Saturday, December 23, 2017


Oh Frosty!  You came back!
  I knew you would!
You heard my crys,,, and woofs!!
And now, here you are!
Lets dance together!
nitey nite

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Just Like Always

***** update*****
I took Tweedles to the vet office this morning for her biopsy surgery....,, and later the dr. called saying she thought it best for the surgery be put off for awhile..,,, giving more time for the bump to fluff up, or maybe go away on its own!
The bump was not very noticable today,,,, 
so we aare happy with the decision...., and we will wait and see,,,thank you everyone.

Nothing makes me more happy than to see Tweedles happy.
I think many of us feel that way...
We have been trying to play... just like we always do,,,
Yes, it makes Tweedles happy.
I needed to let all of our friends know that on Friday Dec 8th, Tweedles will have surgery to have a bump
 removed from her muzzle. The doctor said its time to address it.

I have rewritten these words a million times,, of just not knowing what to say......
please keep my Twee in your thoughts,,, and your prayers.
twees mommy