Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reflections That Live In The Heart

This is what I call the end to a perfect day! My friend "Ransom" from Ransom said to me before I went to the ocean that I needed to be sure to get some icecream. I said of course, or else I would scream! Well no screaming was necessary. Look what I got! YUM. I learned real quick what to do, and had to lick fast before moms ate it!

Look how calm the water is. It's not roaring,,, its not wild. But yet I can still smell the ocean , and taste the salt on my lips. The ocean has many faces. This looks like a place that would be called a reflection pool. If I look in it, I see myself and where I have been.

We visted this sacred place and I think it is a Prehistoric tree preseravatory, created by Mother Nature.
(I made up that word- i think). All these tree roots, and trees that lie here, have been smoothed by the sea and wind, lay quiet. They drew us to them to touch them, to climb on them, and we did. Where could they have come from? At one time, they were just a tiny seed,,,,,, once opon a time, and they grew up and were big beautiful trees. Oh they are sooo old, you can just tell.
I wonder what story they had to tell of their journey. I just wonder. Who can tell me? Well, I know one person who would know,,,, and you probably know who I am thinking of.

Look at this one- don't you want to touch it and run your paws over its weathered wood?

This is mommie, and me. I sit on mommies lap when I type my bloggie to blogsphere.

This is my mama , and me. She took these beautiful pictures of the prehistoric trees. She is the one with the magic paint brush, and the gentle heart.

This is another of the beautiful art works that Mother Nature made. Isn't it beautiful?

It's been an adjustment getting back to the Real World after having such a wonderful time on our little trip to the Sea. But heres some things that helped me along.

Imagine my surprise when I had an email from James Parker James Parker that he had painted a portrait of me, Otis and Linus. And they are so beautiful. I was so honored, and the portraits look just like us. It touched our hearts very much. Mr Parker I call him Stinky Feet, is a wonderful "real artist" , and not only an artist, but he lives near a volcanoe and writes beautiful poetry and storys, and has two friends Pokey and Taco Bell. You should go check him out. And again we say thank you to Stinky Feet.
And, ,,,,This is what Checkers Checkers The Peek A Poo gave to me. He and his mommie like my blog, I like yours too! (and everyones)

And then Checkers, also sent me these beautiful roses! Thank you Checkers and your mommie! So thoughtful of you!
Thats just a little more tid bits about our journey that I wanted to share with all of you my friends.
Nitey nite,


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Woooooo so have a way with your paws!

Tank woo fur sharing such khool stuff from your trip!
I'm trying to figure out who woo take after more: your mommie or your mama!

As fur the ice khream - was it good?
I got to have some frozen khustard on Wednesday night when Mom and I stopped somewhere - I got my own little dish!


Anonymous said...

That ice cream looks very good, we usually get ours out of a bowl, we'd like to try a cone too. Those trees are very cool, our DawgMom loves stuff like that, she would be in heaven surrounded by water and trees like that!

Feather, Darla & Pappy, the TN Bull Terrors

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a HUGE ice cream Tweedles! I hope you didn't get brain freeze from licking it too fast. I'm so glad you had a nice trip to the ocean and that tree looks like a great place to climb.


Molly the Airedale said...

Ransom gave you such good advice! You look fabulous licking that ice cream cone, Tweedles!
We checked out James Parker's web page and saw your portrait that he did and it's just wonderful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Manon said...

Those are the best pictures Tweedles! So much art in nature!! I loved your portrait by Mr. James!!
Have a Happy Easter..... I hope your momma gives you a little treat!


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Aw, how sad your big brown eyes look in the end, Tweedles. But, memories stay with us forever, so just close your eyes and you can "still smell the ocean , and taste the salt on your lips," and, taste that deeeelicious ice cream, again! And, "stinky feet" painted you such a pretty picture, Tweedles:)

Diane said...

That ice cream looks very yummy, Tweedles. I know you can eat fast, too! Loved all your pictures with all the amazing things you saw on your trip. There were lots of people that missed you! I went over & checked out your picture that Stinky feet did & it is fabulous! I left him a comment to tell him. You must be so honored to have so many that love you. Congratulations on all your awards & followers now, too! Kisses & hugs to you sweeet girl! xoxo Diane

GAIL said...

Yum, that ice cream looks good! You are one lucky girl to have such wonderful journies. I love the picture Mr. parker painted of you. You are a beautiful subject.

the TN Bull Terrors said...

Hey Tweedles, we got a new bloggie, just wanted to let you know.

Feather, Darla & Pappy, the TN Bull Terrors

Puglette said... cream...

Checkers & Chess said...

Tweedle - looks like you had a terrific time at the ocean - but it looks like it was very cold.....where's your sweater??? Your moms are all bundled up but not you! I like my Ice Cream in the cone too - mommy shares with me and people think she's crazy!!!! But I know she just loves me!
Happy Easter

Poppy Q said...

What a great wild looking beach, looks like you tow had a great adventure. Enjoy your Easter weekend.

Suzuki said...

Happy Easer!

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Big licks to you