Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Toby Moses Asked Me To the Back to School Prom"

My mind is in a whirlwind, because Toby Moses Man
@ the The Slimmer Pugs

asked me to go to the Back To School Blogville Prom with him!
I said YES! Can you believe it?
Can you believe that "me the tweedles" is going to a prom?
I have never been to a prom!
I have never been on a date!

Once I broke Toby's heart..
because I told him I could not be his girl...
because I wanted to be friends with everyone..
But Toby and I remained friends! Toby understood.

So now I am going to the prom,
and I would like to dance and twirl
and do the hop!
Yes, that is what I will do if Toby Moses teaches me!

All of these flowers remind me of my friends.
So many different friends that I treasure...
true friends of all colors, shapes and sizes.
These flowers remind me of friendships that I have made.

I know with all my heart,

that I want to go to the prom with Toby Moses Man!

He is such a gentleman, and I thank him for asking me!

And Toby Moses,

I would like you to wear whatever makes you feel good.

I will wear my green dress, just for you.

Will the magic bubbles take us to the prom together?

nitey nite



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"It's A Cotton Candy Summer Day"

I feel summer everywhere!
I feel summer when the sun rays touch my shoulders.
I see summer down at the trickling streams.
I see summer when I watch the bunnys hop and play.

Summer's colors are stretched across the sky!
S t r e t c h e d like pink cotton candy!

I smell summer in these yellow daisy flowers.
I see summer when I watch the bumble bees and butterflys.
I think of summer when I taste watermellon and cotton candy!
Today feels like a cotton candy day!

This is my "Cotton Candy " sweater vest made with love
by Melissa at Life is art ... Art is Life

I feel summer time when I chase my ball !

Summer is a fun time when moms play with me!

The warm summer sun

is shining on all of my sweaters, the many colors of the rainbow.

Nitey nite



All of my sweaters were hand made by Melissa at Life is art ... Art is Life -

Friday, August 12, 2011

"The Blue Butterfly"

The stars were fast asleep on the clouds.
Little birds were sleeping in their nests,
and the man in the moon was smiling down on me.
Very quietly, the sandman tip toed,,,,
to my bed, and sprinkled stardust into my sleepy eyes.
As my eyes began to close,
a dream whisked me away,,,
to a land far, far away.

There was bubbling streams,
and green grass,
and the sky was filled with butterfly wings
and magic bubbles,
and flowers of every color.
Blue butterflys were everywhere!
Their wings flitted and fluttered.
Oh how I wish that I could fly!
I wish I could flit like the butterflys!

Higher into the sky their wings lifted them.
Higher and higher
and then they swirled around me
and landed on my tail.

"Miss butterfly,, Your the most magical of all butterflys.
will you teach me to fly". I asked?

And it was at that moment, the blue butterfly took my paw.
Quietly she whispered,
" Tweedles, close your eyes, and count to three, and together we will fly!"
"You must believe you can fly"
Suddenly, I was floating in the breeze, just like the butterflys.
We flitted here and we flitted there,
the blue butterflys and I.
It was so fun to have wings and flit like the butterfly!

Now I know for sure that dreamland is a magical place
where dreams always come true.
And I will always remember
the wisdom of the blue butterfly ,....
"I can be anything that I want to be, if I just believe".
Nitey nite