Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Biggest Wish In The World

I  had a wish to one day meet my best friend Tiffy from California.
  My dream came true.
  Across the many miles and many mountains- Tiffy and her momma came to see me at my old farm house.
Tiffy was trying to sleep.
  I asked Tiffy if  I could snuggle with her! I have never snuggled with a puggy before.
 It felt so good.
 Now I know what its like to be snuggling with a friend.
Love feels so good.
Tiffy is dancing because it was her birthday!
I sang Happy Birthday as Tiffy danced!
Tiffy has buttyfly wings just like me!  We had so much fun.
Look at Tiffys cute face!  Tiffy looks so pretty in pink!
Tiffy and I are ready to play the butterfly game.
 We are ready to flit and fly!
We will giggle and twirl!
Can you see our wings?
Tiffy had a peanut butter  birthday cake !
Tiffy was seven years old 7.
Birthday wishes were everywhere!
Tiffy (in the pink sweater) and I,  listened as the forest sang Happy Birthday!
The birdies sang too!
Can you hear?
My biggest wish in the world was to meet Tiffy- my BFF!
Love feels soo good.
nitey nite

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Good morning  Miss Blue Butterfly!
 Can I come out and play with you?
The sun is shining
 and the flower  blossoms smell sweet.
Lets go flit and fly our wings! 
Lets twirl and dance and sing!
 Lets all play together!
nitey nite