Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Is A Story About Yesterday

Have you ever seen something so amazing and so beautiful that you could not find one word to explain it?
 Have you ever looked in awe
 as if magic was surrounding you with
 magic make a wish blow flowers
 and you just could not stop looking?
Did you want to touch the magic with your paws?
I did.
It was yesterday, and even if it was for
just a moment
  the beauty made me feel like spinning in circles.
  I wanted to taste this magic and let it tickle my ears
 because I wanted to remember it  forever.
Please last forever I whispered.
The forest
 and all the weeds
 and grass
and everything
 looked like they were bathed in snow white cotton candy.
The world was frozen and so cold as it nipped my nose.
 Globs of beauty soaked into my furs.
 Even my whisper of 'oh gosh' seemed to be coated in the whiteness
 as I watched my breath drift above the branches.
So glorious, I thought to myself.
Cotton candy glorious!
Not one tree uttered a sound as I sat on some low laying branches.
But high above a brave little snow bird
sang some chirps of happiness.
Oh so glorious!
A cotton candy world of magic blow flowers!
 And it all remind me that Mother Earth brought me to this place to find peace and gloriousness, and to remind me that she holds my paw - forever and ever.
This is my story about yesterday and it was a beautiful day.
It was glorious.... and there are no words to describe it.
Nitey nite

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

nitey nite

Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's Look For Wonders!

Feeling warm and cozy is a good thing.
 But  sometimes my heart yearns for more.
Will you come with me as I go look for wonders?

  Let's go listen to the waterfall as she sings thunderous songs!
Ohh, I feel her voice.
Can you hear it too?
 Let's feel the sun rays
 as they shine though the naked branches,
and warm our shoulders.
Can you feel Mother Earths love?
 Can you let your eyes look at the gloriousness of this sleeping fern!
Let's listen to the songs flying in the sky
as wings paint the clouds!

Let's leave a track in the snow,
 so Mother Earth will know we visted her special places.
Let's find shelter under the branches-
 just like the bunnys and birdies do.!
Let's walk softly and listen to the quiet.
 Let's look for new wonders every day.
What wonders have you seen?
Can you tell me?
Nitey nite