Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Miss You Burt wherever you are.

I wish I could touch the stars right now,,
 because that is where Burt is .
Burt was our tail-less kitty.

  I know that  he is  on those stars
 he always climbed to the roof top of our old farm home,,,,
 And he always yeowled in my bedroom window,
saying "look at the stars Tweedles.
 look at the stars.,!"
We did lots of fun things together,, like look for tadpoles in the spring time.
And we walked together,, side by side,
 and he liked to hop in the snow, and he was not afraid of the rain drops!
 Burt was a free sprit.
 Burt your gone forever..... and  I miss you.

On the stars Burt,, that is where you are.
nitey nite
your tweedles

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Found Them

Somewhere in this grass are the little white spots that have fallen from the baby fawns.
 I have searched all day and I just could not find them.

                      But then I looked up. at the blue sky and it was over grown with white spots!
                          Yes,, I see the baby fawns white spots!
                         Sometimes we just need to look up and before our eyes,,
                           we can see what we were searching for
                                 nitey nite
                                  love tweedles

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Quiet Pond

Its summer time and the grass is  soft and cushy to my toes.
It's so beautiful!
 This is when I like to walk slowly and smell each little green sprout as it come up from the dirt.
I look for the tiny little white daisys, and they smell so sweet,
and they look like happy flowers to me.

Each little blade of grass and flower is beautiful!
 I  follow the path that leads to the pond
because this  is where magic happens
right before my eyes.
Sometimes the magic is sudden..
but sometimes I sit and wait
and then when I least expect it,
magic happens.,
And when the bright glowing sun is shining just right,
  on the pond waters,
 that's when I look and I see them!
 The dragon flys are  doing their skim dance
 on the water top!
They are sooo beautiful!

And to sit with a frog friend is fun too,
Its always fun to watch the pond waters,,,
and butterflys,,
and reflect on this beautiful day.
This is what its like to wait for the magic!

 And its always nice to go back home again,
and watch the stars in the sky!
They are beautiful too!
 nitey nite

Thursday, August 11, 2016

4 Feet Going In All Directions!

I can't decide which way to go.!!
My tummy says its time to eat super!

But, I see something very tempting!
Blue and round and YUMMY!

Part of me wants to go this way, and part of me wants to go that way,,,
 and I just can't decide!.
Maybe you can help me to get all 4 feet going in the same direction!

 Maybe tomorrow I will decide faster!
Today I decide blueberrys and super!
 Nitey nite...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I Will Find You

And if the sky is painted  with billowy clouds
 of cotton candy  pink and purplie gum drops,,,
that streeeetch as far as I can see.
Even then
I will see the blush on your face!
 if there are no clouds at all..
 I will find you!

 If the sky is painted with twnklie  stars and moons
and your shy smile is peeking at me,,,,
 I will find you!
I will search until the love in our hearts is shared again,!
You made me feel so special... so very special.
I was yours,, you were mine..!
You helped me through some very scary times,,
you were always near to me in spirit.

 But,,,Your free now Toby Moses,,,
 that very minute when your family held you in their arms.
 and  the Angels reached down from the stars and took you away,,,
You were  free....
and your heart  began to soar
and your wings began to spread,,,
 and into Gracie Lynn's arms you ran.!
My Toby Moses,,, I will find you,, where ever you are!
And I will always be your
  Woodland Garden Fairy Princess
I  will always remember you....
I will find you.
Can we all join paws and sit side by side,,,
 encirling Toby Moses family.....
Their hearts are very sad right now.