Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My First Wordless Wednesday

nitey nite



Friday, March 25, 2011

"Can I Make You Laugh"?

Do you want to play with me?

Can I make you laugh?

Lets go exploring!

(This is my new sock monkey hat )
by Jessica Lynn
Rebels With a Cause
When I wear my hat,, I can be any kind of monkey that I want to be!
Nitey nite

Monday, March 21, 2011

"Come Back Again"

Spring was coming.
It was bringing a gift of friendship to my moms and me.
It should be here very soon.
I waited and I waited.
Magic bubbles began to swirl in the cloudless sky.
Birdies were singing, and chickadees were peeking in my windows.
Shadows were playing peek a boo, in the sunshine.

I looked outside, and I waited, so patiently.
I knew spring would open like a brand new flower blossom, before my very eyes.
Spring will bring me some new memories to cherish in my heart-forever.
My heart is wide open for many new memories.

My heart is open for new beginnings to unfold.

Come spring- Come soon- I am ready!
Bring me new beginnings,
Bring me new memories…
Come touch my heart.

I waited so patiently. I knew that at any moment.....
"springs gift" would come to me.

Like an unimaginable miracle,
the magic bubbles danced,
and as the bubbles swirled

I saw her. There she was.
She was reaching for me..... it was Stubby's mom.

My Earth Friend Stubby----- who lives in all our hearts and at the Rainbow Bridge,,,,,
his mom Michele, traveled from her side of the world, and came to my world.
She came to my forest to see me, and my moms.

We walked in the forest together. We held paws.
We whispered secrets into each others ears.
We went for a walk.

And then we found a little orpan tree growing along the side of the road.
The little tree reached up its arms to us, and asked us to take it home took.

What's a Tweedles to do?
Of course we did!

The little tree came home with us!
We planted the little tree in my very own forest, and he stretched his roots... and then he yawned!

Suddenly the forest began to sing.
It was a happy moment!
Sunshine and rain, will touch the little tree and soon the little tree will sing too!
We planted the little tree in memory of my Earth Friend Stubby.
It was a good day. It was a new beginning for all of us.

Michele brought me the biggest surprise of all. This is Flat Stubby.
Flat Stubby and I can go everywhere together,,,,, just everywhere.

As we sit in the forest and listen to the forest sing,,,
I feel a thankful that I allowed my heart to open,
open to new beginnings.
This blossom of friendship has touched my heart.

Today all of us made memory books. I will treasure the memory forever.
We looked at the wonderful books that Michele brought for my moms and me.
Tomorrow I will read "The flight of the Hummingbird".

Michele showed my moms and me, the beautiful "Stubby quilt " that friends so carefully sewed with love. So many beautiful photos of Stubby,,, so many beautiful turtles,,, I could feel the love
flow from the quilt.
We laughed. I shared my forest and my kats.
We visited the tad poles,,,
We watched birdies outside my window.
And now I reflect,,, and I think about,,,

these kinds hands,
these hands of Michele's
I think about the way she stroked my fur
I think about the gentleness
and kindness in her words,
(when she whispers my name. )
I felt trust.
I feel happy.
Now I know why Stubby was so happy.

Welcome Spring!
Nitey Nite

Monday, March 7, 2011

"The Cloud Show"

I sit and watch
the cloud show
so high up in the sky

I watch them sail
to here and there
and sometimes wonder why.

I wonder why they hurry so.
I wonder where they go,,

I wonder if they sleep
and wish on twinkling stars

Iwonder if they know
how beautiful they are
so high up in the sky
I wonder if they know.

I watch them float to here and there
I watch them sail away
I wonder if they know
how beautiful they are.

Nitey nite