Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flowers for Leontien

I am sending these flowers to  Leontien Vandelaar., at Four Leaf Clover Tales.
Although I do not know her,
I was told about her  courageous battle with the evil c.      and so I ran outside to show her my flowers!
She is someone with a beautiful heart.
These flowers are filled with love and smiles!
These flowers are filled with hope
and  they are filled with strength
that you will feel strong again soon!
more flowers
These flowers are filled with love and healing !
Bloggy land is circling around you Leontien!
From my part of the world to you Leontien, I send you these flowers.


You can find the link up on A Rural Journal. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Dear Earth"

Dear Earth
I want to thank you
for this beautiful forest
and the oceans
and the deserts too.
Do you hear these little birds singing in the trees?
They thank you too!
Thank you for the skies that are painted so magically!
Thank you for the moon that watches us sleep- no matter where we are!

You have given us so much love with your gifts.
How do we thank you?

Elephants, Rhinos. monkeys and sea creatures
all these animals make up our precious world.
We must help to save them in our world.

I look at the world you have given us and you have made me so happy.
Flowers and butterflys, and this world to run in and play!
How gracious you are!

I hear the rivers that whisper sweet songs
as they travel out to sea.
And I see the mountains
that reach clear to the sky.
I see the painted skies that swirl
around me like a hug,
and the rain drops
that fall to feed our thirsty earth.
Stars that reach as high as they can into the sky,
and twinkle down in all of our worlds.
The wide wide oceans that stretch their arms across the seas.
And the moon that watches us sleep at night.

So many gifts you have given us.
Thank you Earth Mother.
nitey nite

Monday, April 16, 2012

"Sometimes When I Think"

Sometimes I think and wonder.
I think about so many things.
I think about butterfly's, frogs and tall forest trees.
I think about the rain drops splattering on the ground
and little plants that wiggle their roots in the mud.
Sometimes I think about the sun beams warming my shoulders.
Sometimes I think about the magical looking clouds!
Sometimes I think about the fluttering wings in the sky
and flower blossoms and magic bubbles everywhere!
Sometimes I think about the twinkling stars
and the moon so bright!
But most of all,
what makes my heart happiest
is when I think about all my friends,
who can see the same moon and stars
in the same sky, as me.
Even though we are many miles apart- the sky can make us feel close.
That makes me so happy.
It can be winter here and summer there.
Raindrops can be falling here,
and sunbeams can be shining there,,,,
It's all okay because it's all one big world.
It's our world- yours and mine.
I love to think- do you?
What do you think about?
Sometimes when I think- I get sleepy.
Nitey nite

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Wordless on Wednesday"

nitey nite

Monday, April 9, 2012

I Planted A Flower For Payton

Today I planted a flower.
It was a pink flower for a special friend.
Pink flowers smell sweet like bubble gum.
Winston @ two cats and a pug - his family was planting a pink memorial
garden for our friend Payton who now lives at the Rainbow Bridge.

Winston welcomed others to join
in his Pink Memorial Garden Tribute to Payton's memory. ( Pugnacious P )
I think my flower looks so pretty.
Each and every petal is so sweet.
I smell its sweetness all around me.
The sun is kissing it's tiny face
and sending the love to Payton!
Thank you Winston for allowing us to join in your tribute.
nitey nite