Friday, December 25, 2009

"Only Tracks In The Snow"

It was Christmas Eve,

long ago deep in the forest near Leaning Hollow.
There, in a tiny bed, 6 spotted little bunnies were nestled together sleeping.
It was almost Christmas.
It would be a special time, as each of the bunnies would awake to find brand new carrots, all hanging on the branches of their tiny Christrmas tree.
Each of the carrots would have the bunnies names carved into it.
However, all the bunnies had been anticipating something very special that always happened on Christmas Eve.
For some reason that special something had not yet happened.
The bunnies waited and waited, hoping to get a glimpse of the magic, that certainly always

The bunnys became so sleepy . They were yawning and becoming restless.
The decision was made, ,,they could not wait any longer .
So off to bed all the little bunnies marched in single file, all making a huge hop, all at once into the fluffy bed.
Right into the bed, they hopped.
The night was very still.

So very still.
All that you could hear, was the sound of the snowflakes, gently drifting down through the sky and landing softly on the ground.
Sometimes you could hear the sound of one of the bunnies snoring.

The bunnies had not been asleep long, when sounds of giggling could be heard.
Could it be? Could it be the little elf that they were waiting for?
Could it be The Tweedles that always brought their Christmas Eve jammies?

All the bunnies jumped down from the bed- one by one, and looked out the window.
All they could see, was tracks in the snow.
Only tracks in the snow.
The bunnies all looked at each other, and then they looked at the tree.

Right there before their eyes and under the tree, was the Christmas Eve magic.
The bunnies were excited as they all snuggled into their new jammies.
Admiring, and twirling and dancing with glee.

Look at me- the bunnys all said to each other!
Once again they looked out the window- one last time, only to see the tracks in the snow.
The bunnies all hopped back into bed and curled up side by side.
Pretty little blankets were snugged up to their cold little noses.
As they started to drift off to sleep, the littlest bunny said "maybe next year we will see Tweedles, maybe next year.'
Nitey nite my friends

My friends.
I have decided that now is the time to share with you how I got my name.
This is the true story.
Long ago my mama was a little girl.
She had 5 sisters- (that made six little girls.)
Their home was in Georgia and their mama brought the story of Tweedles the little Christmas Eve Elf into their lives.
Each and every Christmas Eve the little Elf brought jammies.
To this very day, that little Elf still comes, and leaves jammies just like it did many years ago.
When I hopped into the lives of my moms, they decided to name me after that wonderful, happy, and mischievious little Elf Tweedles.

Nitey nite my friends

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"I Hear Winter"

Something in this BIG world is different.
The air smells different.
The sky looks different.

Who can tell me where the Fall went?
Who can tell me where the little white SPOTS on the fawns hide?
Who can tell me why the trees are NAKED?
Who can tell me why my frog pond is FROZEN?
Who can tell me where the autumn birds are?
Who can tell me where the sun sleeps?
Who can tell me why, I wonder why?

I wonder so much,,,, about things.
But now I have more things to wonder about-
like WINTER, ,,,,,,,,
How did WINTER arrive?
Was I sleeping?
Did it TAP on my window?
Who can tell me what WINTER is?
Where does WINTER hide?
Where does winter keep the SNOWFLAKES?
Why does winter sound quiet?
Why does winter smell so clean and fluffy?

That's what I do.
I am also wondering how I can get behind this BARRICADE
so I can check to see whats under the tree.
I see prezzies with my name on them.
Who can tell me why there must be a BARRICADE around the tree?
I thought the tree was mine!
Why are moms so PARANOID that I might eat a little light bulb?
Whats a Tweedles to do?

I have a BIG job doing all this wondering, wondering, wondering.
But, I decided- "What will be,- will be".
I think that I will take a nappy and dream about the reindeer,
and "you know who" , as they fly through the sky from your house to mine.

I will also DREAM about snowmen.
I wonder if I can bring one into my house?
Nitey nite my friends


Thursday, December 17, 2009

"I Saw Reindeer in the Stars"

I had a fantastic dream that it was SNOWING!
I saw Reindeer DANCING in the sky.
They were LEAPING from one star to another!
Their little feet GLISTENED and GLOWED like diamonds.
I watched in AWE as they DANCED clear across this big world.
Did you see them?
They wore jingle bells around their neck.
Did you hear the bells jingle?
Jingle, jingle, jingle.
And then, I was almost POSITIVE that Reindeer were on my bed!
And then, I woke up, and who do you think was sitting on my bed?
This little baby reindeer was snuggling right next to me.
This little reindeer gets to live at my house FOREVER and EVER.
Was this only a dream?
NO this was real.
I know it.
Sometimes, have you ever wondered if your dreams are real or only a silly dream?
I think the answer is this ,,,,,,
if it was HAPPY- then it was REAL- that is the ANSWER.
All those Reindeer are now jumping from one star to another in your part of OUR big world-

And then, I looked at my fireplace and look what was hanging there.

This little stocking came to me from Paula from the mom to Smokey and Paisley and Bandit ( she made it for me.) Just for me!
Thank you sweet Paula, Smokey, Paisley and Bandit for sharing with me.
You made me feel special!

I am going to share this special stocking with my new friend.
I will stuff it with carrots and sugar cubes, and of course there is PLENTY of room for other stuff!
Tonight, when you close your eyes to sleepy- see if you can hear the jingle bells as the little reindeer leap from one star to another.
Nitey Nite my friends.

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Let The Festivities Begin"

Hi my friends,
Today, my holiday pictures arrived.
I was quite excited,
to see that jolly man,
in the Red Suit again.
You can SEE by my face that I had much on my mind!
My mind was preoccupied.
Things,,,,,, You know--- THINGS.
All these THINGS were on my mind.
Things like hopping down and zooming, FAST!
FAST as I can zoom.
There were toys to see,
There were Jingle Bells to ring,
There were treats to taste,
There were cats to chase,
There were snowmen to dance with
and there were places to go!
Santa appears to be listening intently and was pondering over my wish list.
I know his face, has an expression ---like he is wondering if his lap felt wet,,,,,
But NO!!! It wasn't WET!
I wouldn't do THAT!
Not the Tweedles!!

Our holiday traditions have already begun at our house.
The first of our traditions is to display a beauiful STAR in the sky.
Do you have traditions?
Tell me about them. I would love to know.
Nitey nite my friends

Monday, December 7, 2009

"The Man In The Red Suit"

The world smelled like a GIANT red candy cane to me.
I smelled excitement in the air, from the moment I woke up!
This was MY day.
My moms and I had been planning this day for a whole year.
Do you want to join me?
Come on! Lets go!
Pack your water bowl and sweater and away we go- to see the man in the RED SUIT!
This is my new holiday sweater. Mama made my scarf- just for me.
As soon as we drove into Santa land, I announced I was there!
I announced to the world!
Here I come- READY OR NOT!

All the sparkling lights and smells and toys were everywhere!
What's a Tweedles to do?
I wanted to RUN free.
Run free up and down the aisles.
But,,,, for some reason that did not happen.
Not today at least.

I checked out all the shelves that were stocked with all kinds of toys and treats.
I saw horses, and cows and chickens and birds, and balls!
Hummm, I don't have one of those at home, I said to myself.
Not YET, at least.

And I found baskets FULL of toys.
The basket were going to animal shelters.
I choose two little toys for the basket too, so I carefully stuffed them in.
And then it was, that I started walking down a long trail deep into the forest.
There were kitties
and bunnies
and hampsters
There were big doggies and little doggies
And then there was ME.
Snowy white trees wth red ribbons stood tall on each side of the winding trail.
Snowmen were spinning in circles and dancing in the snow.
It looked like magic land to me.
Up ahead in the clearing I saw him- the man in RED, he was sitting.
He was jolly.
He laughed.
His hair was white as snow.
His smile said hello.
One by one,,,,,
each little animal took turns as they went up to the man in red and whispered in his ear.
I wonder what they said.
Soon it was my turn.
My EYES grew HUGE.
My heart POUNDED.
I looked in his eyes and then I whispered softly into his ear- then he kissed my face.
I can't tell you what I whispered.
It is really a secret.
Secrets are forever!
As I jumped down from his lap, I grabbed a candy cane, and danced with the snowmen.
I ran to mom who was waiting for me.
I was exhaugsted, after all that excitement.
Wouldn't you be?
As mommy drove us home, I dreamt about the snowmen that I saw dancing in the forest.
When we arrived home, I zoomed inside the house to tell my mama all about my day.
I wish you all sweet dreams tonight.

Nitey nite my friends

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Dear Santa Paws"

I have been up all night.
I have been contemplating.
I have been writing , a long, long letter to someone special.

On Saturday I am going to go visit that special friend.
Do you know who that friend could be?
It is Santa Paws, of course!

Dear Santa Paws
big wishes on my wish list.
If you could help me, with these few little things,

I promise to be a good little puggie next year.
I don't want to be selfish, so I decided to only ask
for these few little things.

Wish number 1. Is for the animals of the world.
You see Santa, the problem is this:

There are so many homeless animals.
Where will they go for Christmas?
Who will love them?
What will they eat?
Will they get a nice scratch behind the ear?
Will they get a new toy?
So many of my friends, have been helping in GIGANTIC rescues.
They drive many, many, miles
across this big world to go help and find new homes for homeless.
They drive - even if it is, just for one little doggie.
Is there a special star in the sky that we can wish upon,
to help these little animals find love,
and forever homes,
and food,
and a blankey?

My wish is for all the animals of the world to find forever homes.

Wish number 2. is for the world,,,,,,
I will wish that the world will find PEACE very soon.

Wish number 3. Is for me
I would like one new toy, please.
Thank you Santa, I know you can help.

Nitey Nite my friends,