Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Toby Moses Asked Me To the Back to School Prom"

My mind is in a whirlwind, because Toby Moses Man
@ the The Slimmer Pugs

asked me to go to the Back To School Blogville Prom with him!
I said YES! Can you believe it?
Can you believe that "me the tweedles" is going to a prom?
I have never been to a prom!
I have never been on a date!

Once I broke Toby's heart..
because I told him I could not be his girl...
because I wanted to be friends with everyone..
But Toby and I remained friends! Toby understood.

So now I am going to the prom,
and I would like to dance and twirl
and do the hop!
Yes, that is what I will do if Toby Moses teaches me!

All of these flowers remind me of my friends.
So many different friends that I treasure...
true friends of all colors, shapes and sizes.
These flowers remind me of friendships that I have made.

I know with all my heart,

that I want to go to the prom with Toby Moses Man!

He is such a gentleman, and I thank him for asking me!

And Toby Moses,

I would like you to wear whatever makes you feel good.

I will wear my green dress, just for you.

Will the magic bubbles take us to the prom together?

nitey nite




Payton said...

Oh my goodness, Tweedles!! You are so lovely and beautiful in your green dress next to those orange tulips! You are going to make Toby so smitten! I meant to ask the Slimmers about this you know any of the details? It might be fun to go with some friends and dance the night away. If it is far, I may need one of your bubbles to take me. So maybe I will see you there...

Wilma said...

Oh Tweedles! I am so excited for you to be going to the prom with Toby Moses. You are going to be so beautiful in your dress, and you will just float across the dance floor. I can't wait to hear all about it. You are right, Toby Moses is a gentleman, and a good friend too!

Mr. Pip said...

I am so happy you have accepted Toby Moses's invitation. I will see you there as I am taking my sweet Ronnii. We will all dance the night away and have a wonderful time. If Toby and Ronnii don't mind, maybe we could have one dance, too!

Your pal, Pip

Barbara said...

Oh Tweedles, I can't wait to see you in your ballgown! Toby Moses is a lucky pup!!

Benny and Lily said...

Oh Tweedles how exciting!!
Benny & Lily

dw said...

How exciting, Tweedles! I'm sure the Magic Bubbles will carry you and Toby Moses to the prom and you will have a wonderful time!

Shane Kent Louis said...

Oh Tweedles, you look so great in your pictures, your so cute and lovely! woof! :)

Dog Fence | It's All About Pet Fences

The Thuglets said...

Tweedles...we are so excited for you. You have definately made the right decision!

We can't wait to see you in you green ballgown and hear all about the proms with Toby Moses.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

euthymic said...

Our mom says true love waits:) Have fun at the prom!

Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

Minnie Moo said...

This is all very romantic. Lincoln is going to the prom too. Maybe you all can double date?!


Minnie Moo

Meredith LeBlanc said...

You look absolutely beautiful in your green dress Tweedles, enjoy the prom with your lucky friend Toby. We love to day :)

Meredith & Scarlet

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Wow, Tweedles, that is just wonderful. We know you and Toby will have so much fun together on the dance floor.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Mia said...

I'm so happy for you and Toby Moses!! You will have a wonderful time together!!!!



Chatty Crone said...

Okay you have to take pictures and he is going to bring you a flower? I hope so!

KB said...

What wonderful news, Tweedles! Of course you're going to travel in a magic bubble - I couldn't imagine you arriving at the prom any other way! I'm so very happy for you, sweet girl!

Winston, Kizzy and Tika of Two Cats and a Pug said...

OMP you are gonna have so much funs with him. He is such a gentlepug. I bet you will look just gorgeous too!


Hank said...

Tweedles, in the heck did me an' mom's "little cutie pie" git tuh be this growed up??

(Hang on a minute. I got somethin' in my eye.)

Anyways, you have a great time at the prom. That Toby fella seems nice enough, but tell 'im "paws off!".

Just lookin' out fer ya, honey.

Pearl and Daisy said...

Whoo-hoo! What fun. Have a super duper good time!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Tweedles, Toby is a VERY lucky boy to have such a beautiful (inside and out) date for Prom! It will be magical and I am sure you will be a light as a feather dipping and floating across the dance floor. I cannot wait to see you there, sweet one!

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Tweedles!

How fun you are going to the prom!
You are going to have such a great time.
Daisy and I hope you have a nice weekend!

-Dana & Daisy

Maggie and Mitch said...

You look beautiful in your pretty green dress, Tweedles! Tobby Moses is a lucky Puggie! Have fun at the prom!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Tweedles we hope you have a magical time at prom!!! Dance dance dance!

Vito and Gina said...

Tweedles you look so lovely in your green dress! Darn that Toby Moses for beating me to you! Blame my Mom for being super lazy lately and not helping me get on the computer. Have fun at the prom but not TOO much fun!


Jan Mader said...

Oh my goodness Tweeds....I just told your mom that you have to have the most special dress of all. I was thinking of that netting kind of fabric that went over Cinderella's'd be so beautiful. Of course you'd be adorable in anything you wear. Can't wait for pictures!

Jan Mader said...

Ok's a blog question for you and all your friends. Why can I comment on your blog but I can't comment on my own or most other blogs. It always says that "I don't have access..."

Poetic Artist said...

Thank you for the visit and your kind words..Prom sounds like magic. Green is perfect. Follow the steps of life and May God keep you in the palm of his hand.

Diane said...

Hello my angel!
Don't you look beautiful in your green dress!! That little Toby Moses Man is a very lucky boy to have tweedles by the paw! You will be the belle of the ball!
Missing you & your moms!
xoxoxo Aunt Diane

K9 Katastrophie said...

Hi Tweedles! I am so happy for you! I know how happy the right guy can make you. Sigh... And I think you and Toby make such a cute couple!


♥Mona + Weenie + Mommy, too♥ said...

Hey Tweedles,

Thanks for taking part in
Weenie & my Roaching classes
We couldn't have asked for a
better group of pupils.

You are eligible for a special
prize for attending our classes.

Aunt Judy will be drawing the
name of the winning pupil
next week.

See ya next year for Roaching 303.


Sharon Wagner said...

Watch out for the after parties!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh how fun twee!

you and toby are going to have so much fun at the prom!
you will be the prettiest girl there!

toby is one lucky puggy!

a & m

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

No miracles for momma's hard drive but every day miracles in having wonderful caring friends like you. Thanks.

Jan Mader said...

Hey Tweedles, this is Sandy, Jan's SIL. I'm here as her testing a few things for her from her new food blog. Testing 1-2-3

Kippy Marrie said...

Olá... Eu amo seu blog e acho linda as fotos. Estou seguindo. Voce pode ser meu "AMIGO SEGUIDOR" também ( JUST THIS JOIN ), será uma alegria.
Outra coisa, é meu ANIVERSÁRIO e meu blog está em festa. Venha me ver e dar os parabéns, será uma grande alegria. Quero meus amiguinhos todos pertos de mim.
Te espero com muito amor.
Aus 1000 da amiguinha do Brasil...


suzanneberry said...

tweedles, i love you! i love toby moses' name too~ i love that you're going to the prom and i love you green dress. have your mommies take lots of snaps so we can see you with toby! have a wonderful time and twirl and twirl!