maybe , just maybe, it will help.

Maybe it will help ,,,,, our Earth....

Without the Earth, there would be no Sun.
no sun to warm our hearts with smiles.
Without the Earth, there would be no Moon
no moon beams to shine on the ocean waters,,,
and light the way for lost sea friends.
Without the Earth, there would be no Forest,,
no trees and mountains
no homes for our forest friends to live.
Without the Earth, there would be no Sea
no place for our sea friends to swim and live.

Come with me my friends,,,
Nitey nite

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"The Cranky Crows"

The cranky crows were chattering in the sleeping trees.

The crows were sqwaking and mumbling and grunting .
Their loud chatters, sent shivers to my toes.
"Why are you so craky"? I said to the crows?

In an instant the cranky crows leaped from the sleeping trees.
Clumsily, they tumbled down through the branches.
I watched the crows roll to the edge of the flower blossom pool.

This is our "wish pool", the cranky crows said.
"Everyday we come to the "wish pool" and we make wishes. "
"Our wishes never come true. "

I sqwatted and listened to the crows , as they told me their story.
"You see Tweedles , there are some other crows that make fun of us."
"The other crows tease us and make fun of our flying.
They make fun of our voices.
Will you help us make a wish, so that we can soar through the sky, like Eagles?
"Never again will the other crows tease us,,,,,,,
if only we could soar like the Eagles."

I sat for a moment,,,,,
My thoughts seemed to be stuck.
As, I opened my mouth, words fell from my lips like raindrops.

"You must believe that you can fly like Eagles.
And then it will happen, my friends.
You must believe.
But first, Mother Nature must make the seasons change.
The seasons will change, and then you will be ready.
When the leaves come on the sleeping trees, you will be ready to soar like the Eagles.
"There is no need to be cranky-just be patient." I softly said the to crows.

The crows peered at me unblinkingly. Then the crows looked at each other.
As the crows flew off, I heard KAW, KAW , KAW.
Wings above my head fluttered past me, and tickeled my ears.
The fluttering stopped as the crows landed in the sleeping trees.
I listened for a moment before I went on my way.
All I could hear was sweet chattering.
Sweet mumbling and chattering came from the sleeping trees.
Nitey nite my friends

Monday, June 7, 2010

"The Puddy Kats and Me"

A light is always shining from the windows, of the old farm home.
And the stars in the sky,
are pointing in the direction of my home.
One by one the Puddy Kats have come.
One by one, they eat until their tummys are full.
One by one they decided to stay.
One by one they have said these words......
"I am home now"

This is my brother Hank.
Hank the Hankster.
Doesn't his face look like a cougar?
Hank came as a tiny baby, dumped in the woods to fend for himself.
Some bad irresponsible people did that to little Hank.
Hank would hide in the stickerey blackberrys bushes.
He hid in bunny rabbit holes.
He huddled in the pouring rain.
He wanted to trust us, but he just couldn't.
He was afriad.

As time ticked on, and the days turned into weeks,...
one day a miracle happened.
Hank let us touch him.
Hank let us hold him.
Hank let us scratch his ears and tummy.
One day he purrrred.
It took time.
Sometimes we just need a litte time to adjust.
Now Hank calls this "home."

This is Callie.
Callie Coo is what we call her.
Callie was old as the oldest trees in the forest.
Someone dumped her out in the pouring rain.
Another irresponsible person dumped Callie.
For days, Callie was trying to make decisions.
Decisions to trust.
She was very hungry.
Should she take the chance?
How hungry was she? She must decide.

And one day, Callie made the decision.
She wanted scratchys behind the ears and she wanted food.
But, what did she want most?
Did she want to be petted or should she eat first?
My mama's hands persuaded her, that she wanted the scratchys.
Mama's hand are gentle, who could resist?
Callie had to go to the doctor, and then she got nasty medicines.
Medicines to make her well.
Callie was still old, but she is well.
Callie and Hank are best friends.
Callie and Hank sleep together in a little box,
a little box that looks like a hen box,
where chickens sleep.

This is Lulu.
We call her Little Lulu.
One night in the darkest of night someone dropped Lulu out on the road.
The stars led Lulu to my home.
Oh,,, so hungry she was.
We made friends and then Lulu had to go to the doctor to get an operation and shots.
She wasn't too happy . She growwwwled.

Lulu has feline leukemia.
Lulu has been to the doctor many times, but she is fine.
Sometimes she has to go to the hospital, and stay until she gets better.
She always gets better.
Lulu is very loving and she likes to sit next to me on moms lap.
Lulu sleeps in a nice bed on top of the freezer in our laundry room.
She feels like a queen.
In the morning when I go outside for my morning trip to visit mother nature,
Lulu grabs my legs, and trys to chase me.

This is Burt.
Burts Bee's is his name.
Burt came to us a frightened teenager.
His ears were chewed up.
We made friends, and yes, he call this old house "home".
Sometimes Burt thinks he rules the roost and trys to boss the other Kats.
Burt also got an operation and shots.

Burt does not have a tail.
I don't know where the tail is.
I looked and looked.
I cannot find his tail, but it's all good.
Burt does not need a tail.
Burt follows me everywhere and trys to get me into trouble.
But and me,,,, well, we take walks in the forest together.
Sometimes Burt trys to get me to cross the creek.
But, I have not done that yet.
Sometimes he wants me to climb the tree.
I tried, but I am not a good tree climber.
At night Burt crawls up onto the roof top.
He looks in the bedroom windows, and he yeowls.
Then mom hurrys outside to bring him in,,,,, then I can sleep.
Burt calls this "home"
The little house on the hill is where they come one by one.

It makes me very sad that someone is heartless and dumps these kitties.
Sometime the bad people drop dogs too.
It's not right for any animal to be dumped and have their hearts broken.
I helped make these Kats happy.
And tonight when I go to sleep , I will listen to them purrrrrrrrr
They purrrrr the words "I am home now"
Nitey Nite my friends

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"The Sea is Crying"

The words smelled like the mighty oceans mist.
The words tasted salty on my lips.
I cupped my hands to my ears, and I listened.
I listened very carefully,,,
to the familiar voice,
as it drifted ,,
across the mountains
and over the tallest forest trees.
The voice was so familliar and yet so sad.
The words, repeadily echoed over and over.
"Tweedles Help Us, "
"Come to us, we need you."
"Tweedles Help Us".
As fast as a star can fall from the sky,
at that very moment, I knew.
Yes, I understood what I must do.
I knew who was calling and what I must do.
I must go.
I must go NOW.

"PUFF! "
My Magic Sea Horse,
My forever friend who lived at the big ocean,
needed me.
Puff was calling my name, he needed me.
I ran over the mountains
and through the rivers.
I ran as fast, as my paws could run.
The rains were pouring down on me, but it didn't matter.
I must run and help Puff.
As I neared the racing ocean tides, there on the sand before me- lay Puff.
Puff should never be out of the water, but there he lay.
I snuggled next to Puff and lay my head on his chest.
I heard his heart beating.
I whispered in his ears.
Tears began to trickle from my eyes, as I cuddled closer.
A slight whisper came from Puff's lips, as he started to speak.
His voice was very faint.
Puffs lips quivered as he whispered,,,,,,
"The Sea is crying. "
"Something terrible has happened to the Worlds Sea.
Oil is everywhere.
Oil is leaking bad.
All of the sea creatures have no water to drink, and no food.
All of our friends, Star -the star fish, and Murphy your little turtle friend,
and all the Glow Fish, and Dolphins, and Whales and Manatees, and Crabs,,,and birdies,,,
There are too many to name them all, but they need help, Tweedles.
They need help now.
They have oil in their eyes, and oil on their wings.
I was trying to help them, but oil got in my eyes, and I could not see."

As my tears splashed into the eyes of Puff, he blinked.
In an instant, Puff looked at me.
"I can see , I can see"!
"Your tears helped me" Puff said.
Words flowed from Puffs lips, like bubbles in the sky.

The sea birds, have oil on their wings.
We must help them.
What can we do?
Do you think our tears will help them too?

The sea cannot sleep.
It is fighting for its life.
The Sea is crying.
I cannot sleep, I cannot rest.
I cannot sleep knowing my Sea friends are hurting.
Their eyes hurt.
Their wings can't fly .
Their families are lost.
Oh my gosh,,,,,,,
They cannot find their families!!!!

This is your Sea, and mine.
There is a raging storm and I cannot sleep.

As I wiped the oil out of Puffs eyes, his sad eyes looked at me.
and he asked for one more favor.
"Tweedles," Puff said." Will you help me back out into the Sea?
"I must go now, and help our friends, Tweedles.
"I must guide them to safety."
As I gently rolled Puff out into the roaring tides, Puff looked back at me.
"Send for help Tweedles, send for help".
And then,,,,,
Puff disappeared into the sea.
My heart sank.
My smiles frowned.
I turned around and started my long journey home.
I traveled over the mountains and through the rivers.
When I got home I snuggled into bed to rest ,,,,
But, I did not sleep.

I am going to think of ways to help our Sea friends.
Will you help me?
I will ask Mother Earth to help too.
Will you help me?
Nitey Nite my friends