Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just Sing !

Sing a song!
Sing loud so all the birdies will sing with you!
Sing everywhere you go!
It does not matter if you sing off tune!
Just sing-
 and sing loud!
nitey nite

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Mommy and Daddy Salamanders

Today the ponds called my name!
'Ohhh Tweedles,,, Come and see us!!'

What magic will I see today, I wondered!
 The frogs were croaking just like usual  CROOAK!!!!
Such loud CROOOOAKS!!
And birds were chattering !
The squirrels were hurrying up and down the trees,

and oh yes, I saw a white butterfly!
 I knew I must hurry!
Maybe I would find some tad poles!!!
 Sometimes at the ponds---- Amazing things happen!
Very carefully,
 I tucked my red bucket into some tall  grassy weeds!
Quietly  I tiptoed to the other side of the pond.
I watched the sun sparkle like diamonds
as it danced  on the water!

Did you ever feel that clouds could float on the water?
That is how I felt today,,,,
I wanted to jump on a floating cloud !!
But then,,,,,
 I thought I saw the tad poles,,,,
 but what I saw with my very own eyes..
was a mommy and daddy salamader swimming together,
and then they turned and hurried away!
I wonder what fun things they do in the water?
Someday I might find out.
But today,
 I saw them with my very own eyes!
I saw a little magic today!
nitey nite

Friday, March 14, 2014

I See Beautiful

Even the most tiny snow drop blossom are beautiful.
 I see their little smiley faces with my eyes!
 So fragile they are,
 but ohh so strong and brave, too!
Sometimes I look down to see beautiful-
 cause sometimes beautiful is right at my paws.
That where I found these flowers,
at my paws.

 Sometimes I look up to see and hear beautiful-
 like when the big fat red robin is singing in the tree top.
Because she is happy!
  And sometimes beautiful floats all around me
 like the pink and white blossoms that will be falling
from the trees
 when spring comes to my house
very soon.
Nitey nite


I have never participated in a See Beautiful  before.
I decided I wanted to 'try"
It was lots of fun!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Jammys!

I got some happy jammys
 and now when I sleeps
 I have happy dreams!!
I am waiting for my breakfast to cook-- it should be ready soon!
Any minute now! Hurry,, I am hungry!!
 Do you remember the Auction that was held for me to help pay for my operations?
 Well, Donald and Daisy's Gampy and Gammy bid on some  jammys
-that were donated and made by
  Allyzabethe @ southernfriedpugs!!!

 Gampy  won the bid,
 and then Gampy and Gammy wanted me to have the jammys !!!!

 Sweet  Allyzabethe at southernfriedpugs
donated her love and creativity for me!!!!

Gampy said "pick out some happy material Tweedles"!!
And so I did!
  These jammys are soft fleece and they stretch and are warm, and fit perfect!

Allyzabethe  made me these happy jammys!
And I love them
and now all my dreams are happy!
 Look what else came to me!!
This beautiful pink shirt was also  made by Allyzabethe!
It was a gift to me from her!!!
The little pink shirt has my name on it
 and a little butterfly!!
I am so happy with all my gifts,,,
I thank Gammy and Gampy and Allyzabethe @ The Southern Fried Pugs,,
for making me these special gifts!!
Thank you for loving me,
I love you too,
nitey nite

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Splishing and Splashing !

To the ponds we go!
 To the ponds we go!
Happy days to the ponds we go!
Burt and me go the ponds!
I hear splishing and splashing
and frogs and toads are singing!
Come little frogs-
 splishy splashy into my red bucket!
I see swirls of swimming, and leaping and jumping!
 It makes me dizzy!
 Looky my new little friend!
I will take the froggys home and they will live in my house!
Yes, in my house!!
Splishy splashy!-
 Come jump into my little red bucket!
And then we will all go home!
 Nitey nite