Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My new Awards

Hi everyone,

I have been reading about the awards that are being sharred with everyone , and I was so shocked when some of these awards came my way. They came sailing my way- just like a boquet of balloons!
all I can say is,,,,,wow!

I truley feel humbled to be thought of for this award by Feather, Darla, Pappy and Lizabella of the TN Bull Terrors -

I could only have dreamt about this moment! And so I say thank you so much! Look at how beautiful they are.

This is what the award says.
As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging. To seek the reason why we all love blogging. Answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging. Tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like .

Let me begin with why I love bloggy

I have made new friends, and it is so much fun.

I love hearing about your pawrents that donate time to good causes.

I have learned a lot about everyones world, and everyone is so excited to share their lives.

I love bloggy because you make me smile and laugh at your pictures and storys, and this is the real world- our world- yours and mine.

My world is so much bigger - because of you.

I think it is so fun to think, that all of us can see the same moon and sun in the sky and were many miles apart. It can be winter here and summer there, but it's all one big world.

I believe we are banded together to make this world a better place, to share love and stomp out hate. I believe we have that in common- so all these reasons are why I love bloggy.

This is the Proximity Award
This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!
I am finding it impossible to choose whom to give this award to. Many of you already have it, and it may take me forever to see who does or does not have it- so i give this award to everyone.
So please come and take it- as you all deserve it.
Again, I thank Feather, Papppy, Darla, and Lizabella @ The TN BULL TERRORS for thinking of me. If you have not met them- go check them out. They are great!

So as always,
Nitey nite

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tweedles Little Garden

Hi everyone, it's time to get in touch with mother earth, and this is my way!
My mama and I spent the day preparing my little garden.
We were very careful to move all the little worms aside, so they did not get hurt with the digging. Dirt was flying everywhere. I was dirty and , mama was clean. (She's just that way.)
Birds were sitting in the trees watching us. But that was not all, that was watching us- so we had to put a big sign up indicating to my kittie brothers and sisters- this garden was mine (in a polite way) and asking them to stay out!

We planted raddishes, and beans, and tomatoes and carrots (for Peter Rabbit - ya know) We're not done- this is just the beginning. When mama plants her garden, I will help her- just like she helped me.

Sometimes its a big decision on what to do during the day- especially when it was feeling so good just laying in the sun taking a little nap.

And then sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and charge ahead and do what needs to get done, and so I did!

And so, I tied my kite to a stick while I was busy planting my garden! I'll catch the wind later.

This is one of my strawberry plants, there is already a blossom on it.

I am not sure what I will plant here. I have to think about it for awile.
You know what happens when I get to thinking? Well, sometimes I remember something that I have been meaning to tell you.
Do you remember when I told you about the forest that came down around my house when the big monster machines came and smashed everything , into the mud? Some trees got smashed that were not supposed to be smashed.
Well, one day , mama and I were out walking- feeling very sad- cause the world looks different now. Mama saw something that looked like maybe something familiar to her. So Mama, since she has a green thumb-- cut a few branches from it. She was very gentle and spoke kind word to the little sticks. and brought them home and stuck them in a shelterd place in the dirt, and now look at them, below.

The little sticks are growing into Pussy Willow trees! We have 4 of them.
Sometimes, you just don't know what your going to find, when you least expect it. Soon these little baby trees will be in their new spot in the earth and will be able to wiggle thier toes and grow up nice and big, and someday- bloom so beautiful.
And so, until later,,,,
Nitey nite

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Make Someones Day

Hi everyone,

Your not going to believe what came to me, at my house! Remember James ParkerJames Parker Art painted my portrait? Well, here is is! It arrived in the cutest box, addressed to me!

Mr James , Tacobelle and Pokey mailed it from Texas, where the Blue Bonnets bloom! Wow, how sweet is that?

Look- it looks exactly like me . Can you imagine how it makes my moms and me feel? Well we feel thankful! We found a little frame for it, and decided it was time for a celebration,,,,, so more flowers came into the house! This is our celebration table where we put special things.

I wanted to get a close up view, as I was afraid an imposter was in my house. And, I was expecting it to wag its tail at me., or woof! And then I reazied it was me. It was not a reflection at all, like the tide pools at the Sea, it was a portrait. It made me think of Manon The Blog of Manon Doyle , who says words so beautifully and said she found herself.

And now, I have found me- right here. ( I am not sure that is what she ment, I am still thinking about it. )

This is the letter Mr James Parker sent to me, so personal. I will treasure it forever.

Do you see how I am looking so inconspicuous (is that spelled right?) It made me think of how sometimes, someone will come out of the blue when you are not expecting them, and they lend a hand or make your day in some small way.

My moms had a couple of times in the last week when " Someone made their Day"

First time was at the burger drive in window, and mommie had forgot to order fries with her sandwich, so when they got up to the pay window, mama explained we were sorry, but we forgot to order fries and could we do it then? The nice girl- said no problem at all, and just gave it to mommie for free! We were not expecting that at all.

The next person to "make our day" was at Home Depot. Mommie was buying big timbers and she had them on a little grocery cart- 6 timbers. All was ok, until going over the bumps in the parking lot, and then you can imagine- the wheels all went kitty wampest and the timbers started hitting the ground. Mommie was stopping traffic as she struggeled to pick the heavy, monsters up off the ground,,,, and to the rescue came a nice man who helped mommie and suggested putting the timbers on a different kind of cart - ment for that purpose. He helped her and then disappeared- just like Superman. He just appeared out of no where, and then was gone.

I try to think of ways I can help "make someones day". I will need to think about it for awhile

And so my friends, my eyes are dropping.

Thank you again Mr James Parker!

Nitey Nite



Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring time and the Breeze

I am in the mood for spring,
for chasing flower blossoms and butterflys,
I am in the mood for warm days and sunshine
and birds singing in the early mornings,
I am in the mood for picnics with my moms and taking some walks.
Sometimes it takes Mother Nature ,a little bit of time to get all the new seasons to everyones house, and now I think its my turn to share in the excitment. My world has now been painted with blossoms and long awaited sunshine., and so I think its here!
Welcome spring!

I have been honored to receive this award from Diane @ Diane's Mixed Art
Imagine my surprise when I looked at this and thought about what it ment. I treasure every award that is given to me.

The award was created by Peter Breese @ http://peterbreese.blogspot.com/ In his very own words: The coveted Breese Award is given to six inspirational individuals; since most blog awards cater to odd numbers, this particular award was designed for the more even keeled folk. These six should be a collection of bloggers that have helped you, either directly or indirectly, to stay creative.

When I think back, to not long ago (when my blogsphere first started), I think WOW. I did not think I would be able to get my world created for you to see ,as I am not a computer whiz- but with the inspiration of Melissa @Life is art ... Art is Life, , I tried and tried and tried and I made it. I had never heard of the word blog before ,,, and come to find out it's been around since 1999. Humm, where have I been? Well, I am only 3 (almost)

I have been thinking, and thinking, for over an hour now, and my eyes are sooo droopy, and I cannot pick just 6 bloggers who have helped and inspired me. I just cannot do it. There are too many, who have inspired me and helped me, so I will have to just say thank you to everyone. And again I thank Diane for sharring this honor with me.
Nitey nite my friends, and tomorrow- go walk in the sunshine,,,,, I will

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Take this ,,,,,, and paint the world with love

I was thinking about how I have changed since I met you. All of you.
A whole new world of people that I had never known before. Bloggie people who light up my life.
All of you have become friends. Some of you cook, and you all write so very well. All of you are such good pawrents to your babies. So many share time to "the special causes"
And then there are the artists.
Artists of all kinds. Sometimes I wish if only I was like you, and could draw and doodle and paint and knit and write Journals. and cook.
But, I am just me- just the Tweedles.
And so, I take my paint brush, and I give it to you, who have become a part of my life, so take it, and paint the world beautifully.
I want to talk about the famous artists I have met during my adventure to blogsphere.

To Manon,The Blog of Manon Doyle the artist, who paints so creativly and writes so beautifully in a Journal , her words make me come back for more. Sometime she says what I feel deep in my toes, but I do not know how to say it.

To Marianne marianne , the artist, who paints the most beautiful Mandolins in the whole world and in so many colors, and she took the time to explain to me- what a Mandolin is. I have also noticed her photography, looks so good through my eyes.

To Melissa,Life is art ... Art is Life the artist, crafter, who teaches her friends to Doodle, and try to be creative with ideas, that I have yet to master. She teaches people how to play, everyone needs to know how to do that. Melissa always tries to help people, she is just that way.

To Nancy Nancy Medina Art, Outside the Lines , the artist . who paints the most beautuful flowers and art pictures, that you can almost smell the flowers. And the scenes makes you feel that you are right there. Her gallery is fun to travel to.

To James Parker,James Parker Art the story teller, and artist , who paints the world so magically. There is not a thing on earth that he cannot paint. When his eyes see, and his ears hear- he paints, and there is always a story that makes me want to sit down and listen and not be disturbed.

To DianeDiane's Mixed Art , the artist who does some very interesting transfer art work. I did not know what transfer is, so I decided to check it out. So, of you go down below, you will see my attempts at being artistic.

I know we all can't be artists, so I am trying to be happy in my own skin.

This is the beginning of my transfer art work. I had to make a big choices on colors to use.

That is a big decision for an artist ya know

Ok , here is project number 1. This cat got some new skin. I transferred some basket raffery onto it. Diane did this to a giraffe. I did not have a giraffe. Diane also does work with bees wax, but I cannot reach the honey in the trees.

This is my treasure chest. I did transfer of tissue ribbon onto it. What do you think? See how it hold all my treasures?

This is the top of the treasure box. Do you see the bunnys that I transferred onto it?
So this was my adventure in being artistic. From what I understand , it's just important to have fun. To just do it, and not worry- how it looks, and to be comforatable in my own skin.
To all my friends, sweet dreams
nitety nite

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Believe in the Easter Bunny


These are some of the eggs that my moms and I colored. We had fun. We get colored dye stuff all over us, and pretend we are artists! They will hide the eggs and then I go search for them.

I wonder if some of those Easter Eggs are hidden in my toys? They could be anywhere.
I know I will find them all, one by one, cause I have a very good sniffer, even if it does not stick out very far. What do you think of all these toys? And this is not all of them!

Look inside this beautiful flower! Does that look like a Star Fish? I thought it did.
It's a spring flower.

We all have our different ways of celebrating holidays.
This is my way,,, just spending the day with my moms.
Whether you believe in the Easter Bunny or not,,,, have a nice Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reflections That Live In The Heart

This is what I call the end to a perfect day! My friend "Ransom" from Ransom said to me before I went to the ocean that I needed to be sure to get some icecream. I said of course, or else I would scream! Well no screaming was necessary. Look what I got! YUM. I learned real quick what to do, and had to lick fast before moms ate it!

Look how calm the water is. It's not roaring,,, its not wild. But yet I can still smell the ocean , and taste the salt on my lips. The ocean has many faces. This looks like a place that would be called a reflection pool. If I look in it, I see myself and where I have been.

We visted this sacred place and I think it is a Prehistoric tree preseravatory, created by Mother Nature.
(I made up that word- i think). All these tree roots, and trees that lie here, have been smoothed by the sea and wind, lay quiet. They drew us to them to touch them, to climb on them, and we did. Where could they have come from? At one time, they were just a tiny seed,,,,,, once opon a time, and they grew up and were big beautiful trees. Oh they are sooo old, you can just tell.
I wonder what story they had to tell of their journey. I just wonder. Who can tell me? Well, I know one person who would know,,,, and you probably know who I am thinking of.

Look at this one- don't you want to touch it and run your paws over its weathered wood?

This is mommie, and me. I sit on mommies lap when I type my bloggie to blogsphere.

This is my mama , and me. She took these beautiful pictures of the prehistoric trees. She is the one with the magic paint brush, and the gentle heart.

This is another of the beautiful art works that Mother Nature made. Isn't it beautiful?

It's been an adjustment getting back to the Real World after having such a wonderful time on our little trip to the Sea. But heres some things that helped me along.

Imagine my surprise when I had an email from James Parker James Parker that he had painted a portrait of me, Otis and Linus. And they are so beautiful. I was so honored, and the portraits look just like us. It touched our hearts very much. Mr Parker I call him Stinky Feet, is a wonderful "real artist" , and not only an artist, but he lives near a volcanoe and writes beautiful poetry and storys, and has two friends Pokey and Taco Bell. You should go check him out. And again we say thank you to Stinky Feet.
And, ,,,,This is what Checkers Checkers The Peek A Poo gave to me. He and his mommie like my blog, I like yours too! (and everyones)

And then Checkers, also sent me these beautiful roses! Thank you Checkers and your mommie! So thoughtful of you!
Thats just a little more tid bits about our journey that I wanted to share with all of you my friends.
Nitey nite,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Can You Imagine- PUFF"

My DREAM was about to come true.
I have waited for almost a year for this,,,
Can you imagine!

I could hardly wait to JUMP out of the truck- dragging my moms along behind me- cause they won't let me off my leash, ya know.
I ran as FAST as I could.
My ears FLEW in the wind.
I headed straight down to the TIDE pools, where I last saw my friend- Star.
As I ran, I saw another one of my friends, Johnathan the Seagull.
I yelled out to him,,,,
" Johnathan- it's me Tweedles, have you seen Star? Have you seen Puff?"

Johnathan POINTED his beak down the beach.
He said that he had seen STAR earlier in the morning,,, so I kept running.

It wasn't very long until we were near the tide pools.
The very TIDE pools of where STAR had been laying in the sand- SLEEPING, a year ago.
Surely she would be here.
I just knew it.
But, I was DISAPPOINTED , as there was no STAR.
There were some little Sea Fishes and Sea Anemomies.
But, no STAR!
I stuck my paw into the water for a second to get their attention. "BURRR",,I said quietly.
"Excuse me", I said, ,,,,I really did not want to bother them, but I was on a mission.
"Have you seen STAR?"
The sea fishes whispered ,,, "she's over there", and they pointed.
I RAN in the direction they pointed, and this is what I saw.

"Oh STAR, I have missed you so much."
"It's been such a LONG LONG time."
"Do you REMEMBER me,,, the Tweedles?"
"I never forgot you Star, Please talk to me, for just a bit okay?
As star looked up at me with her big EYES, I could see she had so much on her mind.
Her mind seemed BUSY.
Star told me about all that has been happening in our big OCEAN.
"You see Tweedles, we Star Fish are like a MAP to the whales and fishes in the ocean.
We direct all the sea creatures in the direction they need to go at times of the year
Right now- the whales are heading,, North with their babys, so I help guide them."
Star told me she was not the only Star Fish in the ocean- there are many, many, millions.
Gee I can't count that much!
They have big jobs, I thought to myself.
As I listened , I could not wait to ask my question about,,,, PUFF!
I felt like I was about to BURST with anticipation.
Star began to tell me that Puff did not exactly just LIVE in just my ocean!
"Puff lived in the whole worlds oceans and seas." Star said.
I was DISAPPOINTED, and my face dropped into a SAD look.
I knew it would be a SKINNY chance of ever finding Puff - if that was the case.
But, Star said, that if I believed and did not give up, I would find him.
She said when I least expected it, I would find him.
Hummm, could that be true?
"Where am I going to look"?- I asked Star.
I wanted answers to all of my questions.

I did not feel like waiting , I wanted Puff now.
You know what that is like when you WANT something now?
I chatted for a while with Star, as she told me how she loved helping send the fishes in the right direction in that big ocean.
I liked talking to her, and she told me about all the other sea life in that big ocean.
But now my hope faded.

My moms and I decided to WALK on down the sandy shores, and in the distance- this is what I saw.
Doesn't it look like a Sea Horse to you"? But it was only a piece of driftwood.
Not Puff!

I sat on this log for a long time- LOOKIING up and down the sandy beach.
I was so sleepy.
I could hardly keep my little PEEPER eyes open.
But,,, I was not giving up!
Nope, not me!

I SEARCHED the ocean waters with my eyes.
It was cold and windy and some rain too.
Through the DARKNESS and SHADOWS, I searched.
What a long long way, it is across the big ocean.
So very far.

In my hotel room, I sat up all night watching the MOON BEAMS.
They danced and shined on the glowing ocean-
I hoped for a GLIMPSE of Puff.
Waiting is so hard!

The next day, I looked up in the SKY, and there was my friend Johnathan the Sea Gull.
He said " Tweedles, I will take a peek from HIGH in the sky , and I will tell you, if I see Puff ."
Have HOPE Tweedles

I looked, but I did not see anything, only SAND and ROCKS.

And then I saw something in the SKY.
Something that I have never seen before.
Johnathan was FLYING through the sky with these colorful flags SAILING behind him.

I decided I should look in this little tide POOL.
But nope- he was not here either., only my REFLECTION.

All of a sudden I heard a SOUND coming from the ocean waves!!
I was getting excited and started to DANCE.
I thought that I heard something say my NAME!!
I recognized Puff's voice.

I danced some more, and then I saw Puff- SPINNING on top of the waves.
First he SPUN this direction and then he SPUN another direction.
I wanted to go RUN out into the ocean to see him!!
Can you IMAGINE how excited I was?
PUFF was the color of the RAINBOW!
I love rainbows!

"Tweedles,,,,, "Puff said,, "you can't come out here in this ocean.
" But, what I want you to do is perch your little self down on that little rocky cliff and listen to me."
Can you IMAGINE how excited I was?
It was hard to make myself sit in one spot, but I did what Puff suggested.
I said to Puff, "Come on out of the water Puff, lets YOU and ME go run down the sandy beach".
But Puff told me he could never leave the water.
I was so sad, big pug TEARS got in my eyes.
Then Puff BLEW from his nose and my tears dried.
And this is what he told me to do. "On the count of 3 my friend , I want you to look into my eyes".

Of course I did,,,, and you would not believe the MAGIC I saw.
In an INSTANT I was in Puffs WORLD.
I was deep in the ocean with Sea Horses of all colors, and Dolphins.
Fish flowers were BLOOMING.
There were HUGE whales and so many fish I could not count them.
The moon was shining down through all the water and looked so magical.
The moon glistened like DIAMONDS floating in the sea.
I was in Puffs WORLD and we went to the BOTTOM of the big ocean.
The water was warm. And then in an instant, the water was cold.
I could see HUGE iceburgs floating on top of the water.
But I was not cold! I was riding on the back of Puff!
To the bottom of the sea we went.
Puff showed me BALLS, balls of all COLORS, big balls, small balls.
Fish flowers lived in the balls and they GLOWED.
"This is what I do "Puff said. "I gather these balls that come off the fishing ships and I take them to the bottom of the sea- where they become little homes for sea creatures.
The balls GLOW in the night, and they light the paths for all the fishes in the sea."
"It is a big job, and the whole world ocean is my home."
"I like to make the ocean WATERS safe for all sea creatures".
"Their are many Sea Horses, I am not the only one. We come in many colors , just like you do."

It was a dream come true - spending this time with Puff, and I did not want it to end.
We DANCED on the ocean waves.
And then Puff told me that he must go.
"But don't WORRY my friend, because I have something special planned for you."
"When you go back with your moms- I want you to go look in the sand for something special.
And when you see it. You will know- it was planned by me.
Anytime that you want to talk to me all you have to do is look at that "something . "
I want you to go find it now.
So go run along with your moms and don't be SAD.
"I will never forget you Tweedles, and we will do this again......If you believe. "
Those were the last words that Puff said to me,,,,,,
As I ran to my moms, I repeated the words,,,,,

Can you IMAGINE what we found on the sandy beach?
Only if you believe !
I believe in MAGIC , I BELIEVE in fairy tales!

This is me- getting comfy with my new friend.
Its not Puff, but he's mighty comfy to lay on.
He doesn't have a name yet.

And this is the ending of a perfect story.
I am sacked out!
Moms and I had such a good time and we will share more later.
And yes, I got ice cream!

Nitey nite