Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Miss You Burt wherever you are.

I wish I could touch the stars right now,,
 because that is where Burt is .
Burt was our tail-less kitty.

  I know that  he is  on those stars
 he always climbed to the roof top of our old farm home,,,,
 And he always yeowled in my bedroom window,
saying "look at the stars Tweedles.
 look at the stars.,!"
We did lots of fun things together,, like look for tadpoles in the spring time.
And we walked together,, side by side,
 and he liked to hop in the snow, and he was not afraid of the rain drops!
 Burt was a free sprit.
 Burt your gone forever..... and  I miss you.

On the stars Burt,, that is where you are.
nitey nite
your tweedles

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Found Them

Somewhere in this grass are the little white spots that have fallen from the baby fawns.
 I have searched all day and I just could not find them.

                      But then I looked up. at the blue sky and it was over grown with white spots!
                          Yes,, I see the baby fawns white spots!
                         Sometimes we just need to look up and before our eyes,,
                           we can see what we were searching for
                                 nitey nite
                                  love tweedles

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Quiet Pond

Its summer time and the grass is  soft and cushy to my toes.
It's so beautiful!
 This is when I like to walk slowly and smell each little green sprout as it come up from the dirt.
I look for the tiny little white daisys, and they smell so sweet,
and they look like happy flowers to me.

Each little blade of grass and flower is beautiful!
 I  follow the path that leads to the pond
because this  is where magic happens
right before my eyes.
Sometimes the magic is sudden..
but sometimes I sit and wait
and then when I least expect it,
magic happens.,
And when the bright glowing sun is shining just right,
  on the pond waters,
 that's when I look and I see them!
 The dragon flys are  doing their skim dance
 on the water top!
They are sooo beautiful!

And to sit with a frog friend is fun too,
Its always fun to watch the pond waters,,,
and butterflys,,
and reflect on this beautiful day.
This is what its like to wait for the magic!

 And its always nice to go back home again,
and watch the stars in the sky!
They are beautiful too!
 nitey nite

Thursday, August 11, 2016

4 Feet Going In All Directions!

I can't decide which way to go.!!
My tummy says its time to eat super!

But, I see something very tempting!
Blue and round and YUMMY!

Part of me wants to go this way, and part of me wants to go that way,,,
 and I just can't decide!.
Maybe you can help me to get all 4 feet going in the same direction!

 Maybe tomorrow I will decide faster!
Today I decide blueberrys and super!
 Nitey nite...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I Will Find You

And if the sky is painted  with billowy clouds
 of cotton candy  pink and purplie gum drops,,,
that streeeetch as far as I can see.
Even then
I will see the blush on your face!
 if there are no clouds at all..
 I will find you!

 If the sky is painted with twnklie  stars and moons
and your shy smile is peeking at me,,,,
 I will find you!
I will search until the love in our hearts is shared again,!
You made me feel so special... so very special.
I was yours,, you were mine..!
You helped me through some very scary times,,
you were always near to me in spirit.

 But,,,Your free now Toby Moses,,,
 that very minute when your family held you in their arms.
 and  the Angels reached down from the stars and took you away,,,
You were  free....
and your heart  began to soar
and your wings began to spread,,,
 and into Gracie Lynn's arms you ran.!
My Toby Moses,,, I will find you,, where ever you are!
And I will always be your
  Woodland Garden Fairy Princess
I  will always remember you....
I will find you.
Can we all join paws and sit side by side,,,
 encirling Toby Moses family.....
Their hearts are very sad right now.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dress Up For Whitley

This is Whitley.  Right now she is in every rainbow we see.  Rainbows of many colors, because that was what Whitley loved... She loved to dress up.. in all the beautiful fashions her momma made for her.
Whitley is at the Rainbow Bridge. and dances on all the rainbows.. She is free as a bird, and has lots to eat,, and lots of friends.  Whitley loved purples,,,,,,
and so,,,,
down in the pictures below,, you see me wear my purple colors,, because I am joining Blogville,,
in this wonderful day,, Dress Up For Whitley.
She is loved a lot , by all of us,
nitey nite

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fire Flys Kissed My Nose

Maybe they would come,,
I thought " maybe,,"
and then I saw
them flickering
and streaming
down from the moon
and down they came and kissed my nose!

My dream came true
and now they will fly away,,
and go kiss the stars.
Its not goodbye, my Fire fly friends,,,
See you later!

Nitey nite

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When I Am Ten!

It's my day today.
I am  10 years old.
  So I put on my butterfly wings!
Everything I  do today  is my very favorite favorite!
  I played with my stuffy bear!

Toby Moses, my Prince  sent me a boquet of yummy cookies!
Then I took a walk and stood on soft moss!
Then mommy took me for a buggy ride to see the giant green ferns,,
And then I ate cookies, and played with balloons.!
 A perfect day!
And now I am 10   !
nitey nite

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Colorful Forest

A little sunshine
and a few  sprinkly  raindrops
is what  makes my world colorful.
Green,,, oh green is very pretty/

 Do you feel that way too?
Sometimes there are stay in the house,,sleepy days...
But today was an awake day,,,,
for me
an awake day for my  forest!
Its time!!
I told mommy,,,",come on,,, lazy bones,,,
 Let's Go! "

"Let's take my buggy!"
This is my buggy wheels that mommy got for me
 so that I can go deep into the forest ,
 and I can go on  long walkies just like I used to do.
It can go over logs,, and rocks and creeks!
I have to tell you something,,,
Do you remember when "Blue".
the blue butterfly told me that I could fly
if I believed?
(well,,, I found out that I cannot fly out of my buggy).
and if I try,, it scares mommy very much,,
so no more "thoughts" of flying.!

I love to go into the forest and stand on wet soft green moss,
and wiggle my toes!
And guess what else?
I like green ferns,,
and my Bummlies and I found them!
The ferns  hands were reaching for the sky!

And I love to look at the rain drops
puddled on leaves.
 They look like diamonds to me!
And I love watching the birds!
 And I love sniffing and smelling!
 So much magic in my forest!

nitey nite

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mitch "The Feather in the wind"

I was not sure that I had the words to say what was in my empty  heart.
But I finally turned the key to my heart
and these words spilled out.

You see,
One of my very first friends,,,,Mitch
 who was loved by his family so much, and all of blogville.
fought his hardest to get well from a strange sickness
that made him not feel good at all.
But the time came when the Angels came
 and took Mitch to the Rainbow Bridge.
I did not know what to say,,,
 until I visited his blog tonight,
Mitch and Molly
and this is what happened.
Mitch loved feathers...

This is for you Mitch,,, and for  Molly and your mom and dad.

"You see
I found a feather
 it was dancing in the wind.
It twirled in circles
around me
flittering and fluttering
and tossing in the breeze.
and then it glided higher
into the pale blue sky .
And I knew "who" it was!
It was Mitch, my forever friend.

I stretched my paws
as high as they could reach
as I stood gazing at the sky.

and then gently as butterfly wings
the feather floated near  to my paws.
I listened so intently
as the feather softly whispered
"You will see me again someday
but for now,
lets pretend

come fly with me,
lets fly over the rainbow"

 Dear Mitch's family
I wish for you, with your broken hearts ,
that peace will come your way.
And that memories and love will fill your hearts. 

I wish for all the boo boo's and monsters, to just go, go  away!

Will you circle Mitches Mitch and Molly  family with love?
Lets sit shoulder to shoulder,, and hold paws .

Monday, March 28, 2016

"Just Shine! "

Let's shine today!!!

Look at the sky shining,,,
way up high
Isn't it so beautiful?
And look at those wings stretch across the sky,,,
 the sun has kissed  the wings
and they
are shining too,
they are beautiful!
The "Daffy's" know how to shine,,,,
 Just look at them glow and shine!
The pond and all of the  splashing frogs
and tadpodes are shining!
The universe that reaches to forever, and ever ,,
is so profoundly beautiful,,,
The universe shines!
nitey nite

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's Quiet In Here

 I don't hear a sound!
  I don't hear frogs, or crickets.
  No I don't hear a sound.
I  like this sound of quiet.
  It feels good,,,,
clear to my toes.

I smell green trees!
Look !
 The trees are dancing slow...and quiet.
 I heard a splash!
 I heard a frog jump into the pond!
  I see frog eggs!
 But where is the frog??
Did he already go to sleeps?
It's quiet again., so home I will go.

nitey nite

(ps... mommy carrys me to the forest so I can sniff,, and see.. )
(she carrys me so I do not hurt my self.)