Friday, June 26, 2009

"The Flowers"

Hi everyone
Do these little flowers look familiar to you? Guess,,, I bet you know who made them!
Aren't they so pretty?

Does this little flower on my back look familair to you?

These little flowers were made with love by Melissa at Life is art ... Art is Life . She had sent them to me, and I love them so much. I have them everywhere!

Little flowers are on my wall!
Little flowers are on the ceiling!
Little flowers are on my clothes!
And flowers in my hair!

Thank you to everyone for leaving me messages yesterday saying how pretty the flower was. Well,,,,,,,thats a big Thank You to Melissa -

Melissa of course, is not only an artist, but she has one of the biggest hearts I know. She makes knitted bears for the Mother Bear Project, and she crochets colorful little squares to be made into quilts of love for people far away in Africa. Melissa like to create hope for those that need some hope and love.

Melissa's words

"I have been having lots of fun crocheting more squares and rectangles for Knit-A-Square in South Africa and HAP in Maryland.
Each piece will be joined with other peoples' beautiful squares and rectangles to
make blankets for needy children and our brave veterans.
Organizations like, HAP, Knit-A-Square and the Mother Bear Project have really shown me that creating something as small as a woven square can make a difference in someone's life.
I really believe it is the small things we do everyday that matter the most."

See what I said,,, she has a big heart. And I wanted everyone to know about the little flowers and how special they are!

Thank you again Melissa.
Nitey nite my friends and don't forget to go leave a poem over at Jan Mader Ignite To Write for me to go read.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lets Share!

Hi my friends,
I have been having so much fun! I went exploring to another land.
Well actually, I took a hop, skip and a jump, and your not going to believe where I landed.
Me Tweedles, the little country pug, landed right square on the desk of Jan @ Ignite to Write.
One of her bloggies is called "The Luckiest Writer in the World":
She talks about Journaling and writing, and she shares storys about her beloved pets Maddie, Annabelle and Tango, her horse. One day I wrote to Jan and asked what the difference was between the old Dear Diary's and the new Journaling writing, that everyone talks about. So, I asked. Yes, Jan answered those questions. (You know me, I am always asking questions.)
The next thing I knew- right before my eyes, Jan had created a little poem for me to fill in the blanks.

She helped me realize how fun it can be to get creative, and it is not hard at all. All I had to do, was "crawl outside of my box"! I had FUN!
You, my friends, should go try it too. Would you like to? Jan will be waiting for you to go visit

You are all so creative, I read your storys everyday. I know what you can do. I cannot wait to go read poems you write about yourselves or someone special. So, be brave and hop on over there, and write your own poems of about how much you love someone. Let's share. Let's laugh!

This was Jans bog on IGNITE TO WRITE by Jan.
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Let's Have Some Fun - Poetry About Pets and People
"My blogs bring me so much joy. I love the creative curiosity that abounds from this writer's blog and my blog for animal lovers too. Sometimes I feel like I'm glued to your blogs. Many of your are such good writers that I feel like I'm in the middle of a good book or even a part of your lives.Believe it or not, Tweedles (a pug dog) stopped by here the other day and asked me to share a creative writing activity.Off the top of my head, I suggested that I could learn more about Tweedles by an activity that requires thinking outside the box. Somehow, I have a feeling lots of you are going to have a really good time with this activity too.Many of you have used your senses to create this same poem (in another way) that I suggested for Tweedles. This time, I'd like you to use your senses to describe a pet or person that you really like. Play with words. Wallow in language. Have fun!I asked Tweedles to fill in the blanks:
Tweedles looks like __________
She smells like __________
She sounds like _________
She tastes like __________
She feels like __________
Tweedles makes me want to ________

Here's Tweedle's poem!
Tweedles looks like a cute baby monkey
She smells like bubble gum
She sounds like a seagull with its mouth full of crackers
She tastes like strawberry shortcake
She feels like the softest velvet ever
Tweedles makes me want to giggle!

Here's the poem that I wrote about my granddaughter:
Alexa looks like a graceful swan
She smells like horses and shampoo
She sounds like a talking dictionary
She tastes like fresh fruit on a summer morning
She feels like a conditioned athlete
Alexa makes me want be a kid again!

Have any images formed in your mind? My guess is that they have.Now it's your turn. Fill in the same blanks that Tweedles and I did. Choose an animal or person that you really have strong feelings about and use your senses to create a lovely picture with your words! I have no doubt that you'll be very descriptive. Why? Because you're writing from your mind and heart.Can you do it? Yes you can! Please share!" by Jan

me again ,,,,,,,,,,(tweedles)
okay everyone, sure hope I dotted all my "i"s, and this will be sent on its way.
LET's play!
Nitey nite
I will see you in my dreams (and on Jan's blog)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"They are Free"

Hi everyone,

It has been so very stormy. I have had a lot of time to think. For some reason big rain storms help me think- a lot.

I have been dreaming about my new friends, that have been visiting my yard every day. I have been getting excited about all the fun that I will be having this summer. And now I am especially excited since my friends live here, in my own yard- well you know,,, I am excited!
Wouldn't you be?
And, I am positive that you know what its like to get so excited, that you just can't stand it!

Yesterday, I was in my yard, sniffing the flowers after the big rain storm. I saw this little butter fly, that came floating over to me.

I sat down for a minute to look at her pretty colors. I started telling her about my excitment, when she floated over and landed on my tail. I was not expecitng this, but she spoke to me. She softly said, "but their free- Tweedles". What do those word mean?

I decided to search the yard for my new friend. I peeked under a bush, and there was Gabby sleeping in the green bushes. It was a little hard to see her because of her spots. Gabby did not move a hair as she slept. However, her eye was looking at me, and then she got up and stretched.

Gabby stuck her nose up in the air, sniffed and then waundered over to her mama.
I guess it was lunch time for her. I was just in time to see this.

Little Gabby and mama deer, walked around in the yard with me. I told them how excited I was because they moved into my yard, and we could play, every day.

As I walked down the path smelling more flowers, I heard buzz, buzz, buzz. As I turned to see who was buizzing, over my shoulder. I looked with my big eyes, and I saw this honey bee. The bee said to me "but their free, Tweedles".

I looked over at Gabby and mama deer. They were running like wild horses in the yard. Those words kept coming back into my head "but their free".

And then they stopped, and turned their heads around to look at me. Do you want to come with us Tweedles?

I sat down, and looked and then I said, "No, I live here. This is my home, I want to stay here with with my moms. You were born to be free, so go on your way and have a good time."

Gabby looked one more time at me, and said "Well see you later". "Mama deer is going to teach me about being "Free".

I was sad, as you might guess. But, I know if they come back- then it was ment to be.
I will let them be free- just like the butterfly and the bee.
Will I find the answer in what it means to be free? Maybe in my journeys, I will find out.
Nitey nite my friends,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The old picture

Hi everyone
I found something today, that had fallen on the floor. Who can say where it came from?
I was not sure.
It was an old picture. My paw touched it, and I looked at it, trying to decide if it was something that I wanted to eat.

I hopped up in the chair and found many more pictures. There were pictures of things I have never seen before.
Huge wagons being pulled by big horses, snow drifts as tall as mountains, hay stacks big as houses.
Cars that do not look like any that I have ever seen. There were dogs and cats and more horses, and people.
People with deep tracks on their faces that looked like wagon wheels had traveled miles on their faces.
I am sure these pictures had storys to tell from long ago.

I looked a little closer, and saw the pictures had fallen out of a "special book", a memory book.

I decided that I should not eat the picture. Instead, I put it back and just looked at the faces, and listened to see if they spoke. I could feel these must be a very special treasure. The pictures had been kept in a special place to keep them safe, and I think moms were looking at them.

I have special places too, for all my stuffies. Sometimes, my stuffies are everywhere. Sometimes, they fall out of their special place. Sometimes, I just like to look at my toys, and I think that was what moms were doing- just looking at their special memorys.
And sometimes, special things are secretly stored in our hearts, where they live with us every day.
There is a time for everything, and today it was a time, to remember the old picture.
Nitey nite my friends,

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Forest Friends visit Tweedles

Hi everyone,
Doesn't this look like a great way to start the weekend- to be able to stick your face into some nice sweet wateymelon? It was perfect, I thought. The morning sky was drizzly, and the fog played hide and seek with the trees.
Magically, the sky changed to blue, the clouds drifted away. I decided to take a little walk and smell the fresh earth after the rain. Isn't it a sweet smell? Little drops lay sweetly on the flowers, and butterflys were tasting the little droplets. Butterfly's were everywhere.

I stopped to smell some flowers, watch some butterflys, and listen to a family of crows up in the tree tops, that were chattering so loudly. Chatter, chatter chatter.

And then, I went around the corner, and look what I saw. This is little Gabby. She was just waiting for me to come out and play with her. Wouldn't you like to have a friend like her?

Mama deer was watching closely, as Gabby and I ran to meet each other. We chased around the yard, hopping over plants and bushes like little billy goats. Oh, it was so much fun. This is a different deer family than the twins who visited last week.

I ran and got one of my toys to see if Gabby wanted to play with it. But to be honest, she was not much interested. Moms always taught me it was important to share.

So, little Gabby and I played games like jump over the bushes and race around the yard, and then we took a little walk and smelled more flowers.
It was not long before her mama walked up to us, and decided it was time for Gabby to take a nap. Right in the middle of our fun!
And then are you ready for what is next?

This is where the mama deer told little Gabby to take a nap for awhile, and that we can play again some time soon. What a nice bed. It is soft creeping thyme, and smells so good.
Wouldn't you like to kiss her? I did.
Mama deer told Gabby not to talk to any strangers while she lay there in the sunshine.

It was so fun playing with Gabby today. She's taking a nap now, so I am going into my house to take a nice nap too.
That's all for now, so until later,
sleep tite, nitey nite

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Why Me"

Hi Everyone,
I still don't understand how a "mud pie day" could go bad. I was having such a good time stomping around in the mud, and making cute little pies. I just knew my moms would be so excited to see them. Kinda looks like I am getting a hair make over- "pug gone punk"!

Well, I found out how excited they were when I ended up in this bucket. All I could say was
Get me out of here!
I am so embarrased, to have everyone seeing me like this! But I thought it was a good idea to let everyone know the trouble they could get into if they played in the mud like I did.

These were my mud pies. LOOK at them! Do they look like trouble to you?
There is no picture of me- cause it was not a pretty site!

I did get all cleaned up - nice and sweet and then look at what I got from my friends at Kids in Dog Suits . It's a Sugar Sweet Award- I think I got this because, I got all cleaned up, and did not fuss to much.
Thank you very much my friends. You are so thoughtful, and giving.

And then I got this from Checkers The Peek A Poo who got it from his Portuguese Friend KIKO .
The rule is to Choose 5 life situations that could be repeated in slow motion and explain why.
To tell you the truth, I cannot even think of one! I am always in high gear. Nothing is ever slow.
What's wrong with me?!
I think what I should do, is to tell you to go see Checkers and see the ideas he came up with.
But Checkers, I thank you so much for always thinking of me.
That's it my friends.
I am all nice and clean, and sweet now, so off to beddy I go.
Nitety nite

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Shy Bean Sprout's

And I told them thier blossoms would be different, but just as beautiful.

Hi everyone,

Today I thought would be a good day to take a little journey through my garden.

First I walked down to the berry patch to see my favorite ----strawberrys!

I found some nice red juicy berrys , so I stuffed some in my mouth and picked a little basket full to take back to my moms. They were sooo good.

Then I stopped and smelled the big orange carrot tops. Next, I peeked into the tomatoe plants to see what I could see- and there were blossoms- as many as the stars in the sky.

I made my way down to the bean patch and was surprised at how all the little bean plants were starting to climb up their ladders.

All except,,, two little bean sprouts that seemed to be peeking out of the soil, but not starting to climb their ladders. I was worried, so I decided to sit for awhile. I pulled a big carrot out of the ground and plopped my little self down on it.

I sat quietly for awhile, thinking, and then I said. "Little bean sprout , can you tell me why your not coming out of the soil like the other little beans?" "Is something wrong"?

One little bean sprout, then told me, that they had gotten a late start. They were a different kind of bean than all the others, and they felt a little shy. They were going to have speckles on them, and the others did not. They did not know what to do. They felt out of place, and maybe could not catch up.

After thinking a bit, I told the bean sprouts that they would have a different kind of blossom when they grew up, but that they would be beautiful too. "Don't give up little bean sprouts".

Just wiggle your toes and stretch.

Sometimes, we all feel like we are behind and we ask ourselves----should we stop, or should we go? I know I have felt that way. Have you?

As I sat on the carrot, talking to the shy bean sprouts, rain started falling from the sky.

I was getting soaked, and cold.

When I started to leave the bean patch, I turned and looked behind me. The bean sprouts were stretching their faces up into the sky- soaking in the sweet rain.

I have a good feeling that they will be growing tall- real soon, and blooming proudly.

I grabbed my strawberry basket in my mouth, and ran to the house, fast as I could go.

Mama was at the door, to wipe my muddy feet and to dry me off with some nice warm towels, and wash my berry stained mouth.

I will take a nice little nap, since my tummy is very full of strawberrys.

Tomorrow, I will go back and see how much they have grown.

Nitey nite everyone



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's their world too

Hi everyone,

Can you imagine being a proud mama, and you just can't wait to show your babys off to the world?

That is what happened today. One of my forest friends "Lilly' , made her first visit to my yard after giving birth- to twins! She was so proud and brought them down from my mountain to show them to us, and to show them where to eat the best flowers on this country road. The place is right here in my yard. Mama said she let them eat her Stillbe flowers today- all of them cause they were hungry.

I am checking out to see what flowers they thought were so tasty. I prefer peanut butter.

Can you see them in this picture? Go ahead and get your magnify glass. There is the mama, and the twins are there too. This is their world too. We live side by side. My moms can go out and talk to them. They look at each other, and then go on their way.

Here they are, out into the yard. For some reason this picture makes them look BIG, but they are not. They are only a week old and about 10 inches tall- I think.

There they go- passing by the garden. Do you see the 8 foot fence moms built to protect the garden? They are going off to explore somewhere else. Maybe they will go back up to the mountain- but they will be back tomorrow- or tonight, you can count on that.

Lily won't be the only one who will be stopping by- there will be more.

That's what I have to share with you tonight- so time for me to go to bed.

Nitey nite everyone