Saturday, November 28, 2009

Star Light Star Brite

The clouds parted
in the moonless sky
and then I saw ,,,
in the Northern Sky,
Star Light
Star Bright
Your the first star
I see tonight
I wonder how you shine so brite.

I have been consumed by the mysticalness of the
twinkling stars in our ENORMOUS sky.

Have you ever noticed that all the stars and planets and contstellations, all move to different parts of the sky during the night?
Have you ever noticed that all the stars and planets and constellations move with our earths seasons? Spring, summer, Autumn and Winter?
Yes they do.
Have you ever noticed there is one STAR in the big sky, that never moves?
That star is the North Star - it's other name is Polaris, and it is always in the Northern sky.
Always shining brightly.
My mama and I have been watching the sky.
Every nite we see the North Star shining so brightly.
All the other stars move across the sky.
But the North Star stays in one spot- right outside my bedroom window.
I have been reading about the stars in my very own Star Book.
I think that the reason why the North Star, stays in one place in the sky, is to help all the sea creatures in the big ocean know which way is their home.
I think the North Star stays in one place in the sky, so that all the geese that fly at night- know which way is North.
I also think, the North Star stays in one place in the sky, so that every night when I wish upon a star, and I can look out my window, and make my wish.
Nitey nite my friends

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"The Circle of Friends"

Did I hear someone say my name?
Don't you just love SURPRISES?
I do!
Surprises make me feel SPECIAL!

A little package came in the mail for me.
It was a LITTLE package just like ME.
Do you know what it was?
Can you guess?
Do you see anything extra special about my little sweater that I am wearing?

Do you see a little puggy face DESIGNER BUTTON on my back?
That's it!
You guessed it!

My friends, Melissa and Emmitt @ sent this little designer button to me to brighten up my day! Melissa- Emmitts mom made it!
She made these buttons in every pug color and expression IMAGINABLE.
I think this one looks like ME! (and Emmitt and all my friends,too)

The little button,
made my day as bright
as the brightest sun
shining in the sky.

I knew EXACTLY, what I wanted to do with this button.
I will wear it on ALL of my clothes.
All of them!
I will wear it on:
my green sweater
on my white sweater
on my purple sweater
on my pink sweater
I will wear it on everything that is mine!
I might even put it in my hair.
Thank you Melissa and Emmitt!

The next special surprise
was the
Circle of Friends Award

that DW @
ARLO shared with me
If you have never visited them- go visit.
You will be glad you did.

I have searched and searched through my forest, and over bridges and streams looking for someone to share this award with.

If you would like the rules, here they are:

1. Publish a post on your blog - referring who awarded you.

2. Share 5 things you like to do

3. Share or pass this award to 10 friends

Would you like to know 5 things that I like to do?

1. I like to hop into moms truck for snacky crumbs.

2. I like tumble through leaf piles.

3. I like to play "catch me if you can"

4. I love to tease and make you laugh.

5. I love to play with my magic bubbles.

If you would like this award- please come and feel free to take it.
Let's join paws and let the circle continue!
I will pass this award onto these friends of mine, and maybe you can help share it with some of your friends.

Tonight when we dream, lets dream about "Our Circle of Friends", and how special each and everyone is.
Nitey nite my friends

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Biggest Happy Dance in the World

I am doing the BIGGEST
that any pug could ever do!

Don't you just feel like CELEBRATING when someone does something very special for you?
Don't you feel so THANKFUL in the deepest part of your heart, when someone touches you?

Touches you from clear across the BIG world?
Someone you have never met?
That is what happened to me.
I feel so THANKFUL!
Everyday, I love going to my friends bloggys.
I love looking and seeing how happy, and festive everyones BLOG is.
I sit and wish.
I sit and look.
I sit and dream.

I was afraid to EVER change my bloggy.
I was afraid that all my friends in bloggy land would "POOF AWAY- into the air" if I hit the wrong button. I was afraid my friends would be GONE!
I woud PANIC! I hate PANIC!

So my bloggy just stayed the same.
It stayed the same
through the winter,
It stayed the same
through the spring,
It stayed the same
through the summer,
It stayed the same,
through the fall,,,,,

and then one special day I heard a tapping on my window.

Scout , Freyja and Mimi are some of my newest friends.
They had come to visit me- the Tweedles.
I could not believe my ears when Mimi asked me a question.
She offered to help, in making some changes to my bloggy.
Did I hear correctly?
Did she have a crystal ball, and did she know what I had been wishing for?
What could I say, but OF COURSE !
And she did it all! YES, All of it!
Every bit of the magical changes, Mimi did.
By now, the whole WIDE WORLD has seen the new :
and thankful changes to my bloggy.

I have been reading your comments stating how spectacular my blog looked.
I thank Mimi from the bottom of my heart.
She is such a giving person with a HUGE heart.

Please go visit Scout and Freyja's site if you have not already.
Their bloggy will warm your heart as it did mine.
You will read some very touching storys.
Storys about doggy war heros.
Storys about animals that have touched lives during their short visit on this earth.
There is a lot to read- please go check it out.
Be sure to take a box of tissue, as some of the stories will RIP at your heart strings.
I learned one thing about Mimi as I read.
She was asked what she would do in a natural disaster.
She replied that SHE WOULD and SHE DID, signup to help with animals and rescue operations.
How big a heart is that?
I can only say a special thank you to Mimi.
Nitey nite my friends

with love

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"The Unpredictability of Tweedles Adventures"

It was not last night, but PERHAPS it was the night before.
It was time for an ADVENTURE!
A late night adventure to be EXACT.
My mom and I needed to make an EMERGENCY trip to the library, to return my library book.
I forgot my book was due. It was due that night!
So off we go,,,,,, zoom, zoom, zoom.
My mommy and me were driving down the country road to the library 10 miles away.
Trees were bending to the ground from the wildness of the strong winds.
Leaves were tumbling, and rumbling down the road beside us.
We raced with the leaves, as fast as we could go.
My mind was FLIPPING.
It was FLIPPING through all of my thoughts, that were stored deep in my IMAGINATION.
I was not sure if a monster would come out of the darkness and get me!
Not only was my mind FLIPPING, I was jumping to and fro like a billy goat.
I JUST cannot sit still when we go for a ride. I just can't.
HOP here, and HOP there, that is what I do BEST.
I do it very well!
And that was when mommy started to sing.
I wasn't afraid anymore.
She sang songs about lulabyes, and happy days, about chasing leaves and me.
Nope, I was not afraid anymore!
I watched my mom sing, I listened to her words.
Soon, I was singing too.

Then mom disappeared for a minute.
She went inside the library to drop off off my book.

I stayed in the truck. Now was my chance to start searching for goodies.
I could not find any goodies,
I looked under the seats. Not a CRUMB!
But, as I was hopping around , I noticed something strange!
My paws were cold and wet and stinky! It tasted TERRIBLE!
Hummm, what a mystery.
When mom got back into the truck, she noticed my cold wet paws
Cold wet paws were getting on her!
Cold wet paws were on the car seats!
Cold wet paws were on the windows!
Hummm, what a mystery it was, until mom discovered all the wet cold paw marks were black.
The cold wet paw tracks were the color of coffee.
Can you guess what I got my litte paws into?
Yup, YOU guessed right- it was moms cup of COLD coffee.
(she forgot to take it in the house earlier)
I really did not see this as a problem at all.
In fact I thought it was great- now she has my autograph all over the car seats!

Mom was not sure what I was about to do here, in this picture.
She did not give me time to think!
She did not want to give me time to think!
What do you think?
Silly mom!
Mom always tells me she cannot PREDICT the UNPREDICATABILITY of me.
I am not sure what that means. I don't think I need to know. Do you?
And so, as soon as we got home, mom grabbed me.
She grabbed me out of the truck, FAST!
Silly mom!
We walked in the yard for awhile.
Then I went in the house and snuggled into a nice warm blanket, and I snuggled with moms.
That little late nite adventure made me very sleepy!

Nitey nite my friends

Saturday, November 7, 2009

'If I Was A Leaf"

I have been asking myself, "What if I was a leaf?"
What if YOU were a leaf?
What if ALL of US were leaves?

I watch these leaves FALL everyday.
I watch them FROLIC
I watch them PLAY
I watch them TUMBLE
I watch them FLY into the sky.
They look so FREE.
I wonder where they go?

So many leaves.
Red leaves
Green leaves
Golden leaves.
Big leaves
Small leaves
I wonder where they go?
Do you know where they go?

The sandman came to my house last night.
He SPRINKLED star dust, into my sleepy eyes.

Suddenly, I became a TINY golden leaf on a very TALL tree.
The SWIRLING gusting winds, were tossing me TO and FRO!
I told myself ,"I must hold on tite! I must not let go!"
All the other BRAVE leaves were TUMBLING, TUMBLING, TUMBLING.
Down, down, down to the ground the leaves went- then UP , UP, UP into the sky.
The leaves frolicked.
The leaves danced.
The leaves twirled.
The leaves tossed in the wind.
Green leaves.
Red leaves.
Golden leaves.
I wonder where they go?
Should I let go?
Should I let go, and tumble, tumble, tumble?
Is it safe to let go?
How will I know?
I wonder where ALL of the leaves go?
How will I know when it is time for me to FROLIC with the wind?
I asked myself "WHY" "Why must I let go"?
The wind was tugging at me.
What's a Tweedles to do?
What would you do?
I must decide very soon, I told myself.
So with a flying LEAP, I soared HIGH into the sky!
I twirled
I danced
I frolicked
Can you feel it?

And then,,,,,,,,,,,,, mysteriously,,,,, and ALL OF A SUDDEN , I was AWAKE!
This was a dream!
This was only a dream!
I was not a leaf after all!

I was TWEEDLES again!
I can still remember, what it felt like, to be the little GOLDEN leaf.
The little golden leaf blowing in the wind.
I felt FREE as a bubble in the sky!
Did you feel it?

I remember how it felt, when the winds swirled and gusted, and lifted me high.

Someday, I will SEARCH, and I will find,,,,, where all the leaves go.
Yes,,,,, someday I will find where they go.
Nitey Nite, my friends