Monday, November 26, 2012

"Tummpity- Thump- Thump"

When I close my eyes,,,,
ohh I can remember my journey so clearly
It seemed like it was yesterday
when that little golden, leaf landed in front of me.
It swirled
 then gently lifted me into the wind!
I knew that soon I would be touching sun rays
 and little twinkle stars
 and find where magic lives!
I just knew it!
There was so much that I wanted to see and feel and know!
Yes, I found treasures and new wonders,
 that will live in my heart forever!
      But,  there  comes a time for journeys to end.
     And now, it was time to go home.

 Happy moon beams were dancing everywhere on the dappled forest floor.
 They looked like magic bubbles to me!
  I wanted to dance with them!
  But right now was not the perfect time.
     No, not yet.
   'There is a time for everything', I told myself.
    Sometimes other things are much more important!
    Have you ever felt that way, too?

   I knew this was the exact forest trail that would take me home!
   I had been on this trail before, but this time- it looked different to me.
     Ohh, how I was longing for my home in the forest,
    where hugs and kisses were waiting for me!

            I looked up at the soft shadows that were hugging the big  trees.
          The shadows stood so still in the  darkness.
          How I wished that I  could be like them, so strong and mysterious!

        Deep, deep  in the deepest part of me,
        I could feel vibrations of a very familiar beating,,,
      The sound was coming from somewhere.....
       I wonder where.
       Which way should I go?
         I held my breath as I listened closely.
      I did not want to miss a sound.
      I knew the beating was reaching out to me.
      It was guiding me, just like so many times before.
       I knew I must keep going
      and so I shuffled my paws along in the quiet.
       I stopped and closed my eyes as I listened.
     The silence made time stand still,,,
      but for only a moment.

    I could feel  my own heart beating so fast-
    from happiness, and joy!
    Certainly this was the way home!

    The only night sounds that I could hear
     were the gentle trickles of the little stream,,
     yes- gentle trickles.
     The bright rays of the moon
     were glowing over the tree tops
    and then I heard a ' hoot hoot hoot' in the distance.
      Oh yes,  this is the way.
       I was certain!

     I wasn't afraid,
    but I felt my bones trembling.
    Has that ever happened to you?

     The shadows could not scare me.
    The darkness could not scare me.
      No not me-- not  the Tweedles.
   The keeper of the forest will never be afraid!
         Not ever!

  A strong  feeling lured into my heart and was pulling at me.
   I trudged along
   as the familiar beating became stronger.
    I felt like someone was holding my paw and leading me.
  Ohh so carefully,
   I climbed over monster logs
  and twisted roots and briars that lay everywhere in the gooey mud.
 My paws were so cold but I knew I must go on.
I felt as though I had traveled to the ends of the earth.
 just perhaps,,, I did!
 My journey was not over yet,
  no not yet, but almost!
   You see,
   there was still someone special that I must find.
    Someone who lived in the forest
   and whose heart  beat to the same rhythm as mine.
Yes, it was my friend Methuselah,, that is who I longed to see.
 'Oh I must find him, I mumbled to myself.'

  I stopped and sat on some squishy moss.
  Oh, the soft moss soothed my heart,
 like the warmest blanket that you can ever imagine.
   I wiggled my toes into the moss,
   while gazing into the star lit sky
 I remember when I wiggled my paws in the moss-
    on warm summer days.
    I sniffed at the familair sweet forest fragrances
     of moss and fir boughs and the earth.
       Oh so many memories had filled my heart to overflowing!

           the glow from every star in the sky sprinkled down on me!
        I was so overcome with  the brightness,
         that my whiskers twitched!
       I looked up and watched the glow as it fell around me
       like millions of twinkling diamonds.

         It was then at that moment,
    when in the distance I saw the familiar branches lifting to the sky.
       The branches were those of  Methuselah, the wisest, and most mysterious tree in the forest.
      It seemed as though the branches were touching all the new stars in the sky....
     those special new stars.

          I ran as fast as I could to Methuselah.
         I placed my paws on his heart
           and happy tears fell from my eyes.
     I snuggled my ear on his trunk and I could feel the Thumpity,,thumpity,,thump
      of our hearts as they beat together.
      With pleading eyes and a quivering happy voice, I  whispered
       'lift me up Methuselah!
    Lift me up!'
      In a sudden sweep of his strong branches
         Methuselah- reached down to me and lifted me high to the tree top! 
     The beating of his heart comforted me like a giant hug,
    and I sighed.
  His giant branches cradled me and I felt so safe.
       'Oh Methuselah', I said,
     'even though stormy days have come your way-
            you are still strong!'
    'You have not weakend, you have not fallen..
      You have not given up'.
 You are still the most magestic, wisest tree in the forest'!

    In silence the two of us watched the twinkles in the star lit sky.
    I reflected on my journey on that magical leaf,
     and how we twirled across the seas,
     jagged cliffs
    and deep dark holes.
  I thought about the rhythm of Methuselah's heart beat
and how his strength guided me back to my forest.

     as the moon beams glowed brighter and brighter
  I  looked up and saw a big golden eye wink at me.
     It was Owlburt - everyone's friend in the forest.
      With a 'hoot hoot hoot',
     Owlburt sailed over to me and hooted in my ear.
    'Your journey is over Tweedles,,,
    Let's go home!'.

     And so it was at that magical moment,
        Owlburt outstretched his splendorious wings.
         I climbed onto his soft feathered back- just like so many times before.
         I layed my head on his neck and held tight to his feathers!
   In a giant leap we were swooping across the sky,
      and in the distance I  could hear
            thumpity thumpy thump .
          I turned to wave goodbye to Methusula
          and then I said '.let's go home Owlburt- let's go home.'
         ' Take me home to where I belong,
          and then lets dance in the moon beams together..'
                            Nitey nite

    Dedicated with love to all the new stars in the sky.