Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Remember You

I remember you Mr Lion.
Do you remember me?
 Do  you remember
 when I first looked at you?
You winked at me!
You were my first love,
and I kissed your precious nose!
Oh, I  remember when your ribbons
were all brand new,
  and your furs were velvet soft!
 I  remember when you had two eyes.
Oh I remember you.....
 Do you remember me?

I  remember how I carried you
You were always by my side.
 And we snuuggled together
on  those dark and dreary nights!
I still love you  Mr Lion
with your hair all a mess
and kisses all over your face
and wrinkly red ribbon .
I love you.
Do you remember me?
Nitey nite

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Red Yarn Ball

What do I hear on this dark silent night?
 Oh what can it be?

 I pondered sleepily as
as I lay snuggled under a thousand blankets.

I  thought I heard softness falling all around me.
 I know the sound of softness.
 Oh yes I do!
 Could it be snowflakes whispering outside my window?
 They must be so majestic, I thought to myself!
 I crawled out from under my patchwork quilts,
and I peeked outside the  window .
gazed at the magical  moonless night!
 I was in awee, 
because everywhere I looked the snowflakes
 were  big and fat and fluffy.
 The snowflakes were so soft and gentle
 as they  tumbled through the sky.
Soft and gentle, oh-h so soft!
They fell from the blustery sky
 and then they tumbled onto the fluffy ground.
 They fell like sparkling silvery diamonds. 
Diamonds were everywhere!
It was the night before Christmas,
 and magic was beginning to surround me!
 It was the night when every furry and feathered winged friends 
  had snuggled into their nests,  burrows and beds.
It was a silent night.
Even the snowmen who had danced in the sun rays,
 now had closed their eyes and  were fast asleep
 and were  s n o o r i n g  zzzzzzzzzzzzz!
It was the night 
when every living creature was hoping for a miracle.
could not stop gazing at the falling snowflakes.
  How magical they looked!
I felt like  something was luring my heart to go outside,
 and so that is what I did!
 I ran down the steps and out the door of my old farm house,
 and with a flying leap I disappeared into the snow. 
I  rolled and tumbled like a little puppy!
 I ran through the snow to the top of the hill
 and I gazed all around me at the sleeping trees.
'How beautiful you are',  I whispered to the trees.
 'How very beautiful!'
 It was so very quiet. 
I could smell the snow.
 I could taste it!
I wanted to giggle, but  'Hush',,, I said to myself,,,
 'It's time for a Christmas miracle.'
'It's Christmas Eve, I sighed, It's Christmas Eve!'
 And so I  stretched my paws into the snow filled sky...
Maybe I wanted  to touch a star 
 or maybe I just knew  that this was the moment I had been waiting for..
 Suddenly I remembered the big red yarn ball
 that my rabbit friends and I played with on summer days. 
   Oh the fun we had as we chased the rolling yarn ball
 down the hillsides!
 I remember the daywhen my bunny friend Niblet,
 and all the rabbits and I,
 sat by the creek.
Blue butterfly's fluttering around  our ears!
We giggled, and ate long stemmed baby carrots.
 We made new memories to remember forever and ever.
 I remember the time when we shared our Christmas wishes.
The rabbits told me how they wished for a yarn ball of their very own.
 Just a little yarn ball was all they wanted to make some red mittens 
for all the baby bunny's.
I nestled that wish in my heart where it stayed for a long time.

  Then  one day when I was all alone in my big farm home,
 something happened.
 I found a big fluffy yarn ball that had fallen from my moms yarn basket.
  It was perfect, just perfect.
I  ran with it into the forest and covered it carefully in a secret place-
 with sticks and branches and moss.  
I knew it was hidden perfectly!
No, I never told anyone my secret.
I had plans,,, 
and I knew in my heart what I wanted to do.
 But,,,,sometimes we must wait for the time to be right.
Have you ever felt that way too?
  I knew I must wait for Christmas.
I wanted my gift to be special.

  As I watched the snow flakes tumble from the sky, 
 I knew that the right moment  had finally  come.
It was snowing and it was Christmas Eve.

 And so, with all my energy,
 I trudged  up the hill  through the deep snow
 until I came to that special place where I hid the yarn ball.
 There it was!
There it was!
 With a mighty shove, the yarn ball started  rolling down the hill-
 down towards the rabbits hollow!
More and more snow continued to fall, 
 and the yarn ball became bigger and bigger.
 It looked like it was rolling out of control!
Down the hills and through the  thickets
 the giant snow ball bounced
 and rolled!
 Faster and faster the yarn ball rolled! Faster and faster I ran behind it!
  The snow ball  made a soft wooshing  sound in the quietness of that moonless night. 
 Then  suddenly without warning,
 the big fat snow ball stopped at the entrance to the hollow.
 It stopped so fast, that I plowed into it!
I shook the snow from my furs,
 and then I asked myself  ' what's a Tweedles to do now?'
 And so with all my might,,,,,
 I pushed the giant snow ball into the hollow.

 All of a sudden all the rabbits awoke from their sleep!
Dressed in their nighties and standing by the candlelight,
 the rabbits eyes opened wider and wider!
heir whiskers twitched
 as the giant white snow ball began to melt.
 Puddles of melting snow lay on the ground 
and suddenly
 before their very eyes-
 they saw the white snow ball  turn from white,
a red yarn ball.
 Their very own red yarn ball !
With happy tails and fluffy ears-- 
 the rabbits began to jump up and down
 and they  clapped their little paws!
  Their Christmas wish came true!

Merry Christmas my friends.
My wish is that your wishes come true too.
 Nitey nite,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I hear the twinkling sound of bells.

I think I hear Reindeer as they leave the North Pole.
 I better go see!

                                      Nitey nite
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snowman Promises

Snow flakes were twirling around me
 like white  fluffy feathers!
My world had turned white,
 and magic was everywhere!
Little chirpy birds had snow flakes on their feathers,
and were singing their winter songs
of chik a dee dee dee.

And then,,,
  I saw tracks in the snow- special tracks.
 In an instant my memory raced
 to a promise that was made 
on a special day,,,,,, that  day seemed like yesterday.
Do you ever feel that way?
Do you believe in keeping promises?
I do!
It's you my friend!
 You remembered me!
You came back to me,,,
just like you promised you would!
You did not forget me!
Shall we make snow angels in the fluffy snow?
Shall we tumble and roll?
Lets tell each other our most secret- of  SECRETS!
Tell me about your world
tell me
tell me
tell me!
But right now-  lets enjoy this special moment...
lets dance.
 Let's dance in the snow,
and celebrate promises!
Let's celebrate today!
Let's celebrate your promise!
Let's dance in the moon light!
nitey nite