Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Over The Rainbow"

Sometime's in my daydreaming,
I think about the rainbow's in the sky.

Sometimes I wish
that I could climb to the top of the rainbow
and gaze into the blue sky
And sometimes
I wish that I could fly over the rainbow like blue birds.
Do you ever wish like me?

I got a new sweater from my Auntie Melissa @.Life is art ... Art is Life
Every stitch is made with love. I feel snuggly warm, and it fits perfect.
And, I feel pretty.
The sweater is called "Over the Rainbow"
Maybe if I wear this special sweater everyday... just maybe I will be able to fly over the rainbow.
Sometimes I see photos of my friends in other countrys, and they are wearing sweater from Melissa too.

There is a special occasion that I wanted to share with you today.
I have been on a journey with all of you for two years.
I feel like we have all been on this journey since before, forever.
Yes, it is my Second Blogversary.
You and I have traveled to my big ocean, my forests, my ponds, the moon, the stars,on trips, and across the seas in my magic bubbles. Where ever I have gone- you were with me.
I have seen that YOU have visited me from near and far.
And, because of you, my heart sings.
Thank you all my friends for walking beside me. Without you, there is no Tweedles.

I am a little late in acknowledging these Awards that have been given to me.
I would like to share all of these Awards with you. I know most of you already have them.
I cannot make a choice, so please come and take these Awards if you would like them.

Thank you to K-9 Katastrophie for these Awards.
There was a third Award , but blogger was being difficult and did not print it.

Thank you Coco Love Being A Chihuahua and her sissy for this Award.
I have previously received this award , but I thank you for thinking of me

I have receivd this award from several of my friends,
Thank you so much. Because you thought of me- I smile.
On New Year's Wilma the Pug posted the best and worst of 2010.
I am tickeled to receive this treasured award.
Thank you to everyone at Wilma's.

Monday, January 24, 2011

"Brushy Brushy Brushy"

One little
two little
three little toofies

four little
five little
six little toffies

seven little
eight little
nine little toofies

This is the way we brush them all.. ... so early in the morning.
Fresh and clean, and sweet!
kissy sweet!

Now tickle me! And kiss me goodnite!
Nitey nite

Friday, January 7, 2011


I cannot say goodbye.
My Earth Friend Stubby Life of Stubby has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Stubby told me to remember that there is a time for everything.
But I did not know that there was a time for a heart, to hurt so deeply.

There are so many Stubby memories that I hold in my heart.
I will lay them out on the ground like little marbles,
and I will pick them up, one at a time, and look at the beautiful memories painted on each one.

Please help me look as I hold them in my paw. Will you?

Stubby could feel the heart beat of the forest and our earth.

He taught me to "tread lightly", in the forest, and to listen.

Stubby looked for the good in people. He wanted peace on earth so bad.
Stubby loved life with all his heart.

Stubby told me he was the luckiest pug on earth to have his mom and dad who loved him so much. Stubby was sad that their hearts hurt when they could not make him all better.

I never met Stubby, but we wrote to each other every night.
We shared stories and dreams.

Sometimes in the big universe , one heart will connect to another. Souls can connect deeper, than the deepest oceans.if we listen, we can feel the rhythm of each others hearts beating to the rhythm of our own. My heart was drawn to that rhythm that Stubby, was in tune to.

Stubby shared stories with me about his ponds, and the ducks and geese that visited.
He told me about his forest trails, and his forest friends.
I also shared stories about my forest. Stubby was wise and he told me that when I need answers, to go ask the trees and the forest creatures for the answers.
So very wise, Stubby was.

One day I asked Stubby if he had a favorite dream, and his answer was ;
"I dream about lots of things but my favorite dreams are ones in which I am healthy. I dream about the days when we first moved to our house and I would run like a crazy pug around the backyard. I could run from one end of the yard to the other in no time flat and I loved every minute of it."

Stubby wished on the snowflakes as they gently tumbled to the ground. He wished on the stars and the moon. He would dream about the "Sea of Tranquility" up on the moon. A place of peace and love.

My heart is greatful for the friendship that I hold in my heart.
What I learned from Stubby has changed me forever.

As Christmas was nearing, I shared a story with Stubby. After he read the story, Stubby said these words to me .
"Hearing your words lifted my spirit as I could imagine myself plowing through the snow filling the silence with my bells. I so wish I could run through the snow but your poem reminded me that I can, if only in my dreams. "

"Stubby's Song"

Once upon a time
on a midnight clear.
when every star in the sky
twinkled so brightly
where the moon beams chased shadows
of imaginary friends
...and the owls ,, hoot ,,, hooted ,,,,
In that very silent moment
I listened to the quiet,
I watched the snowflakes
drifting to the ground.
and in that very silent moment
i thought I heard
" ting a ling a ling.""ting a ling a ling"
i looked behind me
i looked beside me
and then i looked to the moutain top
the moon beams shown down
and in the shadows I saw
a small little pug in a bright red sweater
was i imagining?
With bells on his paws
he marched through the falling snow
he shuffeled through the snow
like a little steam engine..
he made a path,,
as the bells rang
ting a ling a ling.
the snowflakes whispered
and the stars twinkled
with bells on his paws
he marched
to the sounds of
ting a ling a ling
the little pug
marched and marched
and then suddenly
as the moon beams shone brighter and brighter
the words Peace on Earth could be seen
as they were written in the snow.
With the moon beams guiding his way
the little pug marched to the moutain top
to the rhythm
of ting a ling a ling,,
As the little pug was disappearing from my view,
he turned around and stretched out his paw...
i ran to him .
His name is Stubby
he is my friend .

Sweet dreams my Stubby
Everything is going to be okay.

There is a new star in the sky,, I am going to catch it if I can.
I cannot say goodbye

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"My Sleeping Forest"

The snow has covered my sleeping forest with a blanket.

Listen to the silence. shhhhhh,, be very quiet.

Sometimes I can hear the sound of the snow
falling from the branches,,,
and sailing through the air,
and then it goes PLOP, onto the earth below.

Sometimes I hear birds tweet.
Sometimes I hear the sound of wings flapping above my head.
Sometimes I hear the squirrels chattering.
Sometimes I see those naughty rabbits running into the thicket ,
with carrots from my winter garden.
The wind is howling in my ears, like coyote songs.
I will sit here quietly,
counting snow drops.
and watch the forest sleep.
Nitey nite my friends.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Painting Wishes Just For You"

These bubbles are filled with wishes
I saved them just for you.
Their clenched into my little paws,,,
Until I set them free.
I'll open up my paw real slow,,,
and then they'll sail away

The wishes are for you my friends,
WATCH ,,,,,, as they drift your way.

I wish for you with broken hearts ,
that peace will come your way.

I wish for all the boo boo's and monsters, to just go away.
I wish for lost and loney, to somehow find their way.

I wish for you that love ,will help you find YOUR way.
And faith to wish upon the stars,,,yes, we must keep wishing.

I wish for rainbows, too
to be painted in your skys,
and everythng your heart is needing
I hope it comes your way.

Nitey nite my friends

pss,,,, my sweet Diane @DIANE'S MIXED ART created this art of me.