Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Leaf Story

I have been watching the leaves on that  big old tree outside my window,
 for a very long time. 
It seems as though it was  not very  long ago-
that they were tiny little buds.
 And then  one day they were  pink blossoms,
and then the blossoms grew into leaves.
The color of the leaves was one of  my most favorite greens!
 Soon  the seasons changed,
and another season came- it was fall.
 The beautiful greens all changed to golden yellows and oranges,,
ohhhh,, change was coming again!
Slowly at first,
the leaves started to fall..
I began to wonder what it would be like
 if perhaps  the leaves would stay forever on the branches
 and spread out like a thick blanket and protect the tree from  the cold winter.
Maybe it just might happen this year.!
Could it?

Days came and went...and then the frost came.
  The leaves began to fall .
 Everyday more leaves would fall.
I could hear them,, maybe they laughing.

Everyday I would try to count  how many more leaves were still hanging  from the branches.
 But there were still too many leaves to count. 
  too many,
Some leaves hid behind other leaves...
and some  peeked out.
Last night  the moon was full and  jack frost visited,
 His lips kissed every leaf.
Yes every leaf.
And this morning I looked outside my window at the big tree 
with the golden leaves.
The leaves were falling like snow flakes..!
 Very gently.. and softly.
I  watched them...
 I  pretended that I  was one of those  golden leaves.. 
and I thought about  what it would be like to be. ....ready to fall,,,
but yet still trying to hang on tight and not fall., not tumble and not let go.
I must have been day dreaming ,
 when all of a sudden i noticed there were only two  golden leaves left........
 Suddenly they let go of the branch... holding onto each other....
they flitted and twirled as they floated to the ground,,,
together.. they tumbled together
just as it should be.
nitey nite
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lets Play With The Magic Red Cups

We can play pretend.
  Shall we?
  We can pretend there are treasures inside these red magic cups!

I wish for some treats,,,
 so that is what I am pretending.
  There must be some treats in one of these magic red cups!
Which one do I choose?
Let's take a peek!  Ok red cup,,I pick YOU!
 Oh quick like a bunny- I found a treat!!
Now I am pretending this cup is full of magic bubbles! 
And all the magic bubbles will take me for a ride
- way up high into a sky full of cotton candy!
 That is what I pretend today!
Its good to pretend everyday.
Nitey nite

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Here Is More Proof!

Sometimes humans and cats need proof to believe things.
Here is my proof!

I was resting with one eye open and one eye was closed.
The closed eye was sleeping..
The awake eye  saw my brother Hank looking through  the window,
so I got up from my nest on the floor.
 Hank was looking down at me, to see if I was better..
See,, here is proof that I am feeling better!!
My night is better,.
My day is better.
I am better!
nitey nite

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Feel Better Magic Bubbles Came To My House!

Hi my friends!!
 I am feeling betters..!
The magic bubbles and POTP have helped me!
 The pain monster did not come last night,,
 and I slept for a million hours!
The sun rays,
 and magic bubbles
 and POTP
  are everywhere in my house,,,
Can you see them?
Thank you my friends for staying by my side,
and sending me love!
I will keep getting betters.
  your tweedles

Friday, November 6, 2015

Everyone Needs A Monkey Day

Somedays are like this.
Sitting  and sitting
and sitting up sleeping
 and snooring.

Yesterday I had to visit the hospital because an invisible monster
 has been making me scream.
The monster is  hiding right now-
 and that's a good thing.
Maybe I screamed so loud it went away!

The doctors  examined every inch of me..
and they could not find the monster.!
I am a mystery!
Here I am  resting ,,and being quiet.
Sometimes this is what we all need to do
to get better.
 My monkey friend will help me get better.
I think everyone needs a monkey
and  just perhaps
everyone needs a monkey day!

nitey nite

The pain monster visted last night when I was in bed,,
trying to sleep.
it  made me scream.. !
 My night was a little restless,
Today I have just been quiet like my doctors said to be.
I hope to feel better soon,.
I hope to have happy eyes again!
Thank you all of my friends for staying close beside me and moms.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


This Peace Globe was created for me by Wanda Dawn Gilbert.
Thank you so much.
 These words from John Lennon-
the song

"And the world will be as one "

if only we had peace.

Today I am joining  
the whole world

  Mimi Lenox in Blog4Peace 2015
and Peace Bloggers,, who are  blogging for peace!

Isn't Peace and Love all that really matters?
Join me.  Join us!