Friday, March 27, 2009

When you dream- dream with hope!

My friends,

I thought you might like to see my ocean. This is the Oregon Ocean. Some people call it the coast. My friends the Casbah Kitten shared some nice pictures of different kinds of oceans-in the world,.... so I thought I would just show a quickie of mine in case you wanted to know Thank you the Casbah Kitten for the idea to share. Your pics were so nice. I would love for you to come with me- you could help me on my search!

So, this is where I am going in just a few more days. This is where Star, the Star Fish lives, and this is where I was told Puff the Sea Horse lives.

This is me and my pony.
I thought I would share this with you- cause I am a little confused or concerned, as to what to expect when I go on my search for Puff the magic Sea Horse in a few days from now. Remember I told you about him?
I was expecting a little horse like this, running along the sandy sea shore,,,, however,,, one evening I felt like traveling in bloggie land , and I went to marianne's site- where she has a colletion of her art and paintings, and I saw a Sea Horse that does not look anything like my little pony!. I don't know if those kind of Sea Horse's can run, and they don't have hair! But... they are beautiful.
And not only did marianne have paintings of Sea Horses, but also paintings of Star Fishes. They were so beautiful and many colors- just like all of us. Go see! They are in paintings called Mandolas. It is amazing.

So, I wonder where I should look for Puff the magic Sea Horse ? In the rocks? On the sand? Will he be galloping on the ocean waves? Will I hear it whinny? Will it call my name? Will it look magical? Do I take carrots, and sugar cubes, and do I take a rope to put around its neck- so we can walk together? Will it let me ride it? Will I see its tracks in the sand? What do you think?
So many questions- guess I will find out when I get there.
Somethings I know for sure- the big ocean will be roaring like a lion, and those big waves crashing down. And I know the big cold waves will chase me! And yes, I will be careful.
I have a feeling that I will find Puff, and I can't wait for him to tell me about his long journeys.
And of course to see my friend Star.
I know I promised you all, that I would share some of the magical storys that Puff shares with me. So,,,,, keep thinking positive thoughts for me, as I go on my journey to find the magic at the Sea, and when I get back- I will share the mysterys with you.
Come along with me.
I will meet you there!
You believe in magic don't you?
I am excited, and I guess tonight in my dreams, you probably know what I will be thinking about.
This will be my last letter to you until I come back- so with that, I say,,,
nitey nite

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tweedles and the Sea

Hi everyone,

I am so excited that I neeed to tell you why.

In 13 days, my mama, mommie and I are going to the big ocean!
I think we will sleep in the clouds and look out over the ocean.
I am excited because I have been to the ocean- before-YES I have been here before.

I remember how fun it was to run on the sand with my ears blowing in the wind like a kite, jumping and barking at absolutly nothing!

Something special happened to me while running in the wind, and this is the story, as I remember it from last year.

I came upon something small lying near the ocean tide, so I stopped for a minute to check it out. "Hello" I said, "is anyone home"? I did not see any eyes or ears, and what a strange smell!.

I waited for a moment, just as the little thing stretched and yawned.

"My name is Star" , she said, and "I live in the sea. I am a starfish they say." She perched herself up on one of her 5 arms and began to tell me storys of her excitng life in the sea, and all the friends she has. Star told me she loved the cold water, and it was very important that I do not move her or take any of her other friends that I may find laying in the sand as they are just resting from their journeys.

Star told me of a magic Sea Horse that lived in the sea- whose name was Puff. She told me to watch and listen for him as he frolics about, and that he had some cool stories that I would like to hear.

I did not see Puff , but this time when I go back to the ocean, I will be looking.

I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for that magic sea horse- as I want to make friends with him!

And yes this time when we go to the coast- I won't be allowed to be sneaking under any fences to smell whatever is on the other side. In fact , I may not be allowed to walk around in those look out areas- moms say I am a little hoodeenie who can get out of harnesses. I about gave my moms a heart attack last time. So this time calls for perfect behavior.

This is me backing my bags. I am getting a head start. Lets see, I have my sleeping bag- (not that I will need it) and my bag full of important items like food and treats and dry clothes and binoculars.

Of course I will be filling you in on my new adventures after we go and come back home.

Do you want to come with me? I will share my treats!

Nitey nite



Friday, March 20, 2009

Come along with me,, to the journey of the awards

I will talk about this at the bottom of this letter to you.

First of all......

"The fairy tale slipper award"

Hi everyone.

It's time for me to say a few things about some very special awards that have been presented to me recently.

You will notice I FINALLY figured out how to get the award picture on my letter to you! That was a true miracle, and a big accomplishment. I want to thank those of you who helped me by giving me hints and suggestions- as you can see it worked.

Now on with my new awards.

Rachel Ladypug Mugs said these words, which I find so sweet. "It’s a special magical ‘fairy tale’ slipper bestowed on those who bring a little ‘magic’ into our lives via their blog’s creativity!”

"We'd like to pass this award along to:Tweedles - who's mamma's painting of him is basically magic, and who we hope will continue to invest time into her creative outlet of painting (and of course share it with us via their blog)."

I am very honored to receive this award.

Thank you Rachel

"Personal Favorite Award"

DOGZROCK who honors his Best Friend Travis ” in his wonderful , energy packed blog
TRAVIS: A Dog Like No Other
Bestowed this beautiful award to me for "Personal Favorite "on the Supa Saturday Poll.

Travis is a beautiful big golden dog- like Old Yeller. His blog has contests and something happening all the time , and the master said Travis is a dog like no other."
I wonder what it would be like to run with a big dog like that!
I am very honored to receive this award too.
Thank you Travis

Now about the BIG HEART AWARD

I have come to know many of you that have such big giving hearts who donate their beautiful artwork to benefit homeless pets and rescues. Some of you have made your home a "forever home to some of us.
Some of you donate your time to volunteer to help the little ones get forever homes.
Some of you help to create projects so little kids in foreign lands can have blankys and teddy bears.

Some of you paint and draw and create art- some of you sew- some of you craft., or knitt or crochet. What ever you do- you do good.

I also notice those of you, who send out a little message to all of us , to light a candle at the Rainbow Bridge at certain sad times, and send messages of love to sad ones.

I have noticed there are so many "Big Hearts? in my bloggie land, that I created the BIG HEART AWARD.
You know who you are , and I want you to come get this award and keep it for a keepsake, because your big hearts need to be recognized.
Nitey nite

and again thank you for my awards!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If the baby's not happy- Ain't nobody happy!

My friends...
This is where it all happens- right here on this old computer that came over on the Mayflower boat- many years ago. This old thing really makes me quite upset, to say it mildly. It stalls and freezes, and as mommie says- it gets constipated.
My cousin- Pansy- well her mom suggested maybe I should try another email that might be of a happier variety- and fast! so I said okay on a trial basis, and I hit the YES button on this computer.

Course I had my paws crossed that things would get better- but WRONG- time to panic-! Big time mistake! I am not brave like Pearl- nope - not me.

I could not find my friends in bloggie land. Nothing looked the same- nothing looked right- I was lost I was going through withdrawls immediately! I screamed HELP! My friends- come help me!!!! What would I do without all my new friends- my new aunts and uncles?

On the phone moms got, and called Pansys mom for help.

Thank goodness we got the old way back- through some back door of some sort- wheww,, I don't know the right lingo. But to make a long story short- everything is back to normal- slow pokey computer that freezes- and of course no DSL- - whatever that is. Can you imagine waiting 15 minutes to get one little picture drawn on this computer? Well that is what I do- guess I have kinda bonded with this old thing. And I don't want anything new to learn or try! No- just play and good times!

So now that things are sorta back to normal.,,, but,,, wait ,,,,there is more going on.

Me and my piggy- Emmitt- do you have one like this? Piggy has been telling me secrets to make me happy.

My moms suspected something was wrong with my ears- so guess where I have beem going to?
Yes you guessed right. 3 times in the past 10 days! No fun- let me tell you. The dr thought potatoes were growing in my ears,, I thought potatoes grew in dirt? I am clean! I got all kinds of nasty medicines, some of them- the pills- my moms disguised in banana for me- so course I was happy about that. But,, the cold, nasty, squirty stuff in the ears was not any fun. I tried to hide! Now I have so much squity stuff in the ears- I can't hear so well.
I didn't help mommie get up for work today- because I did not hear the happy wake up music.
It would be happy music usually for me- cause that means breakfast- But no worries- we got up and I got my breakfast. And then my mama who takes care of me all day- while mommie is gone to worky- she stopped what she was doing and hurried me to the doctor again- and the potatoes are all gone! Good new- right?
Now I just wany to hear moms voices again.
And I want to hear your barks the next time we go to the beach with Uncle Stinky Feet, and Taco Bell and Pokey,,,,, and all of you. I must give it time. Just time.

This is me just kinda chillin out on my fluffy teddy bear- naked- and letting my ears rest, and just regrouping after all these happenings. I am wiped out, and my moms too.
So that is what has been happening through the Eyes of Tweedles lately.
I hope your adventures have been on the smooth side.
So until later,,,,, I will wish you all nity nite- as I always do.
Sweet dreams

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our house is a very, very very, fine house

Hello everyone

(This picture was taken up in Owlberts nest)

My friend Manon Doyle The Blog of Manon Doyle and little Otis, presented an award to me that I treasure. It is called " Your Blog is Fabulous. I cannot get the little award on my page to show you- but this is real!
I would draw it if I could!

Thank you so much Manon and Otis. I am honored to recieve this, and I along with you, will share and pass it forward to others.

I will start by singing,,,,,,
Our House is a very, very,very, fine house
With 4 cats and 2 moms.

1. My mama Paulette is the one who takes care of me all day long. She feeds me, plays with me , keeps me safe and warm, keeps the boogies away from me. She makes clothes for me. She has a magic paint brush.

Mama does not even kill a bug- nope- they all go outside!

And,,, she has a Green thumb and can make any seed in the whole world grow.

2. I believe in Rainbows, and the end of it must be filled with lots of treats. I keep trying to find the end of the rainbow- but so far-I have not found it., it keeps moving! In this picture- it is just at the end of my road. ,,, maybe tomorrow.

3. My mommie georgie ,say she has an idenity crisis- cause she does not know who she is anymore. I am not sure what she means by that. I am Tweedles and she is mommie.

Mommie also says she can hear the roots of the trees talking and thinks trees dance in the wind.

Mommie is scarred to death of spiders! ( yes even Charlotte)

This is me- looking out the window to see if Owlbert is hooting yet- even if it is day light.

This is my mama Paulette- doing you know what,,,,, loving me! That is what it's all about!

Here are the rules... to the award..1. Link to the person who tagged you2. Post rules on your blog3. Write five random things about yourself4. Tag random people at the end of your post and link to them5. Let each person know they've been tagged

I would like to give this award to: cause I think they are cool too!

I hope I have not forgotten anything- but I guess maybe you can go to Manon and Otis and borrow a copy of the beautiful award. And I thank Manon and Otis one more time!

Now I have sharred more tidbits about my family, from my box of secrets.

Thank you for coming to my home.

Come back again,,,,,,,

Nitety nite to you.,,,



Sunday, March 8, 2009

Someone took the TIME

Looky, looky. Look what came in the mail from my moms friend Teryn and Cooper! They took the TIME to remind us to turn our clocks - one way or another ( i always get confused every year) .

Not only was it a nice reminder- but it made big smiles clear across the world- i am sure when the mail people carried this fragile little ball to our house mail box on the road. Yes true story.

I promise!

Isn't it wonderful to have these reminders?

If you can't read it-

It says Bounce into Spring A friendly reminder to set your clocks FORWARD one 1 hour on Sunday March 8.

So now, you know what to do. I still don't know what forward or backward is, as you can see below- I am having a BALL going forward and backwards. Now you need to decide what your gonna do. We already did it, so now I am really confused. What time is it? Time to eat?

Did you ever wonder how excited I could get- take a look at me now!

Do I have more energy than you thought I could muster up?

Take a bite

Look at me go zoom, zoom, zoom Happy Days!

So from Teryn and Cooper to you and now to you!



Friday, March 6, 2009

When your weary,,,,, I will hold you

I saw them with my very own eyes.
Look very close and you will see them hug each other.
Look at them, as they rest their heads next to each other.
Look at them as they sway gently in the wind.

It's been so very long now, since Owlburt, my owl friend has been gone.
Do you remember the sad story, of when Owlburts forest was cut down ?
He must be traveling around this big world
He has no where to live!
I tell myself that Owlburt is somewhere.
But where?
I miss Owlburt so very much.
Last night as the moon was shining through the windows, onto my bed , I thought that I heard Owlburt. Hoot, hoot hoot.
I guess I may have been just wishing.
Sometimes, I wish so much.
Do you wish, like me?
Ohhhh, the WONDEROUS storys that Owlburt would tell-
and they are all so true,
very true.
Once, Owlburt told me a story, that I never forgot.

This was the story
Maple and Fir were two trees who lived in the DEEP forest.
They lived in the forest for 505 years.
They did not look like each other.
They did not speak the same language-
but they loved each other very much.
They stood right next to each other in the tall forest.
Together, Maple and Fir weathered all the storms and roaring winds that came their way.
Maple and Fir were homes to many birds and little squirrels.
They would STRETCH out their arms to the sky, and lend a nice comfy place for birds to land.
They would sing to each other when the wind howled.
They would hold each other tight as they swayed in the breeze.
They had many wounds and scars from the big storms.
But scars and wounds did not matter to Maple and Fir, they would say, "it just built character. "
It made them stronger.
Maple and Fir were the trees that Owlburt loved to sit upon , high on their branches.
Owlburt would listen to their storys about how they were little itty bitty trees "once upon a time", and then they grew up, with all the rest of the trees, in the mighty forest.
Owlburt was very wise.
Very wise.
I believed everything that Owlburt said, to be the whole truth.
I believed him, even though I never saw Maple and Fir.

And then what happened next, is so magical.
My moms and I took a walk up the big mountain road.
We wanted to see what the big saws had done to all the trees in the forest.
It was a long , long journey up the long, long, winding log road.
Shadows were casting strange designs on the ground.
As time started slipping from the sky-
it was getting dark.
Very dark.

'Hooooot, hoooot' - what did we hear?
And there up ahead in the clearing- where all the trees once stood- were 2 trees standing alone.
One tree was hugging the other. Their arms were wrapped around each other.
The trees were rocking in the wind- , they swayed.
And I heard these words ," Don't be afraid, I will hold you up. I will be strong and not let you fall- keep on keeping on- don't give up, come on- don't give up".

And then a big shadow flew over us, and flew into the distance. It was Owlburt!
His story was true- it was not a tale.
There they stood- the two of them together, Maple and Fir.
My moms never heard the story, because I never told them,, but now they saw it for themselves.

I know somewhere out in the sky- Owlburt is living.
I will listen closely for when he hoots words of wisdom to me.
I will remember his spoken words, "You cannot change what is over".
You never know the miracles that are out there unless you listen and look.
This was the journey of Maple and Fir.
Goodnite Owlburt.
And how do I know all this is true?
Because it was seen through the eyes of Tweedles.
Owlburt is hooting outside my window, this very moment,
and I am not imagining.

Nitey nite

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Learn or not to learn

This is my diploma that I got for graduating. Of course my moms had a big party for me for all the learning I did. ( And that I did not give up.)

I sure felt like it sometimes. I just could not get comfortable to people touching me, but ya know it was okay if they looked at me. We just all learn different - and that was my level. So now I wonder what I should do about my decision. I think what I want to do is take a class in PLAY!

I think I want to learn some of the agility stuff right here in my own yard and give that a try. My bloggie friends are doing it- why not me? Certainly there is something I can learn.

What do you all think I should do? Learn or Play?

And speaking of learning,,,, YIPPY- I figured out how to get that HONEST SCAP AWARD on my bloggie- with a little help from my friends- who lent me a helping paw! So it makes me feel good. And that is part of life is feeling good- even when ya feel like given up!

Thank you my friends

Nity nite



I have been thinking lately that maybe I should continue my learning . But I am not sure I have enough time when I think about my priorities.

And what is the most important- to get a degree or have more fun time with my moms?

I was thinking back about when I went to puppy school and sat with the little babies. It helped me a lot- I do have to admit that. I was so scarred if someone even looked at me. My classes took 8 weeks- I think. And my moms drove 100 miles a day round trip to take me to school every Saturday. Everyone knew my name as soon as I walked into those doors at Pet Smart, and I got treats from all the trainers. I knew they were trying to make friends, but I was mostly interested in eating their cookies. I got a little confidence and pretty soon I was having a good time showing off. I was the only one who would throw their body down on the floor when I heard the word DOWN. And did I ever do it good. But one rule was I had to have a little rug- cause that cement floor was mighty cold on this naked chicken neck puggie!

I learned to look at the birdies in the cages and just sit and look at the other doggies in our circle. It was a good experience.