Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mitch "The Feather in the wind"

I was not sure that I had the words to say what was in my empty  heart.
But I finally turned the key to my heart
and these words spilled out.

You see,
One of my very first friends,,,,Mitch
 who was loved by his family so much, and all of blogville.
fought his hardest to get well from a strange sickness
that made him not feel good at all.
But the time came when the Angels came
 and took Mitch to the Rainbow Bridge.
I did not know what to say,,,
 until I visited his blog tonight,
Mitch and Molly
and this is what happened.
Mitch loved feathers...

This is for you Mitch,,, and for  Molly and your mom and dad.

"You see
I found a feather
 it was dancing in the wind.
It twirled in circles
around me
flittering and fluttering
and tossing in the breeze.
and then it glided higher
into the pale blue sky .
And I knew "who" it was!
It was Mitch, my forever friend.

I stretched my paws
as high as they could reach
as I stood gazing at the sky.

and then gently as butterfly wings
the feather floated near  to my paws.
I listened so intently
as the feather softly whispered
"You will see me again someday
but for now,
lets pretend

come fly with me,
lets fly over the rainbow"

 Dear Mitch's family
I wish for you, with your broken hearts ,
that peace will come your way.
And that memories and love will fill your hearts. 

I wish for all the boo boo's and monsters, to just go, go  away!

Will you circle Mitches Mitch and Molly  family with love?
Lets sit shoulder to shoulder,, and hold paws .