Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lets Share!

Hi my friends,
I have been having so much fun! I went exploring to another land.
Well actually, I took a hop, skip and a jump, and your not going to believe where I landed.
Me Tweedles, the little country pug, landed right square on the desk of Jan @ Ignite to Write.
One of her bloggies is called "The Luckiest Writer in the World":
She talks about Journaling and writing, and she shares storys about her beloved pets Maddie, Annabelle and Tango, her horse. One day I wrote to Jan and asked what the difference was between the old Dear Diary's and the new Journaling writing, that everyone talks about. So, I asked. Yes, Jan answered those questions. (You know me, I am always asking questions.)
The next thing I knew- right before my eyes, Jan had created a little poem for me to fill in the blanks.

She helped me realize how fun it can be to get creative, and it is not hard at all. All I had to do, was "crawl outside of my box"! I had FUN!
You, my friends, should go try it too. Would you like to? Jan will be waiting for you to go visit

You are all so creative, I read your storys everyday. I know what you can do. I cannot wait to go read poems you write about yourselves or someone special. So, be brave and hop on over there, and write your own poems of about how much you love someone. Let's share. Let's laugh!

This was Jans bog on IGNITE TO WRITE by Jan.
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Let's Have Some Fun - Poetry About Pets and People
"My blogs bring me so much joy. I love the creative curiosity that abounds from this writer's blog and my blog for animal lovers too. Sometimes I feel like I'm glued to your blogs. Many of your are such good writers that I feel like I'm in the middle of a good book or even a part of your lives.Believe it or not, Tweedles (a pug dog) stopped by here the other day and asked me to share a creative writing activity.Off the top of my head, I suggested that I could learn more about Tweedles by an activity that requires thinking outside the box. Somehow, I have a feeling lots of you are going to have a really good time with this activity too.Many of you have used your senses to create this same poem (in another way) that I suggested for Tweedles. This time, I'd like you to use your senses to describe a pet or person that you really like. Play with words. Wallow in language. Have fun!I asked Tweedles to fill in the blanks:
Tweedles looks like __________
She smells like __________
She sounds like _________
She tastes like __________
She feels like __________
Tweedles makes me want to ________

Here's Tweedle's poem!
Tweedles looks like a cute baby monkey
She smells like bubble gum
She sounds like a seagull with its mouth full of crackers
She tastes like strawberry shortcake
She feels like the softest velvet ever
Tweedles makes me want to giggle!

Here's the poem that I wrote about my granddaughter:
Alexa looks like a graceful swan
She smells like horses and shampoo
She sounds like a talking dictionary
She tastes like fresh fruit on a summer morning
She feels like a conditioned athlete
Alexa makes me want be a kid again!

Have any images formed in your mind? My guess is that they have.Now it's your turn. Fill in the same blanks that Tweedles and I did. Choose an animal or person that you really have strong feelings about and use your senses to create a lovely picture with your words! I have no doubt that you'll be very descriptive. Why? Because you're writing from your mind and heart.Can you do it? Yes you can! Please share!" by Jan

me again ,,,,,,,,,,(tweedles)
okay everyone, sure hope I dotted all my "i"s, and this will be sent on its way.
LET's play!
Nitey nite
I will see you in my dreams (and on Jan's blog)


Riley said...

She sounds like a seagull with its mouth full of crackers....I LOVE THIS LINE!!!!!
I love seagulls and the beach, right now i can envision the seagulls w/mouthful of CRACKERS!!!! you a funny puggy, i love this! I am going to print out your poem and hang it on Papa's wall...he has a puggy too.

AL said...

Hahahaha Tweeds, I was there too! I saw you commented about the journaling and diarying and I also asked the same question. What is really the difference. I filled in the blanks but in my mind only hahaha.
I know what you filled on the blanks about Tweeds.

Take care Bud:D


chicamom85 said...

Hi Tweedles, this will be fun and thank you for sharing it. My Mom and I are going to check it out and do it over the weekend because we have a busy day tomorrow. You look very nice in your outfit.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Manon Doyle said...

Thanks for sharing Tweedles! I think your fleece is so cute and I especially love the flower! My mom will check out that blog!!


Anonymous said...

Oh how fun Tweedles! That's a great fill in the blanks. We're going to try that a lot this weekend. And we'll go visit Jan's blog too! Momma laughed out loud about the "seagull...." line too. She loves seagulls and how they sound!


Oh yes, and thank you Jan for letting Tweedles share your creative exercise with us.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi TweedleyPug - this is Howie. Maw said I cannot write poems because I don't have nice things to say. What a buncha hooey! I like your sweater.
your good pal,
h. pee

Jan Mader said...

Oh Tweedles...I can't wait to meet all of your friends...they sound as cute as you! I'm really going to be waiting to hear what Howie has to his Maw is wrong!!!!

The Great Rock Eater said...

Oh Tweedles, you are so creative!! Your blogs are always so fun and creative. Keep up the good work. Happy Friday!!

Becky said...

Love your outfit! That color looks great on you! That is such a cute and easy way to write a poem, loved your answers! You are one fun pug!! Have a super weekend!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur sharing that!

Once upon a time just after the invention of paper my mom kept a journal (diary)...

Of khourse, now I think she blogs!

PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur all your support this week...been a tough one fur all but it will be sooo much better when our GOLDEN work brings Laska home!

Maggie and Mitch said...

You look adorable in your purple fleece, Tweedles, and that looks like a Pansy on your back! We will go and check out the link!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Cutest pictures ever... cutest face too!


GAIL said...

Here you go Tweedles:

Kong looks like a seal pup
smells like sweet musk
sounds like a baby sometimes
tastes like a bite of fresh apple
feels like soft suede
he makes me want to kiss him constantly

PS - I love your outfit!

Sandy said...

Hi Tweedles
Thought I'd come visiting again. I'm Jan's SIL. Do you like to travel? Come tell me what you like to do when you travel. That snazzy new outfit looks like it has a cool crocheted flower on it. I always take yarn with me in my travels and knit and crochet.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi tweedles!
oh how fun! here is emmitt's poem...

Emmitt looks like a lovable cartoon character.
he smells like a shoe.
he sounds like a baby seal.
he tastes like blueberries.
he feels like a bunny rabbit.
Emmitt makes me want to share him with the world!

Sandra y Coco said...

I love your poem Tweedles! can I post mine on my blog? I would link to your blog.