Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'Wordless Wednesday"

Nitey nite



Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Soft Sounds"

I hear soft sounds. Can you hear them too?
I hear the soft sound of the sun
as she rises over the sleeping forest.
I hear chirps and tweets from little birds
as they welcome another day.
I hear bumble bees,,,,
humming as they go from flower to flower.
I hear wings soaring in the blue sky
I hear the soft sound of shadows
as they race between sun rays.
I hear the silent sound of the butterflys
as they dance before my eyes.

I hear bubbles all around me.
They want to lift me high, and take me over the rainbow!
The bubbles say "follow me"

I hear the soft sounds of flowers growing in the forest.
I hear them yawn and stretch.

I hear the sound of crickets singing in the night.
I hear the quiet sound of the moon as she watches us sleep.

I hear the soft sound of the stars
as they twinkle in the darkness.
Do you hear them twinkle?
I hear the soft voices of all my friends
when they wish upon a star.

I hear the soft sound of the wind
as she brings the rain clouds.
The pitter patter of the tiny drops
quench the thirst of our earth.

Can you hear the soft sounds too? What sounds do you hear?
Nitey Nite

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Let's Help Methuselah"

The forest seemed unusually quiet tonight.

The stars twinkled in the sky
like they always do,
and moon rose over the tallest of the trees,
just like always.

But the hush was a sound that I had never heard before.
And the trees were not singing.
Frogs were not croaking.
Owls were not hooting.
It was so quiet.

I cupped my paws to my ears so I could listen to the silence.
The silence was luring me to Methuselah, the oldest tree in the forest.

As I came into a clearing.

I saw the moon beams

shine down on Methuselah's face

and then I saw the tears

trickle down his branches

and fall to the ground below

like diamonds.

"Why is there sadness in my forest?" I wondered.

"Come closer", Methuselah whispered.

Carefully, I stood on my tip toes,

and then I reached my arms up as high as I could reach.


I placed my paws on his heart.

I felt his heart,,,



beat,,, just like mine.

One of Methuselah's branches reached down and patted my head.

and then, Methuselah began to whisper,

"Our time has come."

"It is time for us to fall"

"The forest will be gone."

"The chainsaws are coming."

"We cannot run"

"We cannot hide"

As I looked around me, I noticed that the other trees cried too..

"I cannot let this happen to my forest!"

"It is not time for them to fall!

"They will not fall! "

The forest and all its creatures must be saved.

I must find a way to help Methuselah and the other trees.

We can find a way to help the forest and the trees.

I just know we can!

You and me together....

Lets help the forest.

Nitey nite