Monday, December 30, 2013

Sometimes I Am A Stinkpot

I have been a little bit mischevious!
Well, what's a Tweedles to do when
there are pretty yarns in mommy's toy box!

I have been feeling good!!
 So I wanted to see what mommy had in her yarn bag!
Oh lots of stuff to get into! !!
Let me look in here!

I am faster than a lightening bolt
 and more slippery than butter!
And I can grab stuff and run,,,,
 and mommy can't catch me!
I can make a big mess- fast!
It makes me giggle when mommy say's...
Twee- bring that back!

And sometimes I am sweet
 and mommy calls me a stink pot.
 That means she loves me bunches.
Nitey nite

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lets Hop And Play!

I know it's been awhile since you saw me!!
But I have been right here!
I have been getting betters every days!

Do you see me happy?
I am!!
I run and play and hop a little!
And I feel good!
Let's play froggy!
Nitey nite

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mini Me and Me

A Mini Me has come clear across the oceans to live with me!
A Mini Me from England !

My sweet friend Sashy wanted to send me a surprise,,,
 so she asked Lynne at  ,Dip-Dip and The Bridge to create a Mini Me for me!

My Mini Me- looks just like me.
 Her eyes look like mine
 and her nose looks like mine-
 and we are the same color too.

It feels good to cuddle with my Mini Me
 I had a wish once that maybe someday I would have a Mini Me-
just like amny of my friends in blogland  do!
Mini Me's are popping up everywhere!
And its very special to have a friend like Sashy
Silly Sasha the Lovable Shih Tzu
 to think of me.
She knew this Mini Me would make me feel happy.
And she was right!
Thank you to Sashy for making my dream come true,
and thank you to Lynne for creating my Mini Me--
 and putting so much soul and love into it.!
Nitey nite

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My World Is Frozen

My world is frozen!
 All the smells are frozen!  
I see frozen tracks
 in the frozen grass
but I don't know where the tracks go
 its too cold to go look!
The frozen grass sounds crunchy!
I wanted to go see the birdies over there,,,
in that pasture,
 but its too cold!
 Their birdie tweets and chirps
 don't sound frozen at all.
The birdies sound happy!
 I am happy too-
 cause this warm snuggie once belonged to Angel Gracie Lynn.
 Her family sharred it to me- to keep warm.
And its very warm!
  I thank Angel Gracie Lynn everyday!

This little green ramp is mine. It looks silly to me!
 Mommy made it so I don't have to step too high or jump.
 But sometimes I forget that I am supposed to use my ramp- and not hop.
  I feel like I can hop- so why not?
  Maybe tomorrowies I can go see the birdies.
Right now I need to go warm my tosies!
I wanted to show all of you-
that I am feeling good!
And I thank all of you for your help.!
Everyday I thank you!
nitey nite

from the mommy... Tweedles is doing good. She is supposed to be taking it easy--no jumping or excessive play.
She is still having what seems to be "almost nausea" at times-- especaillly bed time. She gets a little pepcid to help her feel better,.-- twice a day. All stairs are blocked off.. All couches are blocked off-- and she does not understand! But she is doing good-- we carry her up the stairs to bed at night.