Saturday, August 28, 2010

"The Flowers Will Sleep"

The flowers in my garden
have such sleepy, sleepy eyes.
Baby birds have grown feathers
and they are learning to fly,,,,
so high up in the sky.
Little fawns have lost their spots.
The spots are somewhere on the ground,,,
I don't know where.
The sky is painted
with swirls
of pink puffy clouds
and sometimes I smell rain.
Yesterday a cool breeze tickled my ears,,,
I turned and looked
but the breeze was gone.
Today I saw a golden leaf
float gently in the wind,,,
It swirled,
and swirled ,
and danced,
And then
it touched the ground.
I saw the stars
twinkle in the night sky.
I saw the man in the moon,,,,
he winked at me.

Soon summer will be leaving....
I don't know how to say goodbye.
All the flowers will hang their heads
but they will snuggle close together.
I will be right there to tuck them into the earth
with their sleepy sleepy eyes.
I will see them again next year.

I paint my summer memories in my heart....
and sometimes I paint words.
These little books were sent to me by Melissa and Emmitt, Life is art ... Art is Life
I plant my little seeds of thought on these pages,,,,,
I paint my dreams.
When the time is right,,,
the gentle winds will touch these pages
and these seeds that I planted, will float
across the big, big blue sky
and someday
these seeds will bloom.
Nitey nite my friends, and nitey nite my sleepy flowers.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

"It's A Beautiful Day"

It 's a beautiful day.
It's a good day think about, and remember my summer fun days.
I love surprises.
It seems like only yesterday that this little surprise arrived in my mail box.
Emmitt and Melissa sent it to me, so I could have my very own nana.
Melissa made it just for me.
Emmitt has one too!
I can toss it in the air.
I can peel it.
I can use it like a pillow.
This nana is mine,
all mine.
I love nanas, so much.
And I love Emmitt and Melissa .
I thank them both.

Look at this surprise that came in the mail, addressed to me.
I won this whole box of goodies from The Slimmer Pugs.
They had a contest, on their bloggy, and I won.
There were so many surprises in this box.
Gourmet Cookies for me, (low calorie) and treats made from cheese.
And a fun toy that I just love, because I can toss it into the air, and chew on it,
and play catch me if you can.
There was even a pressie in this box for my moms.
It is really special.
The special something is a little pug collectible figurine , from artist Jim Shore Heartwood Creek.
The little pugs figurines name is Sarge.
Sarge is now sitting up on the TV entertainment center, with 2 other little puggies that moms collected.
My moms treasure that little puggie.
And of course I treasure my gifts.
We thank all our friends at Slimmer Pugs , what generous big hearts they have.

Another of my surprises was this Award, from Sharon @ Sharon's Paws Create.
She told me , that I was like sunshine.
Those words made my heart sing.
Sharon is an artist, and she puts sunshine in many peoples hearts.
I know I am late in posting about this,,,,
but it seems like it was only yesterday.

Do you know who this is? This is Melissa (Emmitts mom)
It was early summer.
My moms and I traveled to Seattle to attend the pug fest.
I had some bloggy friends that I wanted to meet,,,,, for the very first time.
Melissa and Melanie were two of those special friends.
They could not beleive their eyes, when I snuck up on them unexpectedly.
But, they knew who I was,,,,,, immediately. ,,,,, the Tweedles.
Of course I was so happy,,
I was very squirmy,
and Melissa held on tight.
I showed off all my tricks ,,,,
like " HIGH 5", and sing....... sing ,,,, sing.
I am a little show off.

I am looking at this portrait, because it reminds me of someone special.
My sweet Diane, created this for me, and mailed it to my house.
I had never met Diane, until I went to Seattle to the pug fest.
And so we met, in that beautiful city. She smoothered me with kisses.
I made her giggle.
I fell in love with Diane and her sister Gail...
And yes, I had a reunion with beautiful Kong- Gails puggy.
I had met Kong for the first time, on a snowy blizzardy Blue Moon in December.

When the autumn chill arrives next month, I will show you a sweater that my friend Midge and Ames Soto Blossom made for me.
It came all the way from England.

I wanted to tell you about another special person who has helped me,,, all winter and all summer. That person is Mimi at Loving for a Living. She is the one who makes my bloggy a fun place for you all to come visit with the butterflys and ribbons. And special words. She placed" the worlds "on, so I can see when you come. I thank her soo much. What a big heart she has,,,, and I have never met her either. But across the miles,... she reached out and asked if she could help me.. I thank you Mimi.
It seems like only yesterday that all these treasures appeared before my eyes. I like to remember these beautiful days,,,,,

Nitey nite

Sunday, August 15, 2010

'If I Broke Your Heart"

I thought that I wanted to be like all the other girls,,,,
You know,,,, The SunFlower Sisters.,,,,,,
They are all so smart and popular and have boy friends.
They go to slumber partys.
Some of them have sock monkey beds.
I always thought I wanted to be like them.

And so when Toby Moses Man asked me to be his girl friend,,,,,,
I was so excited,,,,, because I was going to be popular like the other girls!
But,,,,,I made a mistake.
A big mistake.
I made a hasty decision with out thinking.
I did not think of all my friends, that have been in my heart forever.
I was so wrong.
I wanted to be like everyone else.
I was so wrong.

The truth about myself,,,, is that I am four years old.
But my four years old, is very young.
I am young, like a naked baby bird, with no feathers.
I cannot fly.
I am too young to have a boy friend.
I just know how to play in the forest.
I want to play with all my friends and send bubbles in the sky, and special cards.
I want to love everyone.
I want everyone to love each other.
I was not thinking clearly,,,,, when I was trying to be like everyone else.
I did not think at all.

But then,,,,,,, I heard the wind blowing in the tallest trees.
I started listening ,,,,,,
I heard the voice of the forest as it said "Tweedles ,,,,,we need you".
I instantly remembered my calling,,,,
" I am keeper of the Forest and the Sea, and all the creatures that live in them."
I made a mistake in trying to be someone, that I am not.

I just sent a bubble to Toby Moses Man,
explaining to him that he can be a special friend to me, like all my other friends.
I cannot be his "girl friend".
Toby Man being the gentleman that he is,,,,
sent me a bubble saying "It's all good, we will be friends."
Toby Man, may need some cheering up,,,,,,,,

I must stay true to myself. I must stay focused on my calling.
I must now go into the forest and look for moon beams.
I must go spend some time with Mother Earth.
If I broke anyone's heart,,,,, I am sorrys.

Please send the Power of the Paws to Lily- Toby Man sister. She was in ER today.
Nitey Nite

Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Dear Diary"

I don't know how to tell you this.

Dear Diary update..........
I have made a huge mistake.
I am not being fair to Toby Moses , because I am not ready for this commitment.
I just sent an email to Toby to tell him.,,,,, sometimes its important to say when I have made a mistake.
I am afraid I am breaking his heart and some of my other friends hearts.
I am depressed. I need to go into the forest to think
Dear Diary....... 08/13/10
Today a boy named Toby Moses asked me if I would be his girlfriend.
He asked me,,,,,, the Tweedles,,,,,,
Jeepers.... What's a Tweedles to do?
That question made my head spin in circles.
So many things are going through my mind............
I can't think!

I knew I needed to ask my moms if it was okay.....
so I did,,,,,
and they said,,,,,
"There will be RULES, RULES, RULES!!!"
I don't understand why.
Who needs RULES?
Moms said it was okay if we sent bubbles to each other in the sky.
Soooooo,, I told Toby Moses that I would be his girl, and that we could send bubbles to each other. That's what special friends do.
Of course, I will still be friends with all my friends that I have made all around the world.
That will never stop.
Toby Moses will understand, I am sure.

This is Toby Moses . He is a big boy,,,,,
Isn't he cute?
Toby Moses told me this about himself, (his words) " Oh gosh...('member from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs...mes be a mix between bashful and sleepy)."
Toby Moses, also has a sock monkey bed.
He calls himself Toby Man.

Nitey nite my friends

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"The Oldest Tree In The Forest"

I feel a rhythm
I feel it in my toes,,,
Do you feel it too?
This is my forest.
This is where I sink my toes
into the mossy green earth.
This is where I run
and chase butterflys
This is where I listen
to my forest sing.
Yes,,, I feel the rhythm in my toes.

This is Methusula,,,,,
She can almost touch the stars.
She is the tallest tree in the forest.
She stands so proudly
She casts shadows
as the evening
comes rolling in.
Her strong branches
are like shelters
to all the trees around her.
She is the oldest tree in the forest.
Do you feel the rhythm?

Sometimes, all the trees talk.,,,,,,
but Methusula is the best stoty teller of all.
I love to listen to the stories.
This is a story that started like this,,,,,
"Once upon a time,,,,
A raging storm came barrelling out of the sky!
The winds blew
The winds howled
and sometimes
the wind would make us fall.
The winters were so very cold,
we shivered !
Sometimes our branches
became cracked and withered.
and sometimes our branches
tumbled to the ground.
In the long hot summer,
we would sing for the rains to come.
We needed the rains
to quench our thirst,
We needed the rain
to wash our dusty needles.
Little birds that perched on our branches,
they needed water too.

I sat quietly listening to Methusula.
I was pondering,
when all of a sudden Methusula asked me to come and place my paws on her trunk.
I reached my paws ,,,
as high as I could
and I placed my hands on the soft moss ,,,
I felt her heart beating,,,,,
I felt the rhythm,,,,
I felt the beat, beat, beat.
Methusula said softly.,,,,
"You see, I am old, and I am leaning.
My roots are tangled yet they are very strong.
Someday, I will fall, but my time has not yet come.
My heart will beat as long as the rhythm lives in the forest.
You must also keep the rhythm in your heart,,, "

My forest is old, but it will never be forgotten.
I will protect my keeping the rhythm beating.
I will keep Methusula standing,,,, she will never fall.
I will find a way.
Sometimes when my mind feels jumbled,
I walk the bunny trails in this forest.
Sometimes I find treasures right before my eyes.
I never know what I may find, until I search.
This is my forest, this is where I find the rhythm that beats in my heart.
Nitey nite my friends

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Send In The Balloons"

Today is a special day for two of my friends.
Send in the balloons!
Today is Birthday Day!
Ice cream and cake and meatloaf, balloons and bubbles, and friends.
What else could we ask for?

Send in the balloons, send in the birthday wishes.
Lets party!

Emmitt Life is art ... Art is Life is 14 years old today.
The party for Emmitts is at his house and we are all invited.
I am floating to Emmitts house in my magic bubble.
I am going to land right on the top of his birthday cake.
The sky is full of bubbles right now,,,,, go look!
Emmitt inspires me to be happy with words of wisdom.
He told me that he is not afraid of getting older.
Emmitt told me that whatever tomorrow may bring- it's all good.
Emmitt smiles at every new day.
Emmitt lives in the moment.

All of these bears are dancing to celebrate Emmitts birthday.
Can you hear the bears singing and dancing?
These bears are from the Mother Bear project..
They all came to celebrate Emmitts birthday.
Happy Birthday sweet Emmitt.

This sweet girl is Brigitte,
Wilma the Pug is the name of her bloggy.

Brigette is 10 years old today.
She is vacationing with her family at the Cod.
I love this photo of her running through the fields.
Brigitte is the leader of our Sunflower Sister Club.
The Sunflower Club was the bestest thing for all us girls,
girls who like to have fun!

Happy Birthday's Brigitte!

My bubble landed and as you can see, I am sitting snuggly inside.
I will be there soon everybody! Let's have some fun!