Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Take this ,,,,,, and paint the world with love

I was thinking about how I have changed since I met you. All of you.
A whole new world of people that I had never known before. Bloggie people who light up my life.
All of you have become friends. Some of you cook, and you all write so very well. All of you are such good pawrents to your babies. So many share time to "the special causes"
And then there are the artists.
Artists of all kinds. Sometimes I wish if only I was like you, and could draw and doodle and paint and knit and write Journals. and cook.
But, I am just me- just the Tweedles.
And so, I take my paint brush, and I give it to you, who have become a part of my life, so take it, and paint the world beautifully.
I want to talk about the famous artists I have met during my adventure to blogsphere.

To Manon,The Blog of Manon Doyle the artist, who paints so creativly and writes so beautifully in a Journal , her words make me come back for more. Sometime she says what I feel deep in my toes, but I do not know how to say it.

To Marianne marianne , the artist, who paints the most beautiful Mandolins in the whole world and in so many colors, and she took the time to explain to me- what a Mandolin is. I have also noticed her photography, looks so good through my eyes.

To Melissa,Life is art ... Art is Life the artist, crafter, who teaches her friends to Doodle, and try to be creative with ideas, that I have yet to master. She teaches people how to play, everyone needs to know how to do that. Melissa always tries to help people, she is just that way.

To Nancy Nancy Medina Art, Outside the Lines , the artist . who paints the most beautuful flowers and art pictures, that you can almost smell the flowers. And the scenes makes you feel that you are right there. Her gallery is fun to travel to.

To James Parker,James Parker Art the story teller, and artist , who paints the world so magically. There is not a thing on earth that he cannot paint. When his eyes see, and his ears hear- he paints, and there is always a story that makes me want to sit down and listen and not be disturbed.

To DianeDiane's Mixed Art , the artist who does some very interesting transfer art work. I did not know what transfer is, so I decided to check it out. So, of you go down below, you will see my attempts at being artistic.

I know we all can't be artists, so I am trying to be happy in my own skin.

This is the beginning of my transfer art work. I had to make a big choices on colors to use.

That is a big decision for an artist ya know

Ok , here is project number 1. This cat got some new skin. I transferred some basket raffery onto it. Diane did this to a giraffe. I did not have a giraffe. Diane also does work with bees wax, but I cannot reach the honey in the trees.

This is my treasure chest. I did transfer of tissue ribbon onto it. What do you think? See how it hold all my treasures?

This is the top of the treasure box. Do you see the bunnys that I transferred onto it?
So this was my adventure in being artistic. From what I understand , it's just important to have fun. To just do it, and not worry- how it looks, and to be comforatable in my own skin.
To all my friends, sweet dreams
nitety nite


Anonymous said...

You are very creative in your own way! Just don´t give up!!

The WriggleButts said...

You're so very right - the blogosphere is fantastic! And we can't all be artists, but we can all have fun!

Suzuki said...

I think you are a pawsome artist Tweedles!
Big licks to you

Anonymous said...

Tweedles, you are the sweetest little pugly we know....that's a special talent all to itself! We love your treasure chest and all your cool treasures too, great job!


Manon said...

Thank you so much Tweedles! I feel so honored that you feel this way about my posts!
You are exceptionally creative! You tell us the best stories with such passion!! That is a talent!!
BTW...... the picture of you with the paintbrush is priceless!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...


Woo have pawesome talents!

I'm envious of your skills!

All I khan do is khross my paws and hope to look khute!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful post, Tweedles. Many of those artists are our friends as well, and now that they are in our life, we can't imagine it without them! They bring so much joy and beauty to our world every day, and we can't thank them enough for that.
You and your moms are artists too, though. Your momma can paint and you bring beauty in to the world with your sweet face and your very expressive eyes. And the pictures and stories on your blog always make us smile.

Archie and Melissa said...

Hi Tweedles!
oh you are the sweetest puggy ever!

i love all of your transfers and art. You are the most wonderful story teller. I love seeing the world through your eyes.

and nobody looks as cute as you in all of your wonderful sweaters your mom makes for you!

i wish i could do that!
m & e

Kelly said...

Oh Tweedles! I think you don't realize just how special you are!

The stories you tell on your bloggie light up my day! You have talented and wonderful mommas. And that face of yours... well it's just art in itself!

My momma is not much of an artist or a cook, but she sure does love me! Isn't that all any of us need? :)

Unknown said...

Thank you TweedleyPug, for sharing YOUR art with us, too. You are so talented and don't forget, your mommy is a very gifted writer, too.
We are so glad to have a little Tweedlefriend in our hearts now. What on earth did we do before we met you?
love and puggyhugs from Texas...

Puglette said...

thank you for sharing tweedles! it is wonderful to have made so many bloggy friends. somedays i can't believe that there are so many nice people out there that share themselves with us.

have a very puggerful day!

Diane said...

Hi Tweedles,
Thanks so much for mentioning me in that wonderful list of bloggers! I am honored, indeed!I love your kitty & treasure chest. It's really funny because I just decoupaged a kitty that looks very much like your kitty. Great minds think alike! I will post a pic of that soon. I have an award for you (like you never get any awards) on my blog, sweet girl. You inspire me to simply be a better person. I LOVE your blog & as I've said before you probably have no idea how much joy you bring to your readers! Kisses & Hugs xoxoxo Diane

GAIL said...

I love that picture of you with the paint brush! It looks like you are becoming quite the artist.

Molly the Airedale said...

You are such a talented Puggie, Tweedles! You're going to be famous one day! We can feel it!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

hi Tweedles! you are such a sweet writer and artist! you have a great heart, too. Mom is thankful for having the chance to meet such wonderful people and doggies through their blogs, we learn so much from them - and from you and your mommas of course!

the TN Bull Terrors said...

Who says you're not creative, you tell such wonderful stories, we felt just like we were right there with you when you were talking to Star & Owlbert.

Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella

Allison Walton said...

What a sweet enntree, Tweedles!! Woo iz such a sweet doggeh. We wuv woo in yur smock and paintbrush!

Gus and Waldo

Checkers & Chess said...

Tweedles! You are VERY talented and artistic I think. Not to mention how totally adorable you are! You're in Oregon right? Mommy loves Eugene - she would like to live there - she said daddy probably wouldn't like all the hippies [she calls him "Mr. White Bread/Boxer Shorts"]- but I think he would cause he's real easy going with a live & let live attitude! My daddy and mommy are probably going to the Seattle area in late May - I don't know if I get to go but mommy said the Pacific NW is gorgeous - I hope I get to go...as long as they don't fly Southwest I will probably get to go - SW doesn't like doggies! Mommy would sneak me on but if they catch her they'll arrest her and she's already been on that "security risk list" once - she doesn't want to go there again!