Thursday, June 28, 2012

'Tuni -The Littlest Angel

She was gentle like the sweetest butterfly,
 lifting its wings and  catching a breeze,
 into the sky!

 Our friend Tuni has earned her  Angel wings
 and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge .
 Tuni was loved by everyone.
 Her smiling eyes, and  happy little tongue., made us smile.
Her stories made us giggle.
We all wanted to kiss and hug her.
 We, along with her pawrents, and new baby brudder, and sissys, Sequoia and Emma,
are missing Tuni right now.
Lets all circle around her family  The Girls  with some love,
  I know it will help their broken hearts heal.
 Tuni we know you are running free-
We will remember you always.
Lift those Angel wings into the sky and fly.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh Come With Me

Oh come with me!
 Lets go on a journey!
Lets sit by the stream and listen to the water
 as she sings her song
of  trickling
 and swirling
 and swishing
 and splashing. 
Can you smell the sweetness of the green fresh air?
Can you hear the waters trickle,
 as they softly tip toe away?
 The trickles will play hide and go seek tonight,
but they  will come right back  again tomorrow,
and then we can play again!
Oh come!
Let's gaze at the tree tops where the Ravens live!
 Lets look for the Ravens wings as they dip and soar above our heads.
 Lets listen  for the sound of their wings
  through the air!
Can you hear their wings?
 Listen to their voice cawwwww!
Can you hear them cawwwww?
Do you see the soft blanket of moss growing on all the trees?
It is soft as a velvet ribbon.
  Shhhhh, the moss snuggles and sleeps!
Come and be very still.
 The blue butterfly is sleeping
on this nice and soft pillow flower!
Until we go on another journey-
 nitey nite
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farewell to Spring

Tomorrow our friend Spring is going on a journey
 far away.
I wonder where she will travel to?
Will she fly through the air in a magic bubble,
or will she fly on butterfly wings?
 Will she skip across the oceans,
dancing with our sea friends?
Or  will  the wind toss her through the  desert
like a tumble weed?
 Will she sleep on a  mountain tops  in beds of soft clover
 and touch the twinkling stars?

Will she travel to your world?

 Who can say where her wings will take her?
 Spring has shared so many gifts with us.
 Her gift of the rain has quenched the thirst of many forest trees.
 Her gift of the buzzing honey bees have  kissed all of my flowers and trees ,
 with blossoms.
Rivers and streams and ponds are overflowing
with dancing waters!
Fish, frogs and tadpoles swimming and splashing, are happy!

Thank you Spring!

 Now it is time for Spring to spread her wings and gently fly away.
 Who can say where she will go?

  Now my heart will welcome Summer!
If it be a sunny day with sun shine rays  resting on my shoulders,
or the softest mist that tickles my whiskers,
 I will welcome Summer!
And  I will blow farewell  kisses to Spring ,
 until we see her again.
Will you wish with me that Spring will have safe travels?
Nitey nite .

Friday, June 8, 2012

I Will Miss You Hank

He was one of my firstest friends. from long ago.
 His name is Hank.
This is a photo of him and his mom.

He  always made me smile when he would say "Tweedles honey!
   He reminded me of a happy clown.

    Hanks  mom said the angels quietly came last night, and took him away.
   His mom and dad loved him so much, but  they had to let him go.
    I am trying not to be sad because where Hank has gone to is The Rainbow Bridge.
 It is a happy place where there is lots of love and angels,
and treats to eat
and stuff to drink.
 Many of my friends live at the Bridge. Someday  we will all  be together again.
  But right now maybe we can all sit shoulder to shoulder and hold paws.
 We can circle around Hanks pawrents  @ I Tell Ya What
 because their hearts are broken
and empty.
We can share love with them.
There are some new stars in the sky, and I know one of them is Hank.
Lets go look.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"The Ocean And Me"

The  sudden ocean  breeze seemed to have come out of no where!
First in was in front of me
then it was behind me!
The wind tickled my whiskers
It almost blew me over!
 Along with the wind,
 the gentle roaring tides were calling to me.
  I began to run as fast as my little legs would go!
 I ran and ran and then,
 I spun around with my ears flapping in the wind,
 and I raced back!
I ran along side the tracks that my paws had left in the sand.
 I ran faster than the oceans tides!
 I felt so good!
 My nose had salty kisses on it from the fresh ocean air!
 My paws had squishy sand between my toes.
 Ohh,   it felt so good!
 As I gazed into the tide pools, I saw little fish, crabs
and anemones, and I saw my friend Star- the starfish!
 I blew kisses to her!
I came to visit my ocean friends.
Yes, this is where they live- at my ocean.
I knew that Puff the Sea horse was here somewhere!
 I will look over here!
  Sea Birds were sitting sleepily on rocks as the tides circled around them.
The Sea Birds were enjoying the moment!
Sea Gulls were wide awake
they swooped over my head!
  And then magically  a pod of Gray whales and their calves
leaped from the sea- like a dance.
 They were  migrating to Alaska for summer feeding.
  I listened to the whales songs, as their voices sang in harmony.
The oceans voice  was a soft hummm today.

I thought about how the waves flow onto the sandy shore
 and then flow back out to sea.
I thought about how the ocean never sleeps.

As I listened quietly, a peaceful feeling hugged  me,
 and I remembered Puffs words of wisdom from a year ago.
  His words whispered through my mind as I remembered  what he said.
 "Remember that those that are gone from us live in our hearts forever.
 And when we are afraid  or sad, we can make the fears and sadness go away when we humm like the ocean."
I know Puff will share more wisdom with me!
I will listen for his words!
It's important to hummm every day.
And sometimes we can hummm to someone else.

I see Puff!
And now I will run as fast as I can, as Puff's magic bubble comes rolling up onto the seashore!
I JUST KNEW I would see Puff!
Nitey nite